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Friday, May 20, 2016

Perspective matters more than intellectual abilities

Luck is…..

Nothing intellectual sir, what is intellectual and what is so great about it?

Mantra is simple we must look at everything and everyone without any preconceived notion or bias.

We must be aware that everything has multiple dimensions of which we may not be always aware of.

Besides, every dimension may have multiple inherent dynamics as well as dynamics emanating from specific circumstances.

Always remember that we all mostly do what we can do , what we want to do or what we are destined to do.

We must realize our inherent qualities /attributes both strengths and weaknesses and try our best to consciously acquire attitudes which prioritize humaneness and sociability over the rest.

Whatever we do we must make sure whether it enhances or gives pleasure to our body, mind and spirit/soul.

With all these in the background along with our acquired knowledge/experience for whatever they are worth and humility as the fine print we develop our perspective to understand life, then serendipity will shower us with blessing to perceive better.

Institutions are important

You are correct institutions are more important than individual whims and fancies either for or against.
Issues and policy frameworks must be prioritized taking into consideration the exigencies and long term implications.
There is no point in resorting to blame game on any individual or for that matter even a single institution especially when it concerns the economy of a nation as vast as India with its multitude of operations and operators and everyone debating on everything as self proclaimed experts, though everyone is entitled to one's opinions on any issue or individual but before attacking anyone or any institution one must also visualize oneself in that situation and honestly interact with one's own consciousness as to what one would have done in similar situation with all the complications, complexities and compulsions.
We are not silent like what US of A did in the case of bail out of almost collapsing Citi Bank through TARP which the outside world hardly knew and to my surprise even many of the employees themselves did not know what it was and why it was done? Similarly even the big frauds of such banks are given a royal burial.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lodha report- Some of its observations

Lodha report- Some of its observations are pandering to populist views and may not be in the overall interest and development of the game.
BCCI needs to make  some changes to at least improve its image.
The whole problem is we tend to emotionally react and enact rules to check anomalies.
In the process we miss the facts. The committee’s agenda was to ensure proper management of affairs based on interest of the game and its stake holders, players, fans, sponsors, public figures and politicians who may have genuine interests and also get many things done easily etc and draft proposals which can also ensure less corruption and improvement for the game in all its aspects.
In fact Railways and services, India cements, TVS etc have produced more players, nurtured their talents, groomed them, taken care of their livelihood etc than many states which are states in Map of India but not in the atlas of Indian cricket.
Some observations of Lodha report do not have any cricketing relevance; they appear as if the report is seeing the entire gamut of the game and its administration only through prisms of political nexus and corruption excess which make for a usual populist script for media and films not course correction.
Many states with greater geographical area have not produced a cricketer.
How many cricketers have Bihar produced or Sikkim or Assam or some other states for that matter?
Union territory Delhi has produced so many good cricketers that do not mean that we must demand a vote for Pondicherry and Andaman and Nicobar islands too.
Many Malayalam and Bengali movies are more realistic and sensible than bollyhood but only bollywood stars are popular and grab limelight and awards. Will any committee say that each regional language film must have only one award?

Life's totality

I think it is over simplification of a highly complex [further complicated by our approaches] socio-economic life which must factor in various aspects rather than merely resorting to over generalizing it as a mere manipulation or adjustments of or juggling of financial aspects and spicing it with a few labels like free market, rich, poor, government, corporate nexus etc.
These types of powerfully and most commonly perceived /abused words to over simplify and over generalize something as big as socio-economic factor of human life is almost the tools used by all brain washing propaganda generated ideological outfits throughout human history and politics with an instinct  to presume human life as homogenous and intention to  homogenize.
This precisely prevents people from looking at multiple alternatives/unexplored option that may exist out there, newer horizons to help human economic conditions and an instinct to explore more possibilities and perceive with newer perspective.
Everything regarding  life undergoes constant churning and many things come out and ultimately evolution of life selects what suits best or  gets what it deserves.

While it may be interesting to know about dinosaurs and feel sad about their extinction it would be rank hypocrisy if anyone says he would love to have a dinosaur as a pet in his backyard. We need to prise open the clam shell of a preconceived notions, propaganda materials and observe life in its totality , in all its details with all its facets with intense totality and total intensity.

