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Monday, March 7, 2016

Left ,Isms, Traditions, human nature, variety, division

Left-especially the Indian variety is not fit to exist even at ideological level- why?

Whenever I read the wonderful book' An Idealist View of Life' by Dr. S.Radhakrishnan which he has written as a professor writing a text book for students without any passionate positioning of particular ideas against another or Osho's book of Secrets or the Zen stories or Encyclopedia of Social Inventions - an excellent reference work for everyone incidentally perhaps one of the few good things done by Oxfam.

What all these great books show is that humanity in the realm of  social engineering can throw any idea or ideology, even the farfetched ones, into the cauldron of  socio-cultural experimentation and churn it with whichever form of political or religious denomination at the collective level and observe the psychological ,emotional and intellectual acceptance and reactions at the individual level.

In this process various ‘isms’ or ‘ologoies’ evolved -which later on, in some cases turned into belief systems or ideological faiths or functional political systems.

Ultimately they are, rightly or wrongly, judged by their survival value in terms of chronology – like kingdoms and empire hoods- besides, more importantly their benefits to the individual and society at large.

In this process various believers of some ‘isms’ have tried their level best to homogenize individual aspirations and social behaviors to fit into their ‘isms’.

These are all perfectly justifiable in the process of social evolutionary trends.

Though the ulterior motive of many of these homogenizing trends have been to hegemonize, command and control greater number human beings spread across larger geographical areas.

Though these were pushed in through euphemistic terminological claims of ushering in unity through these were more focused on creating uniformity and not unity.

These linguistic attacks were so well injected that hardly anyone doubted the intentions.

They are as difficult to clearly distinguish as differences between naïve, innocent, ignorant.

However, among these multitude of ‘isms’, even prima facie ‘The Leftist communism –especially the variety that is peddled in India- ironically of all the places, is absolutely out of sync with both the socio-religio-cultural milieu as well as the very nature of human beings which predominantly manifest variety and which loves to live with identities starting from the name that is assigned to as a baby to the tradition, religion, cultural mores that one gets groomed into, enjoying all forms festivities and activities together with others, all the while being aware of  all sorts of varieties but never nurturing an animosity based on exaggerated notions of victim hood.

This is the natural tendency of normal human species primarily as a bio chemical entity with emotional and mental aspirations everywhere as no one would like to move around in vacuous inanity or inane vacuum unless one is monk who because of his highly evolved condition of mind and awareness, can easily manifest detachment or one is a mentally retarded person who, unfortunately, is not aware of his identity.

Therefore, almost all over the world Left has various hues and colors to accommodate the ever changing trends and developments [the most diplomatic way of choosing expediency over out dated ideology] but surprisingly in India they have dominated both the social debates and social engineering because it was used as a convenient tool by foreign outfits to exploit some of the inconvenient traditions that local people were unwilling to change though knowingly sometimes even uncomfortable to put up with. It was their own psychological choice to live in harmony with differences rather than resorting to dividing in animosity

This has also some lessons in introspection for Indians at large, that we as a society  must effect the necessary changes in certain traditions which have outlived their significance or relevance in present life styles for example not being able to use cow dung mixed water on granite floored house entrances or not being able wear a nine yards sari and play tennis or clean/soak everything with water after paying visit to a dead body [except purses, keys, mobiles phones, lap tops, car interiors etc].

In societies like these with a very rich heritage, with multitude of regional traditions and all these mixed with almost highly sanctified pride of ancestry while one group parades its past glories cherry picking, the attackers focus and zoom the irrelevant practices through scum clearing. This is where we give greater room for the Left which would otherwise been left unnoticed long back.

The only success stories of Left in India are one man ruling, or should I say ruining, a state for 30 years, shouting and sloganeering against American Imperialism [his imagined and projected enemy-while letting his daughter studied even her primary education in USA wherefrom she wrote books like Karma Cola], now Karat family dominating the scenario with another Namboodri Bad dominated till he became older than his political competitor Karunakaran and retired after 80 years.

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