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Saturday, September 17, 2016


RelationShip is one of the many ships that float or sail through in the ocean of life.

Various factors are important, impact and influence different relationships at different times.

So, we need to understand the context, content, character and contribution of each and every relationship in proper perspective, rather than making over simplified or over general statements involving the word relationship.

I am against usage of terms loosely as well as following things ritualistically without inner involvement.

Most of us human beings are vulnerable to slogans, statements and scriptural justifications which block our original thinking, proper evaluation and interpretation of  many things in proper perspective and contextual relevance

India needs these

I like his columns and I am an avid reader of all the above mentioned newspapers and magazines along with others.

In fact I have conducted some programs with Chandan Mitra in Delhi, a very articulate and sensible person.

My only request being ‘India Facts Research’ is to go beyond art, culture, traditions, religious practices, scriptures and in addition also highlight the geological wonders and wealth that this nation posses in nature and also cull out the immense talents and skills of many individuals and ensure to first have a complete and comprehensive data followed by institutional action plan.

I am doing it in my small way both because the synergy of all these strengths of Bharath Mata can definitely make India into a great super power.

We may respect symbolic gestures in praise of our traditions by some foreigners and get high and we may revel in the refrain of our past glory.

However, life is lived in the present with pleasant purple pages of the past as reference which act as pride of ancestry and hope for the future.

So, we need to prepare for a life in future for a glorious well organized systematic and methodical models for future development.

Probably make a brief but comprehensive map for each district of India this will be useful for administration, politics, security, tourism and many other businesses.

For example I made a few started with Andra when it was undivided, then one by one districts of TN

Thursday, September 15, 2016


I happen to read this article and then felt like putting forth certain fundamental flaws in approach

What is culture? The highly misused and misinterpreted term why?

We suffer due to lack of proper definition and misappropriation rather than appropriation.

Too much of assigning labels, getting imprisoned in the identity cages created by these through ideological and emotional appeals along with sensationalistic frenzy supplied by mass opinion molding industry of vested interest groups, lobbies, ideology marketers, victimhood  peddlers, many  other zealots and mafias who define what is moral and what is immoral; what is religious and what is not; what is important and what is not; they invariably mask everything with scriptural or chosen ideological justifications or  excuses of traditions.

They do not realize that in the process they are not only making a mockery of everything human and humane and also blocking the psychological evolution of humanity.

Here I would like to share two links one obviously an attempt to define culture, not traditional practices or arts confined to any particular geographical zone [which have their own beauty and benefits] or practices pertaining any specific religion [which have their own justifications and significance] or practices of certain ideological outfits [which have their own claims to  greatness] but what everyone fails to notice is that there is no panacea nor any single global spectacle which can be classified as a global culture however much every outfit may try to homogenize.

Variety manifests itself and always awaits only harmonizing bends and not homogenizing trends.

Nature needs synthesis not mere thesis or traditions.

Culture and its multiple facets

Identity veneration and ideology peddling the great stumbling blocks preventing Unity

Definitions –the need for them

When clear cut definitions are not there, then this is what happens

What many things could actually be…

Panacea – nothing is a panacea for all human problems


Parenting is neither an issue nor an event nor a problem but it is an ever functioning relationship of personal emotional relationship which cannot be codified through any generalization or over simplification by means of any profusion of suggestions and diffusion of emotional binding.

However, it would be a good thing to listen to others, learn from many and leverage our understanding of the multiple dimensions of this nice relationship.

Wiser parenting, in my personal opinion is involving without interfering, motivating with manipulating, allowing independent and interdependent individual growth to unleash its own melodies rather than orchestrating to our tunes.

Impersonal Universal self [with whatever nomenclature - God, Soul, and Divinity - we want to believe in or disbelieve in it totally] which operates through each body-mind organism will take care of the appropriate harmony.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Words and Acronyms-Their wonder and wonderful patterns they can weave

Wonder of words and wonderful patterns they can weave

With seven basic colors natures weaves all her beauty.

With just seven notes music weaves wonderful ragas, songs, alapanas, kalpana swaras.

With 26 letters [I mean English here] and over a few million words we can create multiple patterns.

But we need to study all the fundamentals elements in detail like the alphabet in all its details and then the words.

These will enable us to adopt various techniques to use them as effective tools to express many things and many wonderful ways.

Alphabets their form and sound have some logic read here: -

Words have three basic attributes 1. Denotation,  
                                                     2. Connotation,  
                                                     3. Contextually acquiring relevant or appropriate meanings.

Acronyms :-
As for acronyms, palindromes etc with a bit of imagination, concentration and some creative instinct we can churn many wonderful word explanations through acronyms:-

Write even full paragraphs or full article as acronym of a particular word:-
Paragraph of acronyms :- from this link read a sample paragraph

What it is to Listen or what listening means? Is it
Lending ISincerely and Totally one’s Ears Nicely or Letting ISounds TEnter the ears as any Noise or  Lively, Intensely, Soulfully Thoughtfully Entertain only Nice things or Lovingly Internalizing Savouring Thoroughly and Engulfing Nice thoughts or Leaving Inner self to Sail beyond  Thoughts Emotions and the Nexus of  any senses or Lingering In  Silent Trance and be Engulfed in Neutral state or Learning the Importance of Silence Through Enlightened Nonplussed state of being or Letting the Intellect to Sieve Through Enormous sounds and select Nice ones.

