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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Girls and Ladies

Girls and ladies

1] [why women are ruled out of any credit or importance for all their vital roles ]



Saturday, June 25, 2016

Oksana Boyko and political analysis

Modern economics and Politics

Bangalore Traffic

Bangalore’s traffic problem-a simple solution

1. 400 to 500 Air conditioned/ordinary buses in different routes which will stop at every half/one kilometer.

2. Separate lane for these buses near/adjacent to the pavement with pedestrian crossing or crossing of other vehicles at every half/one kilometer.

3. Frequency of these buses every half an hour at any/every specified stop/spot.

4. Special monthly passes/ pre-charged cards to board any of these buses anywhere within the city.

5. This can be launched as a PPP model with private players.

6.  This will reduce number of individual vehicles on roads, reduce traffic jams and many other related problems like irritation, pollution, delays etc.


The unnoticed reasons for Brexit

Are there reasons which psychological, emotional, social, cultural and many other aspects of human sensibilities which caused Brexit from EU much to the surprise of  all our wishes and expectations  to see the world more and more unified.

1. Frames of reference and scales of observation decide perceptions and perceptions decide perspective.

2. In the larger scheme of things we can neither deny nor defy the importance of anything or anyone.

3. Everything and every issue has multiple dimensions and every dimension operates with various and varied dynamics.

Trade agreements, common economic developmental concerns with a real sense of purpose, good intentions and exigencies of united power rightfully converged to create EU.

But then EU probably did not take into consideration the three points mentioned above and thus is now subjecting itself to criticisms like it was a mere grouping more for convenience rather than confluence of cultural bonding or even common language.

This could be partially true as togetherness fostered upon for a specific purpose without multiple commonalities is always vulnerable to fall out due to lack of compatibility on certain sensitive issues, more so due to lack of factors which contribute a sense of belonging, importance and involvement.

In addition to these possible inherent weaknesses there were certain unexpected external developments which impacted the EU negatively because it was upsetting the very pillars of the foundations of EU i.e. ‘collective economic benefits’ as they had unexpected millions to feed and had to spend another billions on internal security in otherwise comparatively calm European nations at least after world war-II.

So, in a way though we may wish otherwise we cannot totally blame those who opted for Brexit.

Everything must be infused with a spirit as well as utility for longer sustenance.

That’s why some of the very logically correct and more useful things remain unaccepted.

Here is on example of a very logically useful suggestion to naming towns numerically and geographically but devoid of history, story, meaning, etymology, cultural connections etc to names did not take off.

Architect Stedman Whitwell thought it illogical and confusing that different towns sometimes have the same name. He suggested assigning a unique name to each location based on its latitude and longitude. He published this table in the New Harmony, Ind., Gazette in 1826:

                                     1    2       3       4       5       6       7       8       9         0
Latitude ……………..a      e       i       o       u       y       ee     ei      ie         ou
Longitude…………....b     d       f       k       l       m      n       p       r         t

Insert an S to indicate south latitude and a V for west longitude; omit them for north and east. Thus New Harmony (38°11′N, 87°55′W) would be rechristened Ipba Veinul; New York would be Otke Notive, Washington D.C. Feili Neivul, and Pittsburgh Otfu Veitoup.
What these names lack in poetry they make up in utility: a traveler given the name of a town can immediately infer its location. Unfortunately, Whitwell’s scheme never caught on — and today the United States has 28 Springfields, 29 Clintons, and 30 Franklins.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Social media trumping paid and prejudiced news

Social media trumping paid and prejudiced news

Mr.Chidanand Rajghatta’s particular write up ‘RBI change an example of politics trumping good governance’ in TOI page 16 Chennai edition dated 21st June reveals the sub conscious anger and fear  of wound and worry that worthy news through social media [‘English –driven social-media echo chambers’ ]replaces willful misrepresentation by main stream media.

So desperate that MSM that they do not miss any opportunity to show their disgust for this social media trumping paid and prejudiced news.

