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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Roles and responsibilities rule over rules

                      Roles and responsibilities rule over rules

Rules are mostly framed after due consideration of various factors for the common good and convenience of the maximum number.

Sometimes they may dampen someone’s extraordinary excellence or sometimes they may help the mediocre to manage which that person could not have otherwise.

Therefore, they are neither to be considered as items of obedience by fools nor as the only guidance of the wise.

Rules usually are meant to help us negotiate certain situations physical, emotional or psychological.

Therefore, they are referred to by many words like legal regulations, moral or social obligations, and rational responses and so on.

The basic premise being that they pre- fix certain expected patterns of behavior and reactions in the interest of everyone.

But then, all rules in various situations are also amenable to be overlooked or by-passed or modified or even violated for the sake of contextual exigencies or emergencies wherein the concerned person/s may opt for reasoned choice and decision making with conscious awareness.

In fact in certain circumstances, it becomes imperative to negotiate beyond and besides the rules. One may call these Laws of Ambulance

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Agenda of narratives and mass opinions

Despite all advancement in technology when agenda of narratives and mass opinions are set by ideological identity based media and a status quo politics facts and sanity become a victim.

Self imprisonment in certain identities based on some isms or ideologies.

Self imprisonment in certain identities based on some isms or ideologies.

Unfortunately some good hearted people get self imprisoned in certain identities based on some isms or ideologies.

Therefore, they are unable and unwilling to entertain new ideas as that disturbs the walls of the prison and they do not want to risk life in the outside world which they feel will unsettle their comfort zone of ideologically imprisoned life.

Any one is at liberty to live with or for certain ideas, ideologies and opinions which they hold dear to their heart but not live exclusively soaked in those opinions alone and finally sink their whole life in the small whirl pools of such ideas, ideologies and opinions.

I wish those who think and realized that they may be living in such self imprisonment may read these two links which I wrote for some such good and well educated friends of mine on both sides of the spectrum of highly opinionated living.

Self imprisonment works in these ways without even our realizing it.

“Everything changes as you move through three stages of awareness:
first, that beliefs are the result of conditions;
second, that beliefs are the cause of conditions;
and third, that beliefs are themselves conditions.”― Eric Micha'el Leventhal

 “All of us have our own inner fears, beliefs, opinions. These inner assumptions rule and govern our lives. A suggestion has no power in and of itself. Its power arises from the fact that you accept it mentally.”― Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

We must realize that the subconscious mind is the law of action and always expresses what the conscious mind has impressed on it. What we regularly entertain in our mind creates a conception of self. What we conceive ourselves to be, we become.” Grace Speare.

Indian economics

"A Decade of Economic Destruction... by Shri S Gurumurthy" Full Video

It is easier and fancier to criticize and find fault with every macroeconomic policy with nuanced jargon or newly coined ones but very difficult to frame one and also execute especially when there are multiple forces to cripple the economic development or divert the attention.

I would side with Prof. R. Vaidyanathan and S.Gurumurthy when analyzing the macro economy viz à viz Indian conditions.

Therefore, using any imported models to evaluate all aspects of the economy by itself is starting on wrong premises.

We all need to accept that life is complicated and modern day economics is too complex with multiple players ,various dimensions and each dimension with multitude of dynamics all playing their roles with varying degrees of intensities.

Besides we must understand any government can only bring about procedures, processes and systems to address issues based on priorities and not offer a panacea.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Why we need to peep beyond and behind words and go beyond religious references?

Why we need to peep beyond and behind words and go beyond religious references?

Can we avoid using mental phoropter to get a clearer view?

The speech that you have referred seems to be great from how you have portrayed.

When broaching on certain subjects it is preferable to start with the conclusion.

For example the words love, belief, faith, hope, grace, happiness and so on mean various things depending on how an individual feels and relates with those terms.

The uniqueness of these words is that they break all barriers of literal, figurative meanings, connotation, denotation etc and are not amenable to any categorization.

The best part is these terms cannot be generalized either.

But the beauty is these words refer to a reality that exists awaiting to be grasped and adopted.

When it comes to certain words it is not so much about the mere articulation of ideas that they refer to normally but the necessity to imbibe and impregnate our life with what they really mean.

The reason being some words are immensely impregnated with heartfelt meaning and a personally related realization which may manifest in multiple ways and therefore the manifestations may differ drastically too.

I have found out when someone utters these Sanskrit words 'Dharma' or ' Karma' immediately people start looking for mental phoropter to get a clearer view by trying multiple filters, lenses, adjustments like some of the following:-it must be something tough for me to understand, it refers probably to some very abstract concept or too complicated a philosophy or it pertains perhaps to something with regard to Hindu religion and so on.

