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Friday, January 13, 2017

History depends on how we approach it

History  depends a lot on how it is approached.
One has to approach history like how it is mentioned in the link below.
I wrote this recently to explain the importance of a book by a popular author who writes proper history of India.
I  also suggest why many observations made by Dr. Swamy ,each one of them is a great research worthy subject by itself for many authors,writers who want to write proper history of India.
 "It is no wonder that though the Indian Historians and History books have failed to extol his role that God ordained a few lakh people from all over the world every day walk past his statue with folded arms in reverence as the images of Krishnadevaraya along with his two queens standing with folded hands are inside the Tirupati temple. The images have their names written in Kannada"

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