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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Who am I? Or who are WE?

Who am I? Or who are WE?

One’s physical frame is not only confined to a mere anatomical piece of biochemical meat but also propelling vast spectrum of free flowing energy;

One’s  mind is not only confined to the mere cumulative knowledge, thoughts, ideas, emotions but also a free flowing spirit capable of grasping and gaining in evolutionary emancipation of greater potentialities;

One’s conscious awareness, some may call it as soul or inner spirit, is not only confined by any religious or ideological identity but also a vibration which may gain as a part of many universal and infinite vibrations of multiple frequencies  in the process of  its evolutionary enlightenment as an advanced species.

However, to suit our limited perception we limit our perspective and limit our progress too.

So, any factor or facet of conception of confinement is intrinsically against human spirit and therefore prevents a broader or proper understanding of the grandeur of humanity.

Therefore, any and every identity cage, however large or ornamented is still a cage.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Logical Fallacies

Let us stop these irrelevant logical fallacies secreted by left liberal fanatic socialistic scripts like ‘what is republic or democratic if only leaders and bureaucrats sit in front rows’

I think it is high time we put an end to wheedling and diverting from actual facts through logical fallacies.

Unfortunately, there has emerged very predominant attitude and tone of left liberal fanatic socialistic script on all subjects unmindful of certain niceties and nuances.

It generates a divide of poor victim of ‘YOU’ versus the privileged ‘THEM’.

Everyone in any event or activity has to and do play a particular role.

All roles are equally important but everyone cannot be allowed to be present and participate in everything and everywhere. This applies to all activities and rituals.

For example in a marriage the priest is a presiding authority  in all matters concerning sacred/religious aspects then at the dining hall the catering provider /chef and cooks but when the bride and groom  move in to the bed room we cannot blame or find fault at the heartlessness of not taking the priest and the caterer/chef  along inside.

Only players can get into the field and all the coaches/physiotherapists will have to sit on the sides and watch.

So, for a Republic Day in the front rows only ministers, top bureaucrats and top defense personnel and police officials will only sit and the person who supplies drinking water for them cannot be seated.

Those who preach or do tall talk of equality must buy for their home maid whatever they buy for their wife.

Try it once and post the results.

Synergy to become a global citizen and an human being is the need of the hour in an interconnected life and world.

Synergy is the need of the hour in an interconnected life and world.

Most vital, important and inevitable fact of life, any life and all lives is that in all aspects life is inter-related, inter- connected and inter-dependent.

World needs synergy in all spheres of life and therefore it would be better that human species refrain from selective and misplaced isolated evaluation of any culture or ideology.

So, any identity based [either religious, ideological, regional, linguistic, national etc] emotional hyper ventilation impregnated with mass hysterical frenzy clamoring for exclusivistic cocooning combined with xenophobia ,especially in modern times is fundamentally smacks of  naïveté on the part of whichever group that does it.

These symptoms are the manifestations of ill informed or propaganda propelled instigation of gullible victims or the products of victim hood peddlers.

What is needed is proper and unbiased information and rational and scientific education coupled with a sense of cohabitation taking into consideration the rationally acceptable sensitivities of the socio-cultural milieu where one lives, in other words help a peaceful and calm life for the society in which one lives. 
After all we, I mean human beings as a species, are sharing the resources of the planet earth along with other species with certain inevitable national boundaries.

There is nothing known as the perfect and best system and nothing is a panacea for all human problems.

But what humanity and unity need is feeling for all by all.

What the world needs is global citizens –the following link has 52 points for 52 weeks for everyone to consider becoming a global citizen

The selfish and lopsided aspects of globalization were there and need to be addressed and are getting mostly addressed with growing awareness.

But awareness and acceptance of inter relatedness cannot be overlooked.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Media and MSM irrelevance

These three links I feel must make the whole team of professionals in media business to read the writing on the wall or be prepared for their own downfall.

Most importantly media [MSM] must start seeing facts, realities and actual aspirations of nations and their citizens and desist from scripting opinionated tales based on their own prefixed outdated ideologies and stop interpreting facts according to those prefixed ideologies and presume that they are the only perception that all citizens must hold.