BJP and RSS seniors need to realize

Seniors  of RSS and BJP a fervent appeal -think, introspect and decide what you want  for India- Economic development under Modi’s-BJP? Or AAP or LALU or CONG back in power? Choice is yours.
Bharath is great country in terms spirituality, varied rich cultures and heritage but a poor nation economically.
We need to prioritize only economic development.
Prominence and popularity come with prioritizing contextually relevant performance and putting in abeyance things, ideologies, outdated aspirations in back seat at least for another 15 years.
The seniors of BJP, RSS have become unwitting prey to media propaganda that has landed in electoral defeat in recent times.
Do not become enemies from within; do not put self goals which make the anti-national forces winners.
BJP seniors, RSS loose tongued seniors, BMS na├»ve leaders just ask yourselves are you willing to work with AAP and LALU or do they ever support or praise you on any issue after getting elected  or did the media  bother to bring in their mikes after the electoral victories there.
RSS, Senior leaders of BJP, VHP etc are great contributors to formation of this government but please understand the importance of taking care of your baby without allowing anti national and anti developmental forces take charge again.
All your experiences, maturity and wisdom are necessary for nation building.
But do not suffocate economic development agenda of BJP government with any indoctrinated ideology or identity however good it may be.
If BJP government is not in power no one will be even there to listen to you, please remember that because you will not even get a stall in international market of economic fair.
All great critics of present BJP government either from RSS or BJP or BMS itself must realize that they lived in deafening silence and perennial fear all these years.
Become mature and start living in present times.
Now you face media cameras wherever you go and the media which projects every controversial comment of yours giving you a popularity or notoriety.
But remember if BJP government is not in power you will not face media cameras but mafia guns and attacks.

Also remember that the greatness of Sanathana Dharma is that it does not require nor recognize any institute as a marketing outfit.

Media mafia's declining impact

Media mafia generated intolerance

Apps wapsi and media boycott needed


Governance and media indifference

performance as priority over ulterior motives

Left -the dubious red brigade

In general and more so in India these labels liberal ,freedom, intelligentsia are all totally misused and intentionally perverted with various hues and colors leading one to wonder is it wrong prisms of projections or perverted prisons of perceptions.
The Red brigade in India was always getting funded by anti-national forces so they kept not only changing colors but also appropriating labels and assigning colors as per the dictates of the funding forces.
They had a tacit tie up with the NGOs for social engineering and media for false propaganda who carried on these dubious and deliberate projections and slowly they are getting exposed both the left over Left and the media mafia.

The white lies of the Red are getting exposed so they happen to see a bleached Red and term everything as Saffron.

Politicians,business men better than media

All politicians are neither bad nor inefficient. Let us not generalize, what is wrong if they lead sports bodies?

At least educated people are expected to refrain from resorting to emotional populist reactions.

Sports persons need not necessarily be great administrators;

Bureaucrats need not necessarily be expected to be free of corruption;

All politicians need not necessarily be corrupt, criminal, ineffective, insincere. 

There are /have been many exceptions;

Institutional rules and frameworks must ensure proper administration, less corruption, less partiality, recognition of pure merit!

Advantage of politicians of all hues and colors is that some of them have a natural knack of decision making and administration because they can feel the pulse of situation much better-they only need to learn or be properly guided about the nitty-gritty of things/situations/issues and nuances of the domain;

All these are because politicians have wider contacts and connect because of their social activities and interactions at all levels and along with a clout, foot soldiers, faithful followers and besides politicians do not hesitate to wield power to get things done.

Many politicians are sincere are serious about whatever they do at least for the mileage that they derive out of it and incidentally some of them are educated and concerned about social welfare.

While politician bashing is always a preferred filler for all media because it always pleases some, media, especially main stream media, to be more precise most 24/7 news [nuisance] channels have to realize that social media is exposing all their lies, partiality, puerile priorities, putrefied projections , petrified prejudices, sensationalism seeking, their dubious designs, hidden agenda and arrogant anchor room arm chair struck verbal churning masquerading  as know-all and judge –all experts.

Business people who help feed so many families, politicians who help address many social issues are far better than many media persons who secrete only negativity, sensationalism, scandals and have forgotten positive news at all and many top bureaucrats who do many things just for promotions and perks

Love and all that matters in love

There are only perceptional and contextual variations in degrees and intensities; intentions and involvement; value systems, mental maturity, socio-cultural mores, biological and hormonal impacts; the frames of reference from various perspectives and inherent conditioning and indoctrination and so on.

All or any of these can alter the status of any or all of these ranging from lust to love and they allow a very wide spectrum of emotions in between, within or beyond them ranging from youthful romance to familiarity to spontaneous affection to socially and religious sanctioned and sanctified relationship to heartfelt personal intimacy of body, mind and spirit.

There is first a necessity to observe the whole gamut of any issue, more so address various aspects when it comes to emotions/feelings with psychological pinning without being judgmental or taking positions.

This can/may help us look into many more aspects of the issue.

