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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thoughts and language

There are many things/factors/ideas that impact, initiate, influence, impel and/or condition our thinking process. Whether we like it or not language [ which is supposed  to be a tool to communicate our thoughts] also incidentally supplies, supports and shapes our thoughts.

These have been very excellently explained  by Steven Arthur Pinker in his popular books. Through excellent examples and in depth analysis he has argued that the human faculty for language is an "instinct", an innate behavior shaped by natural selection and adapted to our communication needs. He is the author of six books for a general audience. Five of these, namely The Language Instinct (1994), How the Mind Works (1997), Words and Rules (2000), The Blank Slate(2002), and The Stuff of Thought (2007) describe aspects of the field of psycholinguistics, and include, among much else, accessible accounts of his own research. The sixth book, The Better Angels of Our Nature (2011), makes the case that violence in human societies has in general steadily declined with time, and identifies six major causes of this decline.

[Steven Arthur Pinker is a Canadian-born U.S. experimental psychologist, cognitive scientist,linguist, and popular science author. He is a Harvard College Professor and the Johnstone Family Professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, and is known for his advocacy of evolutionary psychology and the computational theory of mind].

Of these books The stuff of thought and How the mind works are really gems that everyone must read. Order them on flipkart and spend the next 5 days, unputdownable books these two are.

Also read Harold Waldwin Percival [a Theosophist and writer] his magnum opus Thinking and Destiny a very detailed book on thinking running to some 1000 pages.

You can also spice up these with Le Comte de Nuoy's 'Human Destiny' another great book.

This preamble is for all of us to get rid of our illusions thinking that our thoughts  are the result or the cause of our intelligence/intellect/knowledge etc and also the dispel the presumption that some superior wisdom exclusively privileges and directs our thoughts.

It is bad indeed  to give great importance to the thoughts of merely academically qualified people without any wisdom, worse still to those who have merely held positions doled out to them by virtue of their political sycophancy and worst of all if it emanates from a opinion platform of a newspaper like The Hindu [ where opinions are filtered through the highly hypocritical sick Indian brand of left over leftist ideology  whose proponents owe their livelihood and suck  for their survival  the very institutions and ideas that they virulently and vociferously criticize].

These opinions/thoughts expressed by these worthies like  Gopalakrishna Gandhi cannot do anything else but support the wrong causes. Their only qualification is that they can sandwich their stupidity in pleasant language and through a putrefying platform like The Hindu.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fate, Freewill and Humility

Whether it is being in echo chamber or being alert like a Gecko without ever blinking. A.K. Bhattacharya has well expressed simple fact and  inevitable truth below in the book review but what intervention that anyone seeks is determined again by many factors like culture, divinely predetermined disposition of the inner self otherwise called natural attribute, indoctrinated or carefully nurtured  attitudes of reactions and all these leading to ensuing actions. 

For example imagine the plight of all non Shias in Iraq in the past two months, whatever has been happening is defying all logic, rationality etc and even the option or luxury of sanely choosing any intervention is not available. So very often the intensity of the crisis and inevitability of circumstances determine our recognizing, resorting to and respecting intervention along with again the unwillingness of human beings to be humble enough to accept that there are plenty of things that happen / can happen which are beyond the ken of human intellect, knowledge, understanding, logic, science, and all other known resources that we are used to and are comfortable employing to counter difficulties.  

All human beings may be unwilling to be humble but resort to all sorts of remedies in times of extreme crisis which are either belief based, ethnocentric culture oriented, traditionally tested and tried, faith oriented etc sometimes much against their long held convictions too because survival counts above everything else for all human beings except those with suicidal tendencies.

Life mostly is lived and perceived in the Time and  ​Space conundrum but happens beyond these two. That's why sometimes when things happen in a jiffy when the human mind is not even given options of dealing with it in Time and Space, physical lives just end as it happened recently to the Malaysian aircraft passengers or as it happens during big natural calamities like earth quakes etc

Any deliverance be it delightful events or damage and destruction does not depend on anyone's belief system, faith, intellectual capacity, logical perception etc. Everything happens not necessarily as definable by any belief system or logic. Events happen that's all not necessarily as definable by any belief system or logic. Persons behave in very nice ways as well as nasty and inhumane ways not necessarily as definable by any belief system or logic. It does not mean that we must sit passively and witness everything happening around us or everyone acting the way they want in any helpless manner cocooned in our fatalistic attitude but we can and are empowered to always use our freewill to deal with all these events and persons in wherever we can. 

Growth of life is led by a staircase made of the horizontal and vertical planes of fate and freewill.