MSM must realize that they are fast fading like old typewriting machines no more of any practical relevance.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Gurus and biography

Impact and Gurus

Trump and media mafia

Read this and then my comments there.

Incidentally I am also a regular contributor to this org.

1. First there is no need to justify for anyone's sake. 

The fact is he has won despite the media mafia attacks.

2. Actually it brings into prominence certain questions on some issues and issues caution on questionably certain tall claims by small journalists all over the world.

3. These are, not necessary in this order but

Demonetization and MMS

Another wonderful fact based article confining itself to the economics.

However, unfortunately MMS suffers from a unique disease of under utilizing, unusing, misusing his position at all times [1972 to 2014] in various capacities and shamelessly declares, 'still 40% of the population is unbanked'. What was he doing all these years in all the posts and positions he held.

Why no media has asked him that question.

As PM he was half the time not aware who was calling the shots and kept mum.

Now it took more than 15 days for him to use the inappropriate quote of a famous economist.

MSM loves to cherry pick always populist rants and political rhetoric over substance and real actions.

The pity is most of the self styled or proclaimed specialists in various realms who have been in great slumber for more than six decades are demanding definition for ‘how long will it take to see long-term impacts’ of demonetization.

One clownish CM even misspells it as ‘demonitisation’. I think he must have been thinking of some monita or monica.

The visual representation in the following link will give them some lesson.

New Year Greetings 2017

Happy New Year to all with a Mindmap of possibilities and positive messsages amind a heap of negativism promoted and propagated by the media.

Enlarge the Mindmap in the link for clarity

Attention seeking avidly by many for everything.

Adjust and accommodate with appropriate attitude towards all in as many ways as possible 

Belief systems of many hues hampering unbiased observations

Build systems to benefit all in as many ways as possible

Controversies created by many at the drop of even any less nuanced statements

Compassionately care for all in as many ways as possible

Designing divisions as a tool to propagate many ideologies

Develop a sense to ensure development of all in as many ways as possible

Emotional dredging for expediency by many to market many hidden agendas

Encourage to enhance as many aspects of life of all in as many ways as possible

Fueling fear psychosis for many things

Feel for all and find useful functions for all in as many ways as possible

Grave negligence of many aspects of environment or giving up all activities

Generate activities guarding interests of all species in as many ways as possible

Histrionic reactions towards many historical mistakes

Help highlight humane values among all in as many ways as possible

Identity cages kept intact through interpretations by many ideologies preventing tolerance

Inculcate importance of synergizing variety beyond identities among all in as many ways as possible

Justification modes adopted by many to relegate rational approaches

Junk judgmental mode and joyfully join with contextual relevance with all in as many ways as possible

Killing peace of all in many ways

Kindle kindness among all in as many ways as possible

Leading human life as if it is totally independent in many ways

Learn that life as a whole is interrelated, interdependent and interactive and so love all in as many ways as possible

Manipulated everything from mapping planet as if it is merely human centric unmindful of many other species

Make way for meaningful mingling with all in as many ways as possible

Negative media projections of many aspects of life and living

Nurture new approaches and natural niceties among all in as many ways as possible
Opportunistic over politicization of many things

Open up the mind to omit over domination of one aspect alone and instead allow all aspects in as many ways as possible

Peace and proper perception prevented through many perverted manipulative control mechanisms

Promote proper perspective factoring in inner and external aspects when dealing with all in as many ways as possible

Quality of living quashed through many compromises

Questioning and quests are best qualities; so, qualify everything and all by those means in as many ways as possible

Relevance and reciprocation are given a requiem in many relationships

Relate with relevance or relevantly relate with all in as many ways as possible

Sensationalism sabotaging many subtle senses and sensitivities

Sense of balance and substance must stimulate sensibly when dealing with all in as many ways as possible

Tormenting true living by tagging to too many out dated traditions

Taste the tour of life through all trends, taboos, truisms and travel inwards and towards all with equanimity in as many ways as possible

Unleashing many useless scandals, gossips and rumors

Unravel uninhibited all facts, truths, relevance and reach out to all to unite all in as many ways as possible

Victimhood peddling by some for their own livelihood

Vanquish all vilifications and vindicate through verity and values all in as many ways as possible

Worrying and working up towards many worthless wants

Work with a wisdom which works for welfare of all in as many ways as possible

Xenophobic aversions towards many inevitably interrelated aspects of life

X-ray into the commonalities and common interests among all in as many ways as possible

Yoking many youths to many conflict generating provocations

Yearn towards providing yummy moments in life of all in as many ways as possible

Zapping the zeal of many committed good humans through zero concern for their welfare

Zealously zip past the zealots and zoom into zenith to provide for well being of all in as many ways as possible

Feelings and reality beyond words

There are a few things which must not be clouded by mere words or used superficially as a verbal filigree work.