Jealousy driven, frustration filled  club of media mafia who lived in the sanctuary of  comfort where they felt that peddling lies, opinions , twisted presentation of news with hidden agenda of provocation  were their sole preserve.

Their only qualification being misinterpreting, misquoting and maligning their chosen targets with impunity and worse still gloated over their status of mass opinion molders.

These media channel room heroes, in some cases Romeos thought that their sanctuary will never be invaded by any force and they could burn anyone or any truth or fact in their toxic gas chambers of Left or paid patrons’ ideology.

Unfortunately they have been upset by unexpected technology which enabled people to capture facts in real time and also vent  their views on various dimensions of any issue so they call this force of social media users as ‘English –driven social-media echo chambers’ as this echo is gradually silencing the 24/7 news channel cacophony.

25 points addressed to all elders.

25 points addressed to all elders.

1.    Any sane person knows that life is too busy and has too many things beyond gossips.

2.    The unease of Gen past and positives of Gen present –lessons to be learnt by all elders based on observation of facts.

3.    Present generation is much smarter, more intelligent, more knowledgeable, well informed and factually by all means at least far better qualified academically than previous generations besides they have a great advantage of technology.

4.    Most importantly they are more humanistic, may not be culturally confirming to our belief systems or our way of viewing life or our style of living.

5.    They gossip less and discuss less and less about family relatives and cousins, nephews and nieces and prefer instead to concentrate on overcoming the struggles of a highly competitive world with whatever tools and experience they have.

6.    So, any unsolicited gossips about them, around them and about their dear ones or pet topics can put them off as they can become highly sensitive - rightly and understandably so.

7.    I find that they are more matured to know that everyone need not agree with everyone on every issue or topic.

8.    They may lack ‘experience- ascribed to chronology’ [a dubious claim] as mere additional number of years of life do not guarantee a better perspective or greater understanding ,worse still, sometimes not even guarantees mental maturity.

9.    Parents and elders must be sensible not to resort to unwanted updating, constant reporting about issues the youth are sensitive at a personal and professional level because relationships matter more than reporting or gossiping or talking at the back of young generation.

10.They start to ignore or have a healthy contempt for those who provoke their sensitivities.

11.The present generation is a stressed lot and despite all the grueling competitions is fired with a belly full of energy and enthusiasm and a brain full of dreams both of which hate wasting time on all or anything that is of no relevance to them in their present track of life till the metamorphosis into a pace of life where they have the luxury of leisure time to poke their noses into others’ lives and generate useless issues to endlessly discuss.

12.All they need is if not praise or respect or not event acknowledgment for their efforts but some personal space and privacy.

13.If your child is not willing to accompany you to a wedding or a concert or a movie or reciprocate to your pointless and for them contextually not so prioritized item in their scheme of things, or is not willing to participate in any religious ritual, it is just plain that they do not want to mask with hypocritical social obligations but being politely expressing their wish and that they have chosen a particular way of life that suits them.

14.So the elders, retired persons and mentally hibernating elderly folks stop for a while, shed your egos, accept the fact that Gen present is far better equipped in many ways and many matters and try to synergize with younger folks at your own homes, among your relatives, then the society at large before sermonizing and acting as know all and judge all experts on all issues.

15.Preferably use all social media platforms to debate, discuss, disagree or agree, criticize with fairly appropriate vocabulary [because sometimes harsh terms are required] on as many topics as possible, there are a few billions in science, sociology, economics, politics etc which can enhance, educate and enlighten our lives rather than confining our thoughts to twisting statements, gossiping and creating unwanted and unpleasant controversies and carrying unwanted tales all around.

16.I love to synergize with the budding and blossomed professional youths as it helps me to see and learn about life from various perspectives as I would like to interact with elders who are rational without any parochial bias. I may disagree or even provoke but intend on having a healthy interaction.

17.I interacted with complaining parents, depressed youths and found the fault is mostly with elders.

18.Most importantly give the youth total freedom to experience life the way they want and the manner in which they can and not what you want.