Finally, they flip through them with a mere cursory attention and move on to something that they can relate to more easily or comfortable with.

Therefore, it becomes imperative that these concepts are conveyed in the idiom that most youngsters would understand so that they may attempt to assimilate them as part of their life style and impregnate their attitudes, perspectives, thoughts and ideas with them.

In fact the whole of Bhagawad Gita, one of the reasons why it became more popular among the 28 Gitas, is that all its 700 stanzas are sand- witched between two words the starting word 'Dharma' and the last word ‘Mama’.

It must be actually read as ‘Mama Dharma’= my dharma- does not mean either Krishna’s or Arjuna’s Dharma, rather when everyone reads it becomes ‘his Dhrama’ and all these 700 verses [ subjected to all sorts of excellent, enlightening as well as, often used as tool to justifying traditional practices, explanations by many] primarily are about attitudes to be adopted, actions to be executed and reactions to show at different situations taking into consideration the overall welfare of all [humanism].

This manual is more about balancing the intellect and emotions and most importantly through both emotions and intellect, or to be precise in short it talks about the dynamics of synthesis of human nature and nature of Truth [define as you may- it is the inevitable and intellectual perception and sometimes all logic eluding factor], it offers an excellent mix of rational philosophy with empirical necessity.

Life is all about movements, actions and reactions which broadly could be defined as i.e. Karma but then the Laws [Dharma] of motions [Karma] of life are very important and therefore prioritized.

When the real values are impregnated in to our system they show up

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Medium -Grammar of any medium

                                       Any medium must preferably be

A very aesthetic and appealing
Balanced and beautiful
Communication tool
Entertaining, enlightening and
Freeing one of all inhibitions;
Giving out
Heaps of
Ideas and imaginations;
Lot of meanings and
Meaning of life and living by
Nudging nuances
Questioning and
Revealing all
Sorts of
Thoughts leading to
Unbiased understanding and unraveling
Vicissitudes, vital values and
Yearning to
Zoom human emancipation.

Book reading

Let us make it a point to read at least something once a week or mostly while travelling something from these sites.

Most of these are very useful sites for books and reading beyond regional politics

The New Yorker, World Economic Forum etc

These along with TED talks and BBC debates and discussions can ensure optimum and pleasant utilization of internet.

Text books of English are of poor quality why?

Text books of English are of poor quality why?

The problem is the flight tickets of NCERT staff, because air port stalls stock only these authors.

Reading many books on a subject confuses, clarifies, coruscates and leads to some clarity.

Books like KA help  to make us understand how to make a research before making interpretation of mythology.

Recently I have been in touch with another excellent author over mail, in fact we have been exchanging mails on a weekly basis, she does similarly excellent works on culture, her name is Wiesna mond kozlowska, my goodness her research work on Masks and their significance is extraordinary, her home page is :

She has send many of her articles and speeches.                 

Books must be read topic wise, for example , now I am in a spree of reading books on linguistics, logic, thought process and in brief the connectivity and mutual influence or impact of these  three. I plan to read 50 books and I am at the 33rd , the triology of Steven Pinker  and before that I was reading 102 books on Science ,its impact, its discoveries, its philosophy, its instruments, its politics, its fraudulent claims by impersonators, its limitations and area where it is still unsure and how many of the existing well established and accepted scientific theories are intrinsically faulty etc and most importantly how it managed to overcome the religious bias in the west against it initially and helped the whole of human race benefit through its many methods, the references to great scientific discoveries in ancient Sanskrit texts etc.                                  

This type of reading lots of books on a topic confuses, clarifies, coruscates and leads to some clarity.

Whether it is books or bondas enough quantity automatically helps you to at least know the quality.

I personally feel that Devdutt Patnaik sometimes, like the extremist in the right wing, resorts to doctrinaire justifications of everything that is in Hindu scriptures irrespective of its contextual significance and intrinsic value, in fact that can be sometimes counter- productive as was Wendy's obsession to make mythology to undergo initially too much of critical analysis, then subjecting it to Freudian analysis. She needs to read Steve Maraboli, “Get out of your own way… stop the paralysis by analysis… decide what you want, create a simple plan, and get moving!”

Books too must be viewed from the author's contextual perspective and evaluated based on its intrinsic merit.

If we subject books under that spanner then Mills and Boon would be better than some  modern authors , actually they are  doing a great disservice to writing as most our bollywood and Tollywood movies are doing to the art of film making.