Not so curious

A.K. Bhattacharya of  ‘Business Standard’ has reviewed a book written by Shri. V. Krishnamurthy, former Chairman of BHEL, Maruti and SAIL, etc. The book may not have anything new and it may be the case that Mr. VK’s close connections to Mrs. Indira Gandhi and then her sons, etc. helped him. But, it is interesting to note that Shri. VK has mentioned twice how his religious beliefs helped him come out of tight situations.

What is difficult to understand is Mr. AKB’s observation in the end about the ‘curious explanation’ of the author’s religious beliefs helping to rehabilitate him. What is so curious about that?

In difficulties, all people run into the limits of both rationality and their abilities. They seek some intervention. In India, most people seek divine intervention. In fact, limits of reason and ability are always evident except that we do not have the ability nor the humility to accept that.

What is reinforced – yet again – is the not-so-curious case of some members of the Indian English-speaking public not being in touch with India. No wonder the rest of India does not take them seriously as much as they themselves do. That is why they are way out of touch with their election forecasts, predictions, analysis and advice. They remain in their own cocoon.

No. Make that ‘echo chamber’. They live in their own ‘echo chamber’. It is noisy and it is a nuisance but they hardly matter to the lives of rest of us.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Language debate

Why the language debate is unending, unrelenting, emotive and yet very meaningful?

I have many more points to make as I can read, write and speak in some 3 European languages and know to read and understand a bit two more European languages. Besides I did my entire schooling in my mother tongue Tamil. Sanskrit is a language I love and I got the university second mark in that and thanks to my sister I learned a bit of Hindi she is a Hindi pandit. Thanks to Saint Tyagaraja’s kritis I can understand very chaste Telugu which unfortunately very few speak. 

Besides I have read and can quote from some 100 best books and authors on linguistics, not only those who have written  purely academic stuff  but more so very interesting books by  those who have made in depth observation and research on how languages are used and how they use, make, modify, motivate, maneuver , manipulate and do many more things to the mind and thinking process itself with the help of /hype of many wonderful expressions, intricate usages, sublime suggestions [as used in religious business] , sensuously enticing usages [ as used in business promotion advertisements], surreptitious intentions [as used in political brain washing techniques] and many more subtle aspects of many languages.

As with any other subject languages too are, and preferably must be, analyzed from two extreme ends of the pendulums and all our debates, discussions and discernment swing between these two extreme points they are:- 

1] Very close to everyone’s heart purely subjective, passion filled [sometimes even with a tinge of fanatical affinity] with an ethnocentric and cultural affinity influenced and impacted by several generations of association and enhanced by ideological indoctrination promoted with a proportionately pleasant bunch of literature and philosophy, symbols imbued with extraordinarily valued and sometimes venerated substance because of the knowledge and perception of the significance of the concepts hidden beneath or manifested by those symbols a sort of magical lens that reveals what eludes the normal outside observer or a prism that unravels a kaleidoscopic splendor of patterns and colors etc.

2] Very objective, prosaic analysis in terms the inherent value of the subject [[here language] under scrutiny with reference to its utility, value for survival, significance to life of humanity especially the functional aspects of life etc.

Both are right and wrong because both are relative and being an umpire here is as unpleasant or an uneasy task as being an adjudicator in an argument between a mother and wife.[ [if you view it subjectively] or between a mother-in –law and daughter in law [if you view it quasi subjectively] or between two women of different ages with different relationships to you [if you are very objective].

For example the syntax of a sentence describing the beauty and importance of eyes is very objective and precise to the point when it is used to advertise a product or lens or spectacles for the eyes but the very same description of the beauty and impact of the beauty of the eyes wanders into very poetic and romantic realms throwing all rules of grammar /syntax to the winds when describing a lover’s beautiful eyes.

So the language debates will always be reasonable, could be recreational, relevant [ for various reasons]  and reverberating with vigour.

As per the great linguistic scholar Steven Pinker in his wonderful book one of the trio logy ‘THE STUFF OF THOUGHT-LANGUAGE AS A WINDOW INTO THE HUMAN NATURE’ writes “language itself is not a single system but a contraption with many components…….syntax itself encompasses several mechanisms, which are tapped to different extents by different languages……one of the key phenomenon of syntax is the way that sentences are built around their verbs. The phenomenon goes by many technical names [including subcategorization, diathesis, predicate argument structure, valence, adicity [roots thus mark points of interface between the language faculty and the wider cognitive makeup of a person], arity [the number of arguments that a function can take] , case structure, and theta-role assignment], but I’ll refer to it using traditional term verb constructions.”