They must be allowed to shine in all their brilliance as real feelings in heart and as thoughts in head so that the vibrations inside us and outside us will pick them up and offer the best combination that we want or are necessary for us.

One may go through these links at leisure and try to grasp the crux of the matter.

Facts and empty rants

Baseless allegations,  rants devoid of facts , imagined  victimhood  projections  are  popular past times  which pass for news  in certain media too.

So, most importantly we can avoid these usual traps while exploring the facts we must desist getting distracted by:-

1.Mutilating the facts,
2.Analyzing them with preconceived notions or prejudices,
3.Generalizing the particular and particularizing the general,
4.Approaching facts with unloving criticism or uncritical love,
5.Evaluating facts with our pet isms or philosophies,
6.Resorting to statistical justifications,
7.Unleashing unworkable utopia,
8.Mask them with logical fallacies,
9.Mute them in pleasant jargons, and
10.Give historical justifications
11.Comprehend with confirmation bias or pre conceived conclusions
12.Trying to over simplify the complicated and over complicate the simple factors/aspects.

On matters of evaluation I have studied, written a lot and experienced through bitter experiences in many spheres that life’s churning process [which includes all areas of  business as well]  is not that easy to decipher nor can we be assured of what it throws up but that does not mean that we have to be passive spectators or pusillanimous persons relying on conjectures and gamble without rules, plans, perspectives, methods, measures etc

John Adams says, “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

Ayn Rand says, "We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality.”

Democracy and institutions of governance

Demonetization as part of
Economic development agenda
Methodically rolled out to ‘modify’ and
Operate in a system based methods to create a
Corruption free environment of financial discipline;
Reforms needed next to nail main stream media [MSM] mafia;
Also required along with these
Court room reforms [judicial reforms] in the

Year ahead to weed out corruption there.

We need a DEMOCRACY that delivers economic development and welfare.

In a large democracy with a huge population and a vast geographical area major and important institutions which form a vital part of the wings of governance will have to work with synergy and not cynical criticism , constant bias and clinging on to status quo

Gender bias in India

When can we Indians stop these nasty attitudes towards women?

The laws of the land cannot do beyond certain limit unless we opt to change the inherent flaws of our mindset.

The malady is deep rooted in the very culture of all of us.

We Indians of all hues prescribe thousands of dos and dress codes for girls in the name of discipline which by itself  is a very perverted way of treating girls as objects or products for some future predetermined way of life that they are expected to follow.

We make many things as taboos for girls at home and at school and are very pleased to label them as discipline.

We are unwilling as individuals coming out of such putrefied and petrified cultural position to allow girls to lead a normal life as dignified human beings.

We all must change our attitude at home, in schools, in offices and in society as a whole.

We are a society of monumental hypocrisy who will go to any lengths to justify that our gender respect is great saying that we have so many goddesses and our scriptures and societies have Lakshmi-narayanans, Vidya-shankars, Gowri-shankars [just bisexual names period that's it] but however are silent when our famous mutts will not allow women who are widows unless they shave their head, temples will not allow them with pants and t-shirts why?

When I used the word period instead of full stop that reminds me of the menstrual   periods where multitude of taboos are woven based on justifications of traditions to already irritating  biological inconveniences that the person undergoes.

Our whole mindset at individual level and at home must start to change then it must spill over to schools.

We cannot expect overnight revolutions or multitude of debates after every nasty incidence to change the society immediately, though they too are essential.


Move forward in life but look after your Back.
Get back to normal life by getting back your
Back  in shape through advanced   diagnostic methods  and   tailor made precision   treatments. Final test of ability rests in your stability.