One such latest ambiguity personified stuff is 'Half- girl friend' the title itself is ambiguous which one is half whether girl or friend or the pursuit of the girl by the implied male or what is half something, at least, had he consulted me I would advised him to read Valery Adam's book on word formation involving adjectives.

In books too we must look for serious content that enhances our mental faculties and help at least our perception, if not enlightenment.

It is so unfortunate that our texts books are filled with crap written by some modern writers. Why not have passages of Sri Aurobindo, Swami vivekanada , Srinivasa sastry,  Sir CP or Rajaji or S. Radhakrishnan or Munshi or Ambedkar  even language wise all these people were far superior.

The problem is the flight tickets of NCERT staff, because air port stalls stock only these authors.

In our days, though we studied in Tamil medium schools we had English text books studded with essays and passages by Aldous Huxley, G.K. Chesterton, Leigh Hunt, Stephen Leacock, Russell, C.E.M. Joad, R.W. Emerson etc

Global civilized citizens

Probable requirements for evolving into better global civilized citizens in the interest of human species and the environment as a whole.

24 links that can provide enough content for debates and deliberations to delineate on different aspects of life and to develop better understanding to enable and to create a better human society.

I hope and wish these links provide some useful contents, thoughts and ideas for enabling to evolve better global civilized citizens in the interest of human species and the environment as a whole.

Should you need any further and/or specific write ups on any subject may feel free to contact me.

Unity enabled with a proper understanding of the facts of inevitable natural variety and diversity inherent in life and nature along with nurturing tolerance trained through proper attitudes and perspectives in perception based the realization that every aspect of living is part of the whole of life as all life on this planet is inter related inter connected and interactive in myriad ways either with or without our awareness and acceptance.

The links below may be of use to you along with many sub links in each entry. 

These are all my write ups written over a period of time.

I am preparing materials to write a book on global harmonious tolerant diversity understanding united peaceful human society with knowledge, understanding and acceptance of various cultures, aspects of evolutionary trends in each and every sphere of life on earth.

Importance of Books

No amount of slogans, tweets, greeting card industry products, SMSs, news bytes can bite into the space of books.

Meme-literate milliennials, WhatsApp warriors, Facebook frontiers, Social media superficiality specialists, MSM (Mani stream media) mafia of manipulators of mass opinions, sensationalism seeking reporters, anchor room arm chair specialists to all of you greetings on  World Book and Reading day.

In future, value the importance reading books, now easily available at a click of a mouse before manufacturing justifications for your conclusions.

Be tolerant and have sense of humour too with ‘u’after ‘o’.

BOOKS are the greatest gift to human race.

Excess of catchy short slogans, abbreviated aphorisms serving the greeting card industry and sermons spicing self –help book messiahs are all compact but not necessarily complete or comprehensive.

Serious reading, review and researches have to be substantial and hence necessarily lengthy, lingering and lasting.

The reason being anything that attempts to weave a serious relationship has to necessarily not merely stop at appealing and convincing but go beyond that and cull out and convey the synergies among a hoard of things, facts, perceptions, ideologies, personalities, characteristics, ideas, issues, problems, actions, thoughts, reactions, opinions, attitudes, concepts, prevailing contexts, demands of diplomacy, perspectives, reactions and so and all these to be embellished by the beauty of language, aesthetics of style of the author etc.

Therefore, no amount of slogans, greetings, tweets, SMSs, news bytes can bite into the space of books and serious reading.

So long live serious lengthy write ups and good books.

A person, who can write a long letter with ease, cannot write ill. ~ Jane Austen

A person who reads lives more than one life, but that means that they die more than once as well. ~ Deanna Vasquez

All the secrets of the world are contained in books. Read at your own risk. ― Lemony Snicket

"In books I have traveled, not only to other worlds, but into my own. I learned who I was" - Anna Quindlen, How Reading Changed My Life

A piece of writing has to seduce the reader, it has to suspend disbelief and earn the reader's trust. ~ Po Bronson

A perfectly healthy sentence, it is true, is extremely rare. For the most part we miss the hue and fragrance of the thought. ~ Thoreau

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Indian film makers

Indian film makers copy well and Tamil film industry copies more and sometimes better.

You can browse the net to know how every bit is copied.

They have not understood even a wee bit about the medium.

Script writing does not exist, only long narratives and dialogues and they are too lengthy for any situation.

I wonder whether they, the filmmakers know it is an audio-visual medium not an exclusive verbal medium, perhaps the only film industry in the whole world which had olichithram- radio audio broadcast of a film. It is like serving visual food at parties -only show pictures of food items or visual presentation of a vocal concert [ only show the lip movements of a singer without audio] what a pathetic situation and the worst part is we have allowed many