He also goes on to write , “For example, pour, fill and load are all ways of moving something somewhere, and they all have the same cast of characters: a mover, some contents that move, and a container that is the goal of the movement. Yet pour allows only the content -locative [pour water], fill allows only the container –locative [fill the glass], and load goes both ways [load the hay, load the wagon]”

A book by the linguist Beth Levin classifies three thousand  English verbs into about eighty-five classes they appear in; its subtitles is ‘A preliminary Investigation’

But due to want of time and space I am not going into the details and as suggested by many well meaning, experienced and erudite persons in this long drawn discussion on English versus Hindi debate I am more comfortable and convinced with English for various reasons which you may find in the links below.

One must also read David Crystal on language studies besides Vygotsky the much neglected great linguist whose only mistake was being born in Communist Russia during cold war period

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Calories, Protein etc

There are neither axiomatic certitudes nor dictum of finality in any domain of life nor can we deny or defy the importance of anything in life.

I relook into Calories, Protein etc as I got a message about the Calorie myth
No doubt all branches of science have made huge strides in development and making life more comfortable, happy and meaningful. However even many aspects of our physical body are still a  mystery and different  systems of health care have been and are therefore constantly trying to grasp bits and pieces of mysteries unraveled through serious scientific research works and sincere observation based on several case studies ,symptoms,  remedies etc. Be it allopathic, ayurvedic, naturopathy, acupuncture, siddha sytems, native aborigines’ natural and herbal remedies etc all work well with varying levels of effectiveness for different individuals. Each individual’s physical set up on the whole is unique starting from the shape, size etc visible to the naked eye to those invisible to the naked eye like internal organs, constantly changing biochemistry, hormones etc. But based on several experiments conducted and experiences evolved we have been adopting certain remedial measures as universally applicable, but nothing is complete, comprehensive, and conclusive. With each new discovery we need to evaluate the existing store house of data and arrive at a better solution to our problems, if necessary rework or even completely change the perspective and processes involved in our approach and evaluation methodology, that is the beauty of the inbuilt humility and higher position of science over other domains of human knowledge systems like religion, tradition, believe systems etc.

So even the craze of modern trend of starving in the name of dieting and everyone preaching about calories, fibers, proteins etc is not totally correct because as said earlier there are millions of factors which decide a person’s or any person’s health. If as human beings we had complete or total knowledge of how our bodies work then by this time we could have /would have tweaked some aspects and worked on immortality if not longevity for all.

A calorie is NOT a calorie (huge myth exposed inside)
Joel & Josh - BioTrust Nutrition
To Me
Today at 7:46 AM

Eat less than you burn and you’ll lose weight – it’s preached as the “be all, end all” of weightloss and it’s completely WRONG.

Truth is, the number of calories you eat is not the only factor that affects your body composition.  In fact, there are at least 5 other factors that need to be considered, including:

1. The thermic effect of the food ingested.  The thermic effect of food (TEF) measures the amount of energy that is required to support the processes of digesting, absorbing, and assimilating food nutrients as well as the energy expended as a result of the central nervous system’s stimulatory effect on metabolism when food is ingested.  Of the three macronutrients, protein carries the highest thermic effect.  More about this here.

2. The fiber content of the food ingested.  Due to its chemical makeup, fiber is classified as a carbohydrate; however, it is unlike other carbohydrates in that it is a mostly indigestible nutrient.  Even though each gram of fiber contains four calories, these calories will remain undigested and will not be absorbed.  Therefore, if one were to consume 300 calories of red beans (a food in which nearly 1/3 of the caloric content is from fiber), approximately 100 of these calories would pass through the intestinal tract undigested.

3. The glycemic and insulin index of the food ingested.  The glycemic and insulin index are scaled numbers that refer to how quickly a particular carbohydrate source enters the bloodstream as sugar and how much insulin is needed to rid that sugar from the bloodstream, respectively.  Generally speaking, there is a positive relationship between the two; that is, the quicker sugar enters the bloodstream, the more insulin is needed to rid that sugar from the bloodstream.  When high levels of insulin are present within the blood, fat burning is brought to a screeching halt, which is anything but desirable for those whose goal is just that.  Get the our #1 trick for automatically lowering the glycemic and insulin index of the food you eat here.

4. The macronutrients present in the food ingested.  Although insulin’s primary function is to shuttle glucose (sugar) into skeletal muscle, it also carries many other nutrients to their respective storage sites; this includes fat.  Since carbohydrate ingestion stimulates a large insulin response and fat ingestion gives rise to blood lipid levels, the two, when consumed together in high levels (especially in the absence of protein), promote the greatest fat storage.