While there are several hundred causes for back pain starting from sudden catch while lifting a heavy object to kidney   stones to liver cancer.
We are excluding referred back pain from internal organs. Confining to causes wherein spinal chord is directly involved and the remedy lies in attending to the spinal chord.
In Hindu esoteric   physiology spinal column is known as   ‘Brahmadanda’, ‘rod of  Brahma’.
In occult physiology it is   ‘Sacrum’ [Lat. Sacre, ‘Sacred’]
When we visualize SPINE what comes to mind is that it is

Supple but strong Pieces of bones Insulating main Nerves  from End to end. 

History depends on how we approach it

History  depends a lot on how it is approached.
One has to approach history like how it is mentioned in the link below.
I wrote this recently to explain the importance of a book by a popular author who writes proper history of India.
I  also suggest why many observations made by Dr. Swamy ,each one of them is a great research worthy subject by itself for many authors,writers who want to write proper history of India.
 "It is no wonder that though the Indian Historians and History books have failed to extol his role that God ordained a few lakh people from all over the world every day walk past his statue with folded arms in reverence as the images of Krishnadevaraya along with his two queens standing with folded hands are inside the Tirupati temple. The images have their names written in Kannada"

Reality in Realty.

                               Let us face Reality in Realty.
I am neither a real estate professional nor a financial expert nor a specialist economist but when one particular business grows with enormous disproportionate profit without adding much value then we need to look into it.
Realty sector woes.
I have been warning and suggesting every player in realty sector who asked me for some suggestion the following:-
1.It is high time that Realty sector realized the realities and becomes realistic in its pricing so that more people can afford it.
2. Also come up with lot of changes ,all of which are necessary, feasible and also fantastic but almost all or most realtors are Luddites and suffer from status quo addiction.

3. Worse still almost all of them were playing on someone else's property, some else's expertise, someone else's investment [there were many types in this individual home buyers who made advance payments and waited for ages to see their property and joint venture victims who were suffering]
4. Some or most were operating on unaccounted resources.
5. I think at least some of these trends will slowly fade away and sanity will descend .

6. Many so called big players who were unwilling to even listen to alternatives will now face reality in Realty.

Republic 2017

Let us incubate a rejuvenated REPUBLIC in 2017

Redefine and reform media ethics;
Educate and entertain with excellence;
Politics in not the only thing but a tool to enable  
Understanding the importance of unity
Beyond all biases, belief systems and boundaries;
Let us all raise above and fly free from our
Identity cages of various hues and
Create a better world of peace and prosperity for posterity.

Administrative reforms enabling delivery of reformed administration;
Business promoting environment and environment protecting business activities;
Care for country and its culture and carefully connect the whole country digitally and socially;
Deliver all needs for development to develop the lives of all the needy;
Economic development and education be prioritized and educate all to prioritize economic development;
Financial discipline to fuel economic functions and discipline and economy in financing functions;
Governance to ‘Getting India back on Track’ and track and get Indians’ perspective back to governance;
Humaneness, honesty and hospitality are our heritage and honestly and humanely let us be hospitable;
Incorporate institutions to operate in the nation and not nationalize institutions and corporations;
Join the journey of nation’s development and watch many nations journey towards us for many reasons;
Kindly keep surroundings clean and be clear to be surrounded by kindness;
Life is short and love is great and loving all lives is greatest goodwill of short life;
Multiculturalism is the natural course of our country and lobbies manipulate it as the curse to this country;
Nature has blessed us with abundant resources and nurturing it properly must be part of our nature;
Oppose all anti-national activities but do not develop opposing as a national activity;
Present livelihood can’t rely only on past glory but scripted by story of economic development now;
Quest limitlessly for prosperity and knowledge but never limit knowledge or lessen prosperity;
Required belief and religious duty is to respect all religions and beliefs;
Sensitize all towards socially beneficial activities but do not selectively sensationalize sensitive issues;
Transact with transparency taking public interest and do not transact with interest in taking public funds;
Unleash potential of all towards prosperity of all rather than unleashing all for prosperity of someone;
Variety and unity has been the identity of India’s culture and not culture of identity projection and peddling;
Wisdom is in bequeathing a livable planet, a lovable society and lovely infrastructures;
X-ray into and connect with all great global activities rather than resorting to xenophobic seclusion; 
Youth need economic prosperity and not incubation in divisive politics and victimhood projections;
Zoom ahead as a super power with glorious performance and global concerns and commitments.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dr.M. BalamuraliKrishna

Dr.M. BalamuraliKrishna- Himadrisuthe, Na Jaane, Maa maa nee ni Nee dha ga mani

I was asked to write a short biographical sketch of Dr.M. Balamuralikrishna in the last week of November 2016 urgently for a magazine within one hour and I managed this.

