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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Life and reincarnation

Life is too vast a topic and it is always lively and therefore difficult to grasp in its totality.

By totality I mean even the life of an individual who wants to know and understand what life is?

But we can observe its various dimensions while we experience it, observe it, live it and so on.

Besides life is a constantly evolving process churning out all the time and throwing out certain things and taking in certain things and gradually revealing that it is an unmapped atlas wherein we want to create maps with boundaries.

Some of the facets of life which impelled me to reflect and respond in relationship to what meaning we can get out of life I have made my humble attempts to describe them as and when I came across certain situations or faced certain aspects of life as such.

Here are some such writings which try to grasp life’s multiple meanings, puzzles, and realization of reality as individuals followed by the various components which may make reincarnation a possibility.

Meaning of Life

[More or less similar story to comprehend the puzzle of physical life through philosophical and scriptural inquiry]

Reality of Life 

Experience and enjoyment of Life


New Year with a New Realization of Reality -the mystery of Life 

Reincarnation involving the many facets of Life 

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