5. The timing of the meals ingested meals.  Ingesting a large amount of carbohydrates before bed spikes insulin, sabotages overnight fat burning, and increases fat storage during sleep.  On the contrary, consuming a great deal of calories early in the day does not bring about this problem; rather, these calories are likely to be used as energy to support daily activities.

As you can see, someone could be eating a relatively small amount of calories daily, but at the same time promoting a great deal of fat storage by:

1) making poor food choices
2) eating carbs and fat together in large amounts without protein, and
3) consuming meals at inopportune times

To illustrate this further, let’s take a look at a recent study conducted by Demling et al which analyzed the diets of 38 police officers.  Demling found that although the officers were consuming a hypocaloric diet (fewer calories than they burn), they all had unhealthy levels of body fat and had been gaining fat mass over the past five years.  If all you had to do to lose fat was consume fewer calories than you burn, then these individuals would be losing fat, not gaining it!  And to confirm the importance of the factors that I previously mentioned, let’s take a look at some of the other things that Demling noted:

•  Only 15% of their diet consisted of protein, the macronutrient with the greatest TEF.
•  Their diet contained very little fiber.
•  Over 50% of their carbohydrate intake was derived from simple sugars, which have very high glycemic and insulin indices.
•  The majority of the meals were high in fat and carbs with little protein
•  Over 50% of their calories was consumed right before bed

By now, it should be obvious that fat loss isn’t just a matter of calories in, calories out.


Protein intolerance affects people worldwide and can be present from birth. While protein is an essential nutrient for the human body, too much of the wrong kind can lead a child or adult of otherwise normal health to develop a protein intolerance, causing several digestive and overall health issues. While cow’s milk, soy products and gluten are the most common culprits, the body can have a difficult time digesting any type of protein.

Lysinuric protein intolerance

There’s no cure for lysinuric protein intolerance, so people who have this disorder will need to restrict their protein intake permanently. According to Gianfranco Sebastio, M.D., from the Department of Pediatrics at Federico II University and colleague, people with protein intolerance might need to take citrulline and nitrogen-scavenging drugs on a regular basis. These drugs will clear the body of any nitrogen waste caused by the digestion of protein. People who are able to digest protein can filter and eliminate that waste on their own, but people with lysinuric protein intolerance can’t. This can lead to serious problems, such as seizures, cerebral edema and coma.

The Surprising Reason You May Be Aging Prematurely: Improper Protein Digestion

Malabsorption Syndrome: Famine for the Body – Feast of Illnesses

~ by Jo Jordan

Symptoms of Enzyme Deficiencies

Although you may be eating healthy foods and exercising, other factors can overrun your body's ability to produce a high enough enzyme level to maintain good health. Some of these factors include environmental stressors, such as air or electromagnetic pollution; emotional stress, such as job loss, loss of a loved one, or a chronic relationship conflict; lack of raw foods in the diet; other lifestyle stress, such as frequent business travel, lack of sleep, or job and family demands. All of these conditions either inhibit the body's ability to produce enzymes, or put the body into stress because normal levels of enzymes are being used up and not sufficiently replaced.
Here are some indicators to look for that may point to a enzyme deficiency.

Another useful overloaded site is

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Employment, Employees, Labour laws

Lessons in business, employer-employee relationship etc are no exception to other operations i.e they must be ethical and humane and conducive for all to work. Read fully and bombard your comments.

All business is and must be run for profits but not with treatment to employees/staff/executives which are inhumane, ruthless and unethical. This is not a trade union slogan but a proper way of running business. 

SUN Group they address all employees of all cadres/position/post etc at least as for as I know for the past 20 years only using very vulgar expletives and when it comes to dealing with staff ,except perhaps the top techies and president Vice president etc they are awful. When it comes to payments Sun TV is the worst defaulter.

Sun group is run so professionally that they could silence an entire Government corporation for years together and ensure to lay few hundred huge optic fiber cables for a few kilometers and hide the terminals insides the houses and offices of the bosses/owners of SUN.

But these catering wallas of Spicejet why were they supplying all these years for free? why? same is the case with all service providers to kingfisher.

while I was associated with First Finishing School which was basically training and placing air hostesses in several airlines. One day we had very 3 good looking girls dropping into our office all of them had just then quit kingfisher , they wanted to know whether we can get them placement in some other airlines. they quit because any air hostess that Siddarth Malliya sees, likes and wants must go with him otherwise they will have to face charges of stealing and misbehaving with passengers etc

when the atmosphere is not conducive and friendly the first casualty is neither the employer nor the employee but the work for which both got together in the first place. 