Himadrisuthe, Na Jaane, Maa maa nee ni Nee dha ga mani
Dr.M. Balamurali Krishna, I would like to do only one thing with him and about him and that is to listen to him sing.
However, unfortunately he is no more with us in flesh and blood but the vibration of his music still stirs our flesh and stills our mind into meditative mood.
So, instead of listening only to his singing with intense attention, which was almost my favorite routine for many years at home through cassettes, in concerts and sometimes at his house, now I am also forced to write about such a great musical soul albeit while listening to his  invigorating Bhairavi rendering.
I do not believe in doting out chronological details of date of birth, place or other prosaic information which mere googling or Wikipedia downloading can provide.

Prosaic  presentation of  his biographical sketch of Dr. M. Balamurlai Krishna or merely sharing anecdotes would be doing great injustice to a person who was unbothered about perturbing the addictive status quo traditionalists and was a personification of  uncompromising originality with unwavering affinity to aesthetic sensitivity and unblemished voice quality and all these  without distorting basic grammar; unbelievable creativity without deviating from musically perfect formats; unfettered conviction in whatever he was rendering without ever disturbing the laser sharp precision of scales and appropriate gammakas; unimaginable panache and ease with which he executed everything and the unflinching flamboyance in whatever he did without any unnecessary frills, be it his dressing or composing or singing or folding the betel leaf.
His virtuosity was so interesting for listeners, inspiring for many musicians, music lovers and learners and naturally intimidating to some jealous critics.
How difficult is it to do a critical review of multiple volumes of encyclopedia of music and all music related aspects.
Till date no one has better articulated than him in a program on voice culture specifically for classical music several years back about the delicate, measured and harmonious balancing of guttural and nasal tones to create perfect gammakas. It was a Door dharshan program available in internet now.
He was so well versed in many languages; his mastery of nuances was not confined to music but in many languages too, he would give very nuanced and nice replies to nail the novices.
Once when in the company of  T.T. Vasu sir, Dr. Srivatsa  one young chap asked rather impertinently, ‘ Sir your raga alapana elaboration the purist say is not correct’. Dr .BMK smiled and said,
“First I am not singing only for those others who come to concerts to give opinions and listen.
Second I want  you to know the differences between both the denotations and connotations of the words:-‘ Purist, Traditionalists, Different schools of music, classicist, aesthetically sensitive artists, people who perform art for art’s sake, those for whom art is just a livelihood, those for whom it is a mere hobby, those who follow it merely as critics, those who follow it as a desultory hobby, then most importantly people for whom life is art and those for whom art is life – it is the last category who perform with total intensity and intense totality.
Third this beginning of my alapana to you and do you have time or are you willing to listen to me elaborate further with all the other nuances”.
At this point that chap said, ‘Sorry sir, I do not know much about music in detail but was only trying to find out why some say so’. BMK replied, “They and you come in point number ten but you want to run away after third point”.
However it is irresistible  not to share some rare anecdotes which may not find place in google or wikepedia, when I went to his house with my mother the first thing he did was he stood up and said, “ Maami neega first Ukarungo” [ madam you first take your seat please].
Then he asked me to come for audition at Bharathidasan road.
Everything about him was unique in all aspects.
I have never come across a greater all rounder in music.
Everyone knows his various avatars mostly as a great vocalist with a wonderful voice suited to and capable of rendering many genres of music with the same ease and also he was equally a good player of viola and miruthangam.
But many may not know that he could play with ease any instrument and people who have been part of the movies for which he rendered the songs and was the music director, mostly those of G.V. Iyer in Kannada and Sanskrit be it the 1975 Hamsageethe or 1983 Adi Shankara would vouch for that and know how he used to tune almost all the instruments and also play and show the pieces to played inspiring everyone.
Once in the 90s I called him to invite him for some program, he said he is not free on that day as he has a program at Music academy mini hall, I asked you have sir, he said yes you too come. When he says you too come who would say no, I went and to my surprise there was a Carnatic music concert in one of those antic big pianos played by a nun, it was Sister John Dorai Chetty, it was in September 1986. I went and sat next to him. She was playing ‘Jaga janani sukavani kalyani’ and then announced that she was blessed to have her teacher being present and listening throughout, it was none other than Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna.
His Jugal bandhis , his film songs, his Bengali songs and his compositions in many languages are well known and well documented.
His thillanas are a treat to rhythm loving ears; his raga alapna rendering are titillating to the brain cells with resonance; his knowledge based scrupulous perfectionism in rendering the words of the lyrics in any language he rendered is something which many musicians must emulate; his scales are crystal clear; his excellent voice enabled him to render kalpana swaras imbued with melody, bhava and excellent and complex multiple rhythmic patterns as well as varying tempos. When you dissect his concerts or songs into micro details to critically analyze you will not find any missing note, even the minutest anu swaraams will be clear at subatomic level;
When you prefer to enjoy his concerts and songs as mega macro package then it seeps in your whole system and reverberates throughout the day.