19.They care very little for ritualistic attendance as a social obligation because present generation has no time and we old folks must be happy that we have more of it and must try to use most of it by giving out in any form of productive output starting from verbal communication to monetary help to physical help to psychological solace and most importantly at least listening to the their point of view as well.

20.Values are not engraved in scriptures or words we vomit as advises but expressed through our actions and suggestive solutions.

21.If youth ignore you that is not haughtiness but giving you an opportunity to enhance your way of interacting with them.

22.I have been all these in my youth and therefore respect the necessities of youth and expect the niceties of the elders and leave the rest to the vicissitudes of wisdom.

23.Share information about health issues [if you wish] and happy celebrations if you wish without forcing it on anyone.

24.What matters more in life is the mind space that is given to ideas, issues, individuals, opinions etc and the way we relate to create a happy and peaceful life rather than illogical intimidation, cursory courtesies and ritualistic observations of events.

25.While it is understandable that elders too have a right to express their views, expect to be seeking attention and enjoy sharing whatever they feel like through social media but at the same time elders must resist from misusing social media as a platform for gossips.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Duets -male and female voices

Best two in ones of unique talent of rendering duets in male and female voices.

Sairam Iyer [Latha and Rafi]

Pilipinas [one person singing both in the voice of celone deone and boccelli]

Sreeram Indian Idol 5 9th August performance as male and female

Self styled moralists

Self styled moralists in all spheres be it religion, politics, media, legal profession etc especially the ones in legal profession and media use or misuse their eloquence and the thesaurus as a drilling machine to bore into any subject [and bore others too] and depending on the person, issue, their prejudice, their understanding or lack of it, use different types of chucks and drill bits and spindles and use sometimes to even dig tunnels to escape when they are caught with their pants down

Other man's shoes

Often our judgmental mentality prevents us from seeing things from the other person's perspective.

Once in World War II real instant happened when one of the soldiers got caught beyond the trenches and was hot at severely. His friend wanted to go and rescue him but the commander said he is dead if you go there you too would get killed but the friend pleaded with the commander went and came back carrying the soldier. The commander said, 'I told you know 'he is dead' and you are also wounded ' it is a senseless venture'.
 to which the soldier replied yes he is dead when I went he was alive and said 'I knew you would come at any cost' Those words of the dying soul of my friend  will always be in my heart 

So, many a times whether a thing is worth doing or not depends on how we look at it.

Spanish runner Ivan Fernandez Anaya still receives praise for a race he lost in Dec 2012. He was running second far behind Kenyan Abel Mutai a bronze medalist in steeple chase at London Olympics. As the race was progressing he saw the Kenyan by mistake presuming he has crossed the final line slowed down 10 meters before actual line .Ivan came almost near him and gestured to the Kenyan  to run faster and but he himself decided to run slow. Kenyan won the race and Ivan said he is the rightful winner 


Justin Pollard’s book titled BOFINOLOGY which reveals the ugly ‘the real stories behind our greatest scientific discoveries’ like for example ‘”Archimedes never said ‘Eureka’ and hated baths anyway”, Thales “credited as ‘the father of science’, whose only real claim to fame is that he often fell into ditches” and this book reveals how eleven people have claimed to have invented the stream engine etc


I had a vast collection of Ghazals in cassettes once upon a time.
In fact cassettes of Ghazals, music of  different dances of India used to be my favorite collection but they all got damaged  unfortunately.
You may visit this blog for all ghazal related info
For sheer flamboyance and pleasant and powerful gimmicks in voice listen to this if you have not already listened. He drops in at some big shots houses  for south Indian filter coffee and sings excellently.
My all time favorite piece by Anup Jalotaji especially this particular song in that particular program in the 80s
 This is very unfortunate I used to listen but failed to record and now it is missing even from internetarchives. This site had some rare ghazals of K.L. Saigal . The site details are given below . I have also gathered some other details find out from someone in music circle to retrieve this great legends recordings which were all available we can try to restore them

contact person must be  mostly : 