Unfortunately, we Indians are not governed strictly by corporate laws, labour laws etc [ incidentally no other country has so many laws to protect the employer I am presenting the list below these are besides the local panchayaths and political pressures] but then despite all the tall talks , most of the big corporate houses still function as Sole proprietorship like model without any scientific or capability based recognition of anyone. There are of course exceptions to this. There is also the other side  to this issue wherein the employees seek only three things pay cheque, perks and privileges. This is a major problem in our country where work gets tossed up between trade union sponsored employees of the above category and the heartless owners/promoters of business who care two hoots to any rule/norms/ practices and least of all business ethics.

In US of A a person as influential and as respected as Rajath Bhatia can get imprisonment whereas in India Mallaya need not pay salary to anyone, including pilots and  GMs and still sit with a beer bottle and buy a resort for Chris Gayle or book suits for popular actresses in star hotels and spend a few crores for his models who poss nude for his calendars. M.A.M goes about appointing anybody he likes for any post in a big university and does not pay salaries to workers but gifts a house to Dhoni at chennai why?

I know personally about some of the most respected and prestigious big Government institutes in Chennai manipulating/maneuvering with the existing staff to hold various posts without appointing new hands.

Narayana murthy of infosys is no way different from Karunanidhi when it comes to  anointing  his son to a big post or promoting the sick stories, which will put to shame the driveling dudes of middle ages, of his wife so much that her books not only fill the stalls in all air ports and railway stations and book shops , worse still they get prescribed as English lessons in  NCERT text books [ pure non sense, wrong and misplaced adulation of cultures that she portrays is depriving our children from knowing the great cultures of our land].

I prepared a big dossier on almost the inhumane work cultures in various sectors starting from masons without insurance or even the minimal protective gear, to the inhumane way of manhole cleaning to lack of track inspectors in Indian railways, to more than 12 hours of work that many software companies are extracting from their employees to ILO.

The list of laws which can prevent you from thinking of starting any proper business from the angle of dealing with employees alone are 

1] Trade Unions Act 1926
2] Industrial Employment[standing orders] Act 1946
3] Industrial Disputes Act  1947
4] Factories Act 1948
5] Minimum Wages Act 1948
6] Contract Labour [regulation and abolition ] Act 1970
7] Payment of wages Act 1936
8] Payment of Gratuity Act 1972
9] Employees'State Insurance Act 1948
10] Provident Funds Act 1952
11] Maternity Benefits Act 1961
12] Employees' Compensation Act 1952

If you can include other laws as per the business you do Customs, Commercial tax, sales tax, ECGC, Cyber Laws  etc

These have benefited the community of lawyers, wasted court hours, increased bribes of enforcing agencies, promoted Trade unions who in turn funded communist parties in India. Only in very few cases they have helped the two stake holders the employees to ensure that their rights are not deprived and the employer to run the corporation with a human angle and considering all those who work for a common cause /development as part of the extended family or team.

I have read at least parts of some of these laws and I strongly feel, thank God, our present Prime Minister too feels that there must be single, comprehensive law ensuring protection and benefits to the employees and their families too, this is part of his vision statement as proposed by the BJPs think tank at the same time promote healthy business environment. I know it is easy to give statement in very general terms but very difficult to address all the issues involving all the stake holders. After all we need to steer clear of these jargons like stake holders and address the brash realities that all the parties involved to get engaged in some activity and get money and benefits out of that.

If we go to the root cause of the malady many parameters are infected  and all of them need cure/remedy. Too much of disparity in wealth, too many qualified intelligent employable youth but not enough job, economy has adopted modes of operation which were not  generating enough employment, and above all the psyche/mentality  of the majority of the Indians that they can make a living only if they work under someone or in some organization, they never think of self employment, setting up manufacturing unit, doing individual business etc. Only a minority of people resort to this , though all of us can give thousands of justifications and reasons but the fact is that. so most educated persons starting from 10th std failed to IIT toppers seek employment as a result unemployment rate keeps soaring up .

Monday, July 28, 2014


10.            The Camel, The Lion and His Servants

Once upon a time there was an old tiger in a forest. Every day, after his bath in the river, he used to talk to the passers-by, saying:- "Ho! ho! travellers, take this gold bracelet." One day among the travellers there was a greedy man. He said to the tiger: "Where is your bracelet? Please let me look at it carefully." The tiger stretched out his paw and showed it to him. The traveller said: "How can I trust a cruel animal like you?" The tiger said: "Listen oh traveller. In my younger days I was indeed wicked; but now, I am all alone in the world, and so an old Sanyasin advised me to be kind to all men, women and animals, and to give them food everyday. Besides, consider my age. I have no teeth, and my claws are blunt. Trust me therefore, bathe in the river and take this gold bracelet."
The greedy man trusted the wicked tiger. He ran to bathe in the river, but on his way there was much mud. What happened? He struck in the mud. He tried to come out of it, but he could not. Then he said to the tiger: "Please come and help me." The tiger ran to him, seized him and ate him.
Greed never goes unpunished.