The subtle nuances that Gamakas produced when he rendered them literally touch certain nerve centers in a very aesthetic and hyper sensitive way and the nectar of its sweetness make us swarm around like the irresistible bees.
His compositions are a wholesome package of entertaining music, engaging ragas and enlightening lyrics.
Enlightening lyrics in the sense his compositions in Thodi ‘Maa maa nee nee ni dha ga mani dha sa rig a dha’ is the only composition where meaningful lyrics are woven around just the phonetic sound of the swaras/notes.
He probably tried very early in his career with Sa dha tha va padha in Shanmugapriya which was of course meant as a swara akshra enabling kriti.
In one of his kritis he explains the word ‘BHARATHA’ the very word used to name our great country  mean 'bha' for bhakthi[dedication or devotion with sincerity ]- ra –for rakthi –emotional content that is bhava of the soul [doing with passion] and tha for thanmaythvam- aesthetc quality [ not a mere entertainment for pleasure but a mode of artistic experience  for peace and joy] . Bhakthi Rakthi Thanmaythvan ithi bharatham.
Na Jaane (Hamir Kalyani)
While many prefer labeling him as a great experimenter, exhibitor of talent I would like to add he was basically more entrenched into the music of the spheres and enthralled audiences at all levels.

Such great musicians make you realize that music is mysterious and mystery is also musical.

Music is mysterious because it touches the chords of life through its multiple dimensions and the dynamics of its various dimensions.
The mystery of life is the energy which operates through vibrations and music is made of vibrations of sounds either with or without lyrics and if the spirit of   individual human being grasps or is in the grip of specific frequencies of these vibrations then they stir deeper in the individual than anything else.

Certain individuals are privileged mediums through whom some sublime things or aspects of life and hitherto unknown things are expressed to the world, these individuals appeal to us so  much at moments that they appear as the personification of what they represent or achieve or discover.

Universe in its great wisdom throws up many great souls to perform something extraordinary and these souls deserve all our appreciation, understanding and emulation too.

He gave lot of importance to lyrics as he felt that nothing is a mere prosaic lifeless word because every word is made of the same ingredient as music i.e. sound and in addition impregnated with meaning or meanings assigned etymologically or acquired through usage in various contexts or appropriated through misuse.

So word and music both express something through sound.
The word Universe itself is known as ‘ekashya kaviyam’UNI+VERSE =single verse expressing itself.

I would like to end with a quote of Thomas Carlyle, “Music should go right through you, leave some of itself inside you and take some of you with it when it leaves. See deep enough and you see musically, the heart of nature being everywhere music, if you can only reach it.”

Listen to Dr. M. Balamurali krishna’s recordings and  read Guy Murchie’s book ‘Music of the spheres’ and your every cell will be filled with music with intense conscious awareness that no toxic elements can enter your cells.