Even my write up on Love started off more as a response to hypocritical reactions towards the very word and concept. It was the primary tone in which it began then as I waded through without inhibition I decided to write what is there in the link below.
Actually if we delve deeper we may have to address too many factors ranging from purely clinical to civilizational to cultural issues

About Love and Cultural bias

New Year Greetings

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Peace,identity,harmony and interelatedness

Peace can happen at individual levels, social levels and among nations too only when it is consciously cultivated and  culturally encouraged as an inevitable attitude to be adopted for the survival of the human species and other species on this planet irrespective of all/any religious, social, ideological, political, regional, national, linguistic, racial identities.

Because we need to remember one thing while all of us feel the need for unity, what unity needs is feeling for all by all which means a spontaneous compassion or at least a tolerance towards the rest.

1. Role of Peace, Harmony and Unity

2. Role of Identity

3. Role of understanding the importance and intricacies of Interrelatedness

4. The following link covers all the above and many more

5. But unfortunately we have embarked on these

Is International Unity possible? If not, why?


No single domain of knowledge can claim to be a panacea.

We still have a lot to discover, learn further, sometimes unlearn what we already know and understand better.

We are not sure how far is too far or how far is good for life of humans and the whole environment.
We also have to take into consideration the petrified traditions, vacillating trends and vindicate evaluations based on ethics and values along with contextual relevance, religious and political correctness etc.

Science and spirituality

Ultimately I ended up writing this very long stuff. New Year with a New Realization of Reality because life is in a constant churning process without any pause button or pass it on baton.

Freedom that is meaningful

Monday, May 16, 2016

Be true to yourself

Be true to yourself

You have touched upon a topic too vast and vital that I cannot restrict the length of my comments.

First I must say not to boast you that you write really well through exact articulation of your real feelings.

It is always true that an ounce of personally involved actual experience is worth more than an ocean of philosophy that rests in books or in brain as mere ideas, thoughts and words or manifested as hypocritical and superficial display of certain practices.

Conscious self acceptance of reality and search for actions/answers/solutions to deal with the reality, in whatever way one wishes, is the first honest and good step towards mental maturity.

But it must be done preferably along with one’s own perception of life as it is encountered and lived based on one’s own perspective along with the aid of sublime ideas, suggestions and advises by wise souls who have documented for our convenience their wisdom in words and deeds through similar experiences that they have undergone.

This where I always admire the honest wisdom of Issac Newton who said, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.

The above approach enables the process of search leading to some probable realization to be swift, sober and saner with consciously aware consideration of subtle aspects of life in its multiple dimensions with all its myriad dynamics which may elude even the most honest and highest perception.

However, as George Savile says, “The struggling for knowledge hath a pleasure in it like that of wrestling with a fine woman”. The relationship with thoughts and ideas gives greater pleasure.

What is of greater importance is the perspective with which one may look at everything in the search without getting influenced excessively by any form of ideological or identity fixation, however great or good it may have been because life moves constantly in different contexts and situations each requiring different adaptations as in biological evolution or mental flexibility.

This is an important attitude which will ensure immense tolerance with sense and sensitivity without overt violent aggression or introverted psychological suppression.

I am happy that you are developing an inner relationship with lofty ideas that you come across in life with unbiased attitude to experiment and experience.

Ultimately reality is half formed by our perception and perspective and all thoughts that we think, as per scientific study are in existence somewhere already.

However, our contribution is in how creatively we use them to specific situations sanely realizing the meaning of life or injecting meaning to life while simultaneously also discharging /succumbing to inevitable obligations of life [even those that are utterly stupid or irrelevant or idiotic] and exigencies and imperatives of survival  as a manifestation of our life as social creatures.

I have read and written volumes and volumes on reality, realization, meaning of life and so on, still my search continues as I encounter life at every moment without idealizing it or intellectualizing it or emotionalizing it or politicizing it or subjecting it to my ideological prejudices or socio –cultural of religious definitions because then observation is unconditioned and unbiased and awareness reveals at least some part of reality though I am aware that I cannot always exhibit that reality outwardly for various reasons.

I would like you to read this small piece of ten points on perception

It is nice to start the journey to be true to yourself but one life time is not enough to know the real ‘yourself’ the moment that anyone realizes that then that is the truth as expressed, experienced and exhibited many wise souls.

Along with these deeper thinking process, impulse to realize truth or true meaning of life at your age you must also not miss to enjoy life with gay abandon away from too much of serious thinking always.

Life is there to be lived happily and peacefully trying our best to make this happy feeling and calmness with simple living and high thinking an influencing factor to all those around us.

and also do not miss this wonderful site

Friday, May 13, 2016

Facts,falsehoods and failures

Indians must be ashamed of certain things and resort to course correction.

It is very unfortunate that almost all those involved in the match fixation scandal have died or disappeared from the file of activity but in India with all tall talk of philosophy we have rendered one such person an MP by the party which has no qualms about anything or anyone, surprisingly in politics because politicians do all frauds but ensure that they are not obvious to public view.