In a big forest there once lived a deer and a crow. They were good friends. One day a jackal happened to see the deer and said to himself: "Deer flesh must very tasteful; let me first make friends with him."
So, he went up to the deer and said: "Friend, how do you do?" The deer asked: "Who are you?" He replied: "I am a jackal. I live here all alone, and I have lost all my relations. Now, I have found a friend in you." The deer said: "Be it so." At sun-set the deer took his new friend to his home.
The crow, an old friend of the deer, lived on a tree near his home. Seeing the two together, the crow said: "Friend, who is this?" The deer replied: "This is a jackal; he desires our friendship." The crow said: "Look before you leap." At this, the jackal became friends.
One day, the jackal said to the deer: "Mr. Deer, in a corner of this wood, there is a field full of corn. I shall take you there and show it to you." The deer was very glad. He went there everyday and ate the corn. One day, the master of the field saw this and was angry. So, the next day he set a snare to catch the thief, and he caught the poor deer.
Just at that time the jackal came up and saw his friend. Then he thought, now, the master will kill this deer and I will have plenty of food for some days. The deer called to his jackal friend for help, but the cunning jackal said: "I am very weak, and the net is very strong; however, I shall try." He then ran away and hid himself near the field.
In the evening, the crow returned to his tree, but, under the tree he did not see his friend, the deer. He searched for him, and at last found him in the field. He felt very sorry for the deer. The deer saw the crow and said: "My friend, Mr. Crow, I disregarded your advice at first and now I suffer." The crow then said: "Mr. Deer, listen to what I say. In the morning, the owner of this field will come here. When he comes, lie down quietly; make your legs stiff and pretend to be dead. After some time I shall make a noise. Immediately, stand up and run away quickly."
The owner of the field came the next morning and saw the deer seemingly dead. So he released him from the net. The crow who saw what was being done began to caw loudly. In a moment, the deer took to his heels and ran away. The owner got very angry and threw a stick at the deer. The deer escaped, but the stick hit the jackal and killed it.
 Deceit is always punished.

Once upon a time there lived a hunter in a village. One day, he chanced to kill a deer. With the precious load on his shoulders, he went on his way. On the way he saw a boar and struck it with an arrow. The boar rushed at him, killed him. and then, fell down dead. At that time a serpent was crawling along the ground. The boar in falling crushed the serpent and killed it. The hunter, the deer, the boar, the serpent-- all these four were dead on the ground.
A jackal passed that way and saw all these dead. He was very glad, thinking here is a grand feast for me, the food will last me for quite three months. The hunter will be enough for one month, the deer and boar will last me for more than two months, and the serpent for a day. But first, let me taste the bow-string. So, he begun to bite the string. The bow flew back as soon as the string was cut. It pierced the jackal and he fell down dead.
The Greedy lose everything.

There was once an elephant in a forest. One day all the jackals in the forest happened to see him. The jackals met in an assembly that evening. One of them said: "This elephant's flesh will last us for four months. Who will kill the mighty creature and give us a feast?" Another said: "I shall do it my own skill".
The jackal at once went to the elephant, bowed respectfully before him and said: "My lord! favour me with a glance." The elephant looked at him and said in a loud voice: "Who are you, what is the matter with you?" The jackal replied: "Oh! my lord, all the jackals met in an assembly and chose your lordship as their sovereign. Be pleased to accept this honour. They have sent me here with this message and this is the auspicious moment for your lordship's coronation."
The elephant was very pleased at the news. He followed the jackal, but got struck in the deep mud. The elephant called the jackal to help him, but the jackal smiled and said: "Because you believed what I told you, take hold of my tail rise up." The elephant met his death in the deep mud.
Listen not to flattery.

There was once a washerman in a village. He had a donkey and a dog. The donkey used to carry the clothes to and from the river. The dog would keep watch at night. Both of them slept in the yard.
One night a thief got into the house. The dog did not bark. The donkey called the dog and said: "Friend, why don't you bark and awaken our master?" The dog replied: "Mind your own business. I know how to take care of my master; besides there have been no thieves before this, and he does not feed me properly, and he does not know of what use I am to him.
The donkey got angry and said: "Oh! evil minded one, this is the gratitude you show your master. I will awaken my master and save him." So he brayed aloud and the thief ran away.
But, the master awoke angrily and thrashed and donkey with a stick. Do you know why? It was not the donkey's business to awaken the master, and it brayed too loud and disturbed the master's sleep.
Mind your own business. 

Once upon a time a thief stole a bell from a village. While he was running away a tiger attacked him and killed him. After some time a monkey passed that way. It found the bell and carried it home. Every night it would sit on the top of a hill in the forest and ring the bell.
The people of the village were afraid of the noise. They thought that a giant was haunting their village.
There was an old woman in that village. She knew the whole secret. So she went to the king and said: "Please give me some money and I shall kill the giant and bring gladness to your Majesty and the people. The king granted her request.
The old woman received the money and bought some peas, groundnuts and plantains, and pretended to use them for worship. After this, she went to the forest and scattered these things on all sides. The monkey seeing this left the bell and ran to pick up the eatables. The old woman carried away the bell and hid it in a pot in her house.
That night there was no noise. The people slept soundly and were happy. The king hearing the news sent for the old woman. The old woman came and received the thanks of all. The king gave her valuable presents.
Do not be afraid of trifles.  

Once upon a time father-crow, a mother-crow and their young ones were living on a tree. Under the tree there lived a serpent in its hole. One day the serpent crawled up the tree and ate the young crows. The mother-crow said to the father-crow: "Let us fly away from this tree; to-morrow the serpent may come and eat us." But the father-crow said: "Do not be afraid dear; do as I tell you. The prince will come here to-morrow to bathe in the river. Then he will leave his necklace on the bank. When he bathes, take hold of the necklace and put it into the serpent's hole."
The mother-crow did what was told her. The servants saw the mother-crow with the necklace and followed it; but the mother-crow threw the necklace into the serpent's hole. The servants dug up the hole, killed the serpent and took hold of the necklace.
Afterwards the father-crow and the mother-crow lived happily on the same tree.
 Be diligent.

Once there lived a lion on a mountain. Everyday he used to kill many beasts. One day all the beasts met in an assembly to discuss the killing of so many animals at one time. They went to the lion and said: "Great Sir, if it pleases your lordship, we ourselves shall send you one animal everyday." To this the lion agreed.
It was a hare's turn one day to go to the lion. It was an aged one. On its way it thought, why not I go slowly. He is going to eat me any how. Let me make his dinner late. And so, it went very late to the lion.
The lion was angry and he roared: "Why are you so late you silly creature?" At once the hare bowed to the lion and said very politely: "Pardon me, Oh my lord! While I was on my way to you I met another lion. He caught hold of me; but, with great difficulty I escaped him and now come to you. Pardon me, oh my lord!"
The lion said in a great rage: "Take me at once to that lion." The hare took him to a deep well and asked him to look into the well. There, the lion saw his own shadow; but, he thought it was another lion, and being angry, he sprang into the well. But what happened?--- He was drowned.
Wisdom is greater than strength.

There was once a hermit who lived in a hut in a grove. One day a crow dropped a mouse near him. The hermit took great care of it. A few days after, a cat came into the grove, saw the mouse and chased it. The mouse ran to the hermit for help. He turned the mouse into a cat.
After a few days, a dog came and chased the cat. The cat again went to the hermit for help. He now turned the cat into a dog.
Some days after, a tiger came and sprang on the dog. The dog was afraid of the tiger. He ran to his master for help, and the master turned him into a tiger.
But the hermit was not afraid of this tiger. He knew it to be only a mouse. All the people said: "The sage has turned a mouse into a tiger." But, the mouse tiger did not like this. He thought, all the people say I am only a mouse; the sage is not afraid of me; no one is afraid of me. Because the sage lives, all the people think me only a mouse. Now, I shall spring on the hermit and kill him. So, it sprang on its kind master. But, the hermit knew what was in its mind and immediately turned the tiger into a mouse again.
Ingratitude gets no reward.

In a certain part of a forest there lived a lion and his servants. They were a crow, a jackal and a tiger. The servants one day met a camel and asked him: "Where do you come from?" The camel replied: "I lost my way and so I am roaming about." The servants then took the camel to their master. The lion said: "You may stay here safely."
One day the lion and his servants did not get any food. The servants thought, we must find a way to kill the camel and eat its flesh. So they went to their master. The lion asked them: "Have you brought anything for my dinner?" The servants replied: " There is enough food at your door for you and for us too. We also are starving." "What food" asked the lion. "There is the camel" said the crow very softly. "Your lordship need not fear. You can accept the food if the offer comes of his own free will." The lion remained silent and the servants went away.
After some time they returned with the camel. The crow came forward and said: "Our master has no food. He is starving and he looks very weak. Let him eat my flesh." But the lion said: "It is a great sin to kill a friend and eat him." The jackal and the tiger said the same thing and the lion replied in the same way. Then it was the camel's turn. He came forward and said: "Let the master eat my flesh."
At once, the lion sprang on him killed him. Then all of them sat at a grand feast. Beware of false friends.

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Successful spiritual study is flowing and flexible. It is multi-dimensional. It utilizes all colors of the spiritual rainbow. However, if one's study devolves into just one color (the books for example) it can harden and rigidify. What is sacred and precious gets lost in the "I'm right and you're wrong" freezing cold attitude. But it is also true that spirituality is understood and grasped according to each individual's innate attributes which differ from person to person. Swami Chinmaya Nanda explains this very beautifully in a small book of some 70 pages titled ' THE LOGIC OF SPIRITUALITY"

why we Indians need to continue to promote carnatic music?

why we Indians need to continue to promote  carnatic music?

Because bharatha  the very word used to name our great country  mean 'bha' for bhakthi[dedication or devotion with sincerity ]- ra –for rakthi –emotional content that is bhava of the soul [doing with passion] and tha for thanmaythvam- aesthetc quality [ not a mere entertainment for pleasure but a mode of artistic experience  for peace and joy]

Dear brothers and sisters, we the members of a family, the family of classical music lovers either as performing artists, organizers or as rasikas. We all must realize the uniqueness of great classical carnatic compositions and therefore promote them.

They are unique because they are beyond different scales of observation and various modes of perception. Two concepts different scales of observation and various modes of perception require clarification.

As for as scales of observation is concerned there cannot be a better explanation than what  Lecomte du Nouy explains in his wonderful book HUMAN DESTINY
“from the standpoint of man it is the scale of observation which creates the phenomenon. Every time we change the scale of observation we encounter new phenomena. On our scale of human observation, as pointed out before, the edge of a razor blade, is a continuous line. On the microscopic scale, it is a broken but solid line. On the chemical scale we have atoms of iron and carbon. On the sub-atomic scale we have electrons in perpetual motion which travel at the rate of several thousand miles per second. All these phenomena are in reality the manifestations of the same basic phenomenon, the motions of the electrons. The only difference which exists between them is the scale of observation."

Then coming to various modes of perception.

We are all aware our perceptions are the result of our conditioning produced by the limited deposits of information, thoughts, experiences etc and the   circumstantially prompted conditioning communicated  through the neurotransmitters as assumptive perception called as transactionism
[ psychology of perception]. This is often explained by the simple example that while we are sitting inside a train waiting to proceed on a journey when the train in the adjacent track moves we feel for a moment as if our train is moving. This is because the message has been already sent to the brain that we are expecting to move and therefore the assumptive perception takes place instead of the factual perception that would have happened  if we were sitting in the station master’s room and viewing the same movement of the train.

Classical music appeals to all of us because as I said earlier that it is beyond different scales of observation and various modes of perception. What I mean by it is that it is beyond the realms of ordinary observations and perception as the compositions have  been handed over by divine souls and they bear the manifestation of spiritually charged bhakthi.

We the children of bharatha matha must promote these art forms because the very word bharatha mean bha for bhakthi- ra –for rakthi –emotional content that is bhava of the soul and tha for thanmaythvam- aesthetc quality.

Bhakthi is one of the best and easiest means to enlightenment when it is offered through music there is nothing better than that. Classical carnatic compositions have not been intellectually constructed  note by note with scientifically studied acoustic arrangement of  permutation of notes, scales etc. They are the results of the experiences  of the souls imbued with divine and spiritual vibrations. The compositions are imbued with bhakthi, lyrical splendor, intuitive luminosity with an underlying rhythm and note of the soul and divine spirit

As we are all endowed with a divine soul too they appeal to us and we feel their aesthetic beauty. As Helen Keller has said, “ the most beautiful and best things in the world cannot be seen or touched but must be felt”

Let us therefore promote in all possible ways by all possible means classical carnatic music with passion and enthusiasm, incidentally the word enthusiasm  is from the Greek word meaning ‘god within us’. What better way to realize the god within us than through divine music.

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The greater the crisis, it seems, the swifter the evolution-Elizabeth Gilbert

The keys to happiness are no longer in somebody else’s  pocket from the past. They’re in yours-Adyashanti 

When you parent, it’s crucial  you realize you aren’t raising a ‘mini me’ but a spirit throbbing with its own Signtaure- Dr. Shefali Tsabary