Surender MV - 23 de julho de 2008 - denunciar abuso
BREAKING NEWS : ‘Missing’ Saigal Songs ‘Found'
Two of the 15 songs rendered by K.L. Saigal which were considered to be ‘missing’, have been ‘found’. These are movietrack songs from Bengali film ‘Jeeban Maran’ (1939), produced by New Theatres, Calcutta, which were never released on 78 rpm records were composed by Pankaj Mullick :

1Aaji Asamaye Jomunar Kule Keno
(Duet by Saigal & Suprova Ghosh; Lyrics : Ajay Bhattacharya)

Sakhi Ke Se Romoni Kaho …Kaanchan Barani Ke Bate Se Dhani
(Short duration song by Saigal ; Lyrics : Chandidas)

The best part of the story is that these songs have come alive with the release of the movie itself (also considered to be lost / destroyed) !!! The film ‘Jeeban Maran’ starring KL Saigal, Banu Bandyopadhyaya and Lila Desai in lead roles, is now available in the form of a set of two VCDs (very good quality video and good audio reproduction) released as a ‘Classic Collection’ by Angel Video, Kolkata. (Link :

HOW MANY SONGS DID SAIGAL 'SING' ? : Saigal is credited with having recorded a total of 185 songs most of them as Gramophone Studio recordings issued as 78 rpm discs and the rest as recorded movietrack songs. Though not all ‘fans’ of Saigal had the privilege of listening to them, audio recordings were available for only 170 of them. For the very first time, all the 170 songs (as well as additional movietrack version song) can now be previewed at The remaining 15 songs (4 Hindi & 11 Bengali) are on the soundtracks of those movies of which film prints which were considered to be lost.

MV Surender

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Shatavadhani DR.R.Ganesh

This is an excellent collection of six 3-hour lectures in English by shatavadhani shrI. Dr.R. Ganesh ji , his macro view, explanations of Indian culture, principles, traditions, practices, touching on many contemporary issues also and answering many questions and doubts that people do raise here and there.

Published on Jul 7, 2014          

Series of 6 lectures on "Foundations of Indian Culture" by Polymath Shatavadhani Dr. R. Ganesh.
Lecture summaries and recommended reading can be found here:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:

Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins

Very interesting and thought provoking interview which touches upon very important but sensitive topics which have made human beings into two extremes one ennobling them the other enfeebling them manifesting the extent and extreme capabilities of human sensibilities and sharp sensitivities as well as stark stupidities. I like the typical Dawkins' precise and perfect vocabulary and Oksana Boyko's brilliant and blunt questions.

The topics mainly revolve around Religions' contribution and connection with human instincts and actions , including nasty ones.

Role of rationality and privilege of atheism.

Justifications of war, moral stands and the probable biological and psychological premise for all these.

Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Prize

We all must acknowledge the fact that on the whole the Nobel Awards have been given to good causes, great works though sometimes the omissions are very glaring and upsetting as for example there has been no award for anyone for internet or computer, the two outcomes of science with the greatest impact on human race impacting everyone and everything on earth for the past many years and no peace prize for Gandhi.

There should not be much problem as to whom the award should go regarding internet is concerned or the committee can give it to a list of inventors/inventions which have led to the present state of internet.

I do not want to question the validity of any award or the credibility of any recipient because I admit I am neither qualified enough nor great enough to do that.

But what I would like people to do is to acknowledge whatever good anyone has done especially in terms of the impact their actions have had on at least some sections of the society or environment.

Also let us not resort to blind, emotional and comparative analysis based reactions to any award or recipient out of our common folly of unloving criticism or uncritical love.

If we want to do that then we must take up a detailed study and research with all the relevant information from the scratch to its present evolution which we are questioning.

Mostly in these three categories of Nobel Prize this happens namely literature, economics and peace, the worst being Nobel Peace prizes.

