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Monday, March 21, 2016

Academia and Left distorians

1. These Indian brands or breeds of Leftist idiots are thriving by shoving in victim hood with provocative propaganda and peddling of lies.

2. In Indian context the leftover left can be easily tackled by all governments. The few predators in media circles, academia and distorians  are insignificant who must be ignored.

3. Follow all their media and NGO links and cut foreign funding these creatures get.

4. Cripple their trade unionism through simplifying labor laws with emphasis on rights over privileges to the few also inject participative trade unionism wherein almost all employees are given some amount of share in the company/corporation along with accountability for responsibility fixed in black and white.

5. Stop free parking facility for any private vehicle i.e all autos, richshaws, share autos etc as these people pay money to left parties and their trade unions. Instead let them pay the same amount to respective corporations and get a government pass renewable annually. Each auto driver pays Rs.50/- per month to Communist parties in every state. Where does this money go and who eats this up.

6. Also all financial contributions by employees to all trade unions in all government, public sector units must be banned so that left parties cannot get funds.

For the information of labor welfare measure of all socialist regimes from beginning, let us glean into the history a bit.

7. French Revolutionists, tried to rid the astrological connotations of seven day week and came up with a convenient metric system of the ‘ New Revolutionary Calendar’ and it was introduced by official decree on 24th November 1793 wherein each month was divided into three (3) 10 day cycles called decades, with the names of ten days as primidi, durdi, tridi, quartidi, quintidi, sextidi, septidi, octidi, nonidi, decadi. And it was the practical Napolean who officially reinstated the seven day week in September, 1805 after officially recognizing the failure of ‘decades’.

8. Then Stalin tried a five-day week formula with four days work and one day rest, wherein the rest days were staggered throughout the population to ensure that factory production went uninterrupted and it was labeled as “uninterrupted production week’ and introduced in 1929 but withdrawn by 1931 and Stalin had to revert to the 7 day week.

9. Ultimately astrology prevailed over I gathered many more info when I researched to do an article in 1990 on why all over the world  week has only 7 days and why all days are named after planets and that too in the same order.

10. Incidentally Indian Left is pathetically low even in left principles, it at all there is any as they selectively use their democratic rights the reason why it could find only one CM for 30 plus years. Now only one family controlling the party, remember Yetchury  is a stop gap compromise arrangement for Brinda karat to step in. why was Bhudadev sidelined?

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