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Monday, March 7, 2016

NK Murthy , INFO SYS and family pseudo perception and bloated projections

NK Murthy , INFO SYS and family pseudo perception and bloated projections

You can find in link below the following very revealing things.

It is a genetic disorder and unfortunately Sudha Murthy’s story is prescribed as a text for 10th std CBSE [ bad prose, useless information, waste of time for our children] where she lauds the custom of   Russian weddings where the couple immediately after changing rings proceed straight to the cemetery of  war veterans portraying the level of importance that they give to their military men who sacrificed their lives, the priority that their  patriotism takes even on the day of  marriage.

It is so unfortunate that our cbse board idiots could not find any better story or prose by authors like Dr. S.Radhakrishnan, [ we cannot other Indian great souls-then we will be branded as communal or secular] rajaji, palkiwala etc.

A] N.K MURTHY’S unwarranted comment about IITs and the coaching classes.

I wanted to write a long rejoinder to N.K MURTHY'S comment but then I did not have time and felt there was no need either but still  I felt people who have benefitted maximum out of such system should not hypocritically criticize . Those who live in glass houses should not do two things they must not throw stones at others and also must not walk naked in their glass houses.

So I would like to put it in brief the reason for the fall in standards is precisely due to people like N.KMURTHY'S successful ventures like info sys which degraded our engineering and IIT GRATS to  either dignified telephone operators for US clients sitting in call centers with changed CHRISTIAN names or  using them a mere software maintenance and service providers. The creative aspect, the research aspect, the manufacturing aspects etc were thus never encouraged nor supported. In fact  thanks to private pirates who started the multiple engineering colleges we had many INDIAN students studying and passing out with flying colors in various field of engineering but unfortunately these corporate beneficiaries like  INFOSYS whose bosses who now do the tall talk spoiled the very thought process of the educated youth who were paid very good salaries by these corporate houses and in a country with huge population of educated middle class the priority becomes monetary incentive or earning, so, everyone opted for this, putting aside all their aspirations for creativity, foraying into research , setting up manufacturing units etc as there are no financial incentives for these activities in INDIA barring a very few exceptions. It is a case of when milk is available in sachet why to own a cow, feed it and try milking it syndrome which afflicted the educated middle class for whom these corporate houses provided enough money for them to evolve from middle class to upper middle class.

The very few who still felt that they had to do something creative, of  course ,did, and there are many IITians in this. What they did initially, they forayed into setting up restaurants, good and novel ones, wherein they were assured of immediate returns without credit and some forayed into capitalize the other segment wherein they could cash in and it was a field close to their heart as well, it was academics, so, they started these coaching classes.  If they had earned enough money like N.KMURTHY they would have started huge research facilities outwitting the IITs.

The arena of  higher educational institutions like engineering colleges, medical colleges etc are run by only people who have been either liquor barons, political looters , religious missions and mutts and their priority is naturally something else and the middle class youth getting educated in these institutions is an incidental benefit to the students and excellent source of supply for the INFOSYS, TCS ,CTS etc who have been the ultimate beneficiaries as all that they had to do is to pluck the fruits of brilliant and useful students suited to their relevant  activities readily available in these institutes through campus interviews. So instead of  making press statements let these corporate bodies start institutes of excellence where students of  merit could be sponsored for their creativity, research activities and manufacturing skills etc . Probably as corporate bodies, they can enter into any financial buy back system of agreement with these scholarly students like the royalty that come s out of their research or creativity will be shared by the corporate house sponsoring them and the manufacturing activity also can be designed similarly.

We as a nation have suffered enough due to uncritical love of our heritage and unloving criticism of many activities, instead let the corporate giants who have benefited due to the many institutions do something positive for the future of this nation by investing and promoting real merit based research, creative and manufacturing activities.

Dear balayogi,

you are right. Infosys thrived on y2k software and also Finacial software application for all banks and made Billions, by painting an image that Infosys is  A SUPER GOVERNANCE Entity, roping in as many so called wizkids from USA/ Europe etc to their Exc Board and sub committees.

their present MD, Kris Gopalakrishnan 'openly' flouted 'INSIDER trading Regulaitons of SEBI , but before SEBI Could slap a penalty, the wrongdoer[ kris gopal at that CEO] reporting to NRN & parallel reporting to Nanden Nilekani donated part of the whopping money & margins he collected thro' INSDIER MALPRACTICE to a leading hospital @Mumbai, which was shamelessly flashed on first page as second headlines in Eco Times in 2007-08 Fin Year.

Infosys had at that time a WHISTLE BLOWER policy in place , but at that time either the Whistle did not blow or the person who is supposed to blow the whistle did not have enough courage to blow it.[ dhum illee]

Infosys , of LATE HAS BEEN more of a body shopping software with solid systems in place, parking SW pros in US, Latin Americas, AUZ, Europe et all; so much HYPE was created to project Infosys as the Indian Industrys' ambassdor to the World and taking advantage of the BULL LOBBY at Dalal street and with the same FIIs investing in NYSE where its scrips were listed in many overseas bourses , creating an imaginative MARKET CAP , PROTECTING the TOP LINE & ebdita quarter on quarter without any'REAL VALUE ADDITION';

Infosys went on a recuitment spree  by sucking & luring young professionals for an astronomical package and making them slog like slaves' to SW programs than 'innovative thinking and risk taking ability and entrepreneural leadership, which the IITs & professionals from IITs  are well known for.[Infosys has so many MBAs from IIMs
& mgt grads from many such biz schools who are so paranoid with templates, formats and fundaas...]

NRN should shut his mouth having made so much of fortune and created wealth for himself and his team members,  so much of un wnated support to the largest Borrower in the Universe, USA.

more in my next edition .


if he and his team members are so capable, why not while he was a faculty @ IIM [ known for fundas only and not anything , anywhere near IIT on scientific innovation and analysis] could think of forming a Technical Institution like IIT?

On Fri, Mar 4, 2016 at 8:00 AM, kalyan wrote:
NO. IT is NOT their prerogative. The illicit wealth doled out is made from Bharatiyas' toil and sweat. It is an insult to the people of Bharatam who subsidised education RohaNM has received which has enabled him to make his wealth. It is an insult to the academia in Bharatam that there is none fit to do the classical library job. This idiot says none of the petitioners approached him. What does he think of himself to be? Wealth today will be gone tomorrow. I would like to see the day when RohanM and his ilk do prayascittam for their inferiority complex.

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