In the other two, it is lack of knowledge or the bias of the committee members that causes the result as was very well brought out, to be precise exposed by Irwing Wallace [one of the reasons he does not find a mention any literary anthology and is branded as a blue collar writer] in his work The Prize  in 1962 concerning the annual prize-giving ceremony of the Nobel Prize. A film, based on the book and starring Paul Newman, was made later in 1963. Six people all around the world are catapulted to international fame as they receive the most important telegraph of their lives, which invites them to Stockholm to receive the prize. This will result to be a turning point in their lives, in which personal affairs and political intrigue will engulf every character and he followed it up with  another book  ‘Writing of One Novel’ in 1968 where he exposed the ignorance of the Nobel Committee about  many great authors.

As for Nobel Peace Awards unlike awards for science [where the works are evaluated on various factors], it is decided by a committee of ten members of Norwegian Parliament. How else do you think Obama could have got it as soon as he became the president of USA.

After all in medicine some people got Nobel Prize for discovering drugs for Blood pressure whereas as early as 7th century B.C a Sanskrit text by Vagbhata describes in detail the properties of  Rauwolfia serpentina and its uses and effects ultimately the basic chemical for control of BP is from this. Incidentally I wrote an half  page article on this in the early 90s in the Indian Express science supplement.

Arunthathi Roy

There are many like the ilk of A.Roy who are considered as multifaceted personalities because they get a platform to blabber on many subjects with their half baked knowledge, full blown ignorance. These self-styled protectors of human values express opinions freely with selective amnesia and collective indifference under the protective shield of journalistic freedom of expression

Well written unfortunately people ingrained and indoctrinated in the left over lndian leftist ideology which has now been moved to its well deserved place, the attic of a museum of fossil genetic samples, resort to these attention seeking exercises which are unfortunately hyped up by the Indian media houses for whom India bashing, Hindu bashing etc are favorite past times. More importantly to enter into many Indian media houses, which are leading almost to the same place like the left over Indian left, you must first show your flamboyant dislike for anything Indian and must be castrated of any pride in its culture /heritage/values . I wrote this about the Indian media, which has become a great mall for selling only negativity. It fails to notice leave alone praise any positive contribution

Friday, June 3, 2016

Economics in modern times

A non specialist common observer’s point of view:-

In the present scenario of globalized socio economic structures it is wise not to take pride in exclusion or suffer isolation in any domain for whatever ideological or nationalistic reasons or belief systems or religious bigotry  and instead it is advisable, at least, to feign to be a part of global aspirations and activities.

However, at the same time it is equally true that at present international lobbies, mafias do not exercise that much of an impact especially where the political dispensation is sane and concerned about its nation’s economic and social welfare along with its ability to contribute and its utility to international economic activities through institutional policy driven developmental activities.

When such a clean structured development process is in place what is vital is proper leadership in decision making authority and perfect vision with various arms of the government carrying out the vision with synergy and concomitant cooperation.

In such a situation no individual bureaucrat , much less a professional, manning any particular institution is indispensable, however great or smart or qualified or hyped or well connected  he/she may be, if he/she happens to not to fit into the scheme of things and fails to operate with synergy.

Essence of progress is in policies, performances and programs and political decision making and does not hinge on one or two professionals executing them or manning them.

All professionals in various ministries and departments must remember that they are the executing arm of the policy decisions taken by the parliament.

It is also preferable that top posts to important institutions are decided on various factors relevant to vision and mission of the institution and the interests of the nation and its citizens; and not on political whims or media sponsored publicity or hype [while the former is a benign cancer the latter is a malign cancer and hence both must be avoided].

Besides like life itself, modern economics is too complex and operates with multiple dimensions and myriad dynamics involving various factors and keeps changing its patterns like those of a kaleidoscope in a monkey’s hand.

So it is possible still that any nation could be trapped into trouble equipped with all the accumulated knowledge of past patterns operations of economics.

That’s why whatever the theoretical and technical expertise is, no one could prevent nor avoid the great recession of boom to bust from 2007 to 2009.

Awareness and alertness to welcome or ward off things that emerge from various manipulations and scheming of international politics and economics along with intra national relationships is more important for economic stability and strength.