I have found that the word Listen like the word Love has acquired a huge carapace of connotations according to different contexts and has graduated from Lucid Initial auditory or Sound Tracing Ears followed by Nutation [ nodding the head] it has Lend Itself  Seemlessly into Thought provoking Enquiries into Noumenon [object or event that is known (if at all) without the use of the senses]

So, naturally I was thrilled and tempted to Learn more, Inquire further, Search in detail, Track its connotations, Enlist its metamorphosis and Net in its many manifestations. In short I meandered through the many paths of the connotations of the word Listen like a river. Let me take you all into that wonderful journey.

Several paragraphs and verses with acronym of the word LOVE here:

On BOOKS here


These are not ,of course confined to English alone, in Sanskrit in this century one scholar from Kanchipuram wrote some 6o years back which I would rate as the best ever palindrome possible on earth.

It has 60 slokas or couplets when you read them from beginning to end you get the biography of Rama and when you read it from end to beginning in reverse you get the biography of Lord Krishna.

I got special permission to share it free on net by anyone read here:-
Best palindrome in the world is in Sanskrit language in the book raghavayadaveeyam see link you can download pdf format

Thursday, September 1, 2016

GM-pro-GM and anti-GM

GM-pro-GM and anti-GM

Problem is extremism from all the pro GM and anti GM groups.

We can neither avoid GM totally nor technological solutions but must look into the trade off.

We must stop prescribing aspirin for regular and repetitive headaches caused by brain tumor.

We cannot address today's enormous population generated consumption pressure with yesterday's techniques.

However, we cannot compromise all natural resources meant for posterity.

Simply explained this sort of compromising is not only a question of ethics but also about recognizing that we are part of our environment and environment is also part of us and that all species live in an interconnected way where active damage in any aspect of  life forms has a rippling effect or sometimes a cascading effect.

What is needed here as in every sphere of activity is a balanced approach of scientific and technological usage in tune with nature without causing excessive damage and ensuring to take into consideration multiple scientific parameters of all species rather than merely addressing the whole gamut of nature and its resources as if earth is merely human-centered planet.

Unbroken ground is a wonderful and comprehensive stuff in a single documentary worth the time

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Observation and Research

Observations along with their grand paradoxes as the heart of research along with the existing well developed scientific research can help humanity a great deal.

Your profile looks great and the areas of research are also vast.

In terms of scope the width and depth of study to be done in these domains is almost infinite, as is the case in many other domains of proper scientific research, either through reverse engineering or through macro analysis and magnified observation of micro details.

This is a more notes of apology from my part that I have not done any in depth academically based scientific research as such but rather proceed almost like any other layman through mere unbiased observation of working and workable models in different places or regions with enormous contextual influence and impact on the models.

So, predominantly and consciously I strive for observing without any fixed frames of references or scales of observations [two great inevitable inconsistencies of perception-{1}] and express the observations in generalities rather than specific and pointed study based results.

In the process of observation I also do not confuse information for knowledge and knowledge for experience and thought and ideas formulated based on these for wisdom as these may inadvertently lead to an arrogance which may create unassailable prejudice, petrified presumption and start projecting these as panacea.

The most important fact of humility is that nothing is a panacea in this world [2].

Unbiased observation when used not as a mere articulation of two words or appropriated as a mere label but when actually practiced involves two enormous paradoxes:-

One, to stand detached from the thing observed [because I am often reminded of what M.Singer has once said, “There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind you are the one who hears it”] and

Two, to become an intrinsic part of the thing observed [You are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing.―A. Watts]

But once anyone is able to perform this difficult task then multiple facets of reality based on facts are revealed, serendipity showers unsolicited her generous bounty for us to discover and delight in.

Ultimately progress happens and change takes place for different or better evolutionary growth only when as Gerry Spence puts it, “I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.”, or as H. Jackson Brown, Jr puts it across "Never underestimate your power to change yourself. Never overestimate your power to change others".

There are no absolutes to something as temporary or mortal as life and if  there is any constant that is ‘Change’ in all spheres of life that we see around.

So, ultimately data drilling will continue and must continue and data driven processes have also to be inevitably adopted for various reasons rather than making contextually irrelevant claims of good old days because we need to look at new horizons and try to live beyond even chronological and calendared lives.

"Nothing is more responsible for the good old days than a bad memory." - Franklin Pierce Adams

Most things are also impacted by our perspective [3] besides perception and attitudes.

With this preamble I would like to share links [which may lead to further links so you need lot of time to read ] to some of my writings based on such observations in areas of your interest and focus because anyone coming in contact with me can easily get diverted into too many desultory hobbies.

In many of these observations I have noticed that every activity/issue/policy was imbued with many incondite [adj. consisting of parts which are ill composed] elements/aspects.

For example many successful Indian public sector companies and even private sector big enterprises had these aspects:-

Some of my general observations of the very fast paced modern day economics are

I also feel it would be helpful to learn to make any writing on science more interesting by reading  the following books because when writing is a mixture of rationality, reality , research to reveal something or a resource to reach some realization through unbiased philosophical inquiry then such writings become the most impact and romantic literary pieces.