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Friday, January 13, 2017

Demonetization and MMS

Another wonderful fact based article confining itself to the economics.

However, unfortunately MMS suffers from a unique disease of under utilizing, unusing, misusing his position at all times [1972 to 2014] in various capacities and shamelessly declares, 'still 40% of the population is unbanked'. What was he doing all these years in all the posts and positions he held.

Why no media has asked him that question.

As PM he was half the time not aware who was calling the shots and kept mum.

Now it took more than 15 days for him to use the inappropriate quote of a famous economist.

MSM loves to cherry pick always populist rants and political rhetoric over substance and real actions.

The pity is most of the self styled or proclaimed specialists in various realms who have been in great slumber for more than six decades are demanding definition for ‘how long will it take to see long-term impacts’ of demonetization.

One clownish CM even misspells it as ‘demonitisation’. I think he must have been thinking of some monita or monica.

The visual representation in the following link will give them some lesson.

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