Most Indians , I am sorry to make this remark, probably because I move more proximately with them than other nationalities in real life, have a very healthy public opinion and filthy personal standards in every sphere, of course some justifiable and could be blamed on certain inevitable circumstances or situations.

There is nothing wrong in using all that is available as a privilege to reach any or all your goals, but misusing that privilege or position or a few pennies is what smacks of hypocrisy, selfishness and lack of humane concerns.

We also need others, others including other family members or rank outsiders to point out what we are doing may be intrinsically wrong and also correctible.

This is perhaps the first philosophical concept taught in Ramayana through life of Valmiki who is robber and when made to go back, his wife and children make him realize that they do not approve  of what he does in spite of the justification he gave saying that ‘he was doing it only for their sake’.

So there are certain actions which are inherently and intrinsically wrong and they may not be wrong based on any socio moral dictum or legal sanction but intrinsically wrong.

Anyone of us may justify nay or probably may actions but then the ultimate analysis should preferably be whether those actions have caused happiness to some, helped some and have not hurt any directly any.

There are many others dimensions to these dirty attitudes with murky dynamics but then the obvious facts hit us hard on the face, which is not merely embarrassing but very regrettable.

Unfortunately in the long run these attitudes seep into our sub consciousness and influence our belief systems, opinions and so on.

Embarrassment lasts a moment, regrets last a lifetime. - Petteri Tarkkonen

Many think they can opt for a safer position by being indifferent and some take a very aggressive justification mode for ideological and identity veneration reasons.

This I can say is India’s one great weakness.

John Adams says, “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”
Ayn Rand says, "We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality."

 “All of us have our own inner fears, beliefs, opinions. These inner assumptions rule and govern our lives. A suggestion has no power in and of itself. Its power arises from the fact that you accept it mentally.” - Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

We must realize that the subconscious mind is the law of action and always expresses what the conscious mind has impressed on it. What we regularly entertain in our mind creates a conception of self. What we conceive ourselves to be, we become.” - Speare.

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Smells, fragrances, aromas, odors are like fever, head ache and happiness.

They signal the presence or excess or absence of something and therefore must not be masked by something else or a counter odor.

It is like treating and masking the symptoms like fever or head ache without addressing the root cause. Every smell signals something and we need to find out what it is and address it.

Once we are sure about the real reason then we can use air fresheners, lemons, baking soda and so on.

Smell like color and sound has too many shades and nuances and it becomes more complex because we do not have adequate vocabulary to define various smells.

Sometimes the aesthetics involved in smell is as enjoyable as distinguishing ragas with subtle variations in frequencies of sound vibration.

To call all or most of the smell one felt after Chennai rains under one term musty must be avoided.

It was a combination too many stinks and if we decide to describe the ones generated by dampness in closed rooms it was probably more due to fungus or algae on the outside plus many more things.

Like raga smell gets its life through how it is related to something else.

For example the same Urad dhal will smell differently in Vada and Appalam and a Dosa.

It is always the combination that is perhaps why that the nerves system involved in sensing smells is called as 'olfactory' producing many odors.

It is unfortunate that human intellect has decided not to come up with enough words for every smell that we feel.

Guy Murchie in his excellent book The Seven Mysteries Of life writes,  “The primary smells, it turned out, are seven in number: camphoric, musky, floral, minty, ethereal, pungent and putrid, each of them produced by various molecules approximating a distinctive shape or having a definite electric charge, and each smellable only when it is received in the right one of seven different kinds of complementary cavities distributed among seven corresponding areas in the molecular walls of the olfactory nerve cells. If these are olfactory lies, it is because smell too is a kind of language.”

“Furthermore a dog who has sniffed, say, a man's cap can later recognize any other part of him and easily follow his trail because there are recognizable olfactory relationships between body parts as well as between species, races, sexes, ages, diets, diseases, neighborhoods, occupations or almost any other classifications of life”.

Mother's Day Special -2016

Left -the chronic disease

This not about our media or leftist ideologies infecting our campuses
This is a malady that the drifting Leftist ideologies create in all places, in all ages leaving people culture less, pride less, identity less living a life in vacuous inanity and nurtured inferiority complex and a sense of victim hood when there is none.
It was initially used as a political brainwashing technique as a ploy to play by magnifying the societal disparities to dislodge the Empires in many parts of the world but then gradually these self appointed leaders of socialist movements and leftist ideologies gradually replaced the kings and carried on the same atrocities and enjoyed the same privileges as the kings knowing well that they could easily intoxicate the masses with catchy slogans, brainwashing ideological sign posts, selective presentation of victim hood etc

“The beauty and mystery of this world only emerges through affection, attention, interest and compassion . . . open your eyes wide and actually see this world by attending to its colors, details and irony.”
Orhan Pamuk.