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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Political interference -in unwarranted spheres like personal relationship is bad,illogical and ineffective

Can we ban the words Mother and Father?

Every relationship has its own significance in the scheme of life.

As human race and its life evolve it has to become more inclusive and tolerant.

Neither fanatically holding on to tradition nor resorting to the fanatical extremism of rejecting every existing thing.

That is a mere impulsive or emotional reaction and not a sane action.

The sanctity of the relationship as well as the word Mother and Father cannot be done away with as a socio political objective as the promoters of the ban must realize they are replacing one barrier with their own set of barriers like abolishing words ‘ La mère’ et ‘Le père’.

What these politicos and social scientist want his acceptance of Gay marriages.

Let there be a Gay parent.

Let us accept anomalies as they are and as facts and accept them with tolerance.

If something happens, evolves in the process of evolution of any species then it has its own significance and logic for emerging and existing with dignity.

Gay marriages too are such events.

There are no such things such eternal taboos or eternal trends.

All changes are inevitable, and they must be accepted as they are and we must try to get into understanding them better and deeper scientifically as to why it has happened, what is its importance and impact in the context of evolution of our species.

Probably it could be something to enhance our species.

We have not fully understood it well to take positions.

We cannot deny or defy the importance of anything.

The moment you react you stop to act.

You feel that you have a passed another law, legally banned something and legally sponsored something but that does not necessarily assure understanding and conscious acceptance.

On the contrary it promotes more psychological barriers and more violent psychological aversion as the human mind feels that in matters of at least personal relationship and the words it uses for expressing its love, reverence and sanctity for those relationships are purely a  matter of personal freedom.

The subtle differences, I would prefer to call them variations, of perceiving relationship actually transcend even words. But through words we communicate and express our feelings.

Nowhere else I found this better explained and in a more simple way than in Camus’ L’Etranger. In the first chapter of those two different words ‘La Mere est decédee’ et ‘Maman est morte’ are very well depicted.

So the emotional bond that the words Mother and Father cannot be a matter to be decided by any government and it applies to the words too.

Just because I am born in a test tube my mother cannot be a test tube.

Aberrations and anomalies have to be understood properly and tolerantly and attended to with unprejudiced acceptance. You can enforce social discipline and acceptance but not by enforcing emotional, psychological and linguistic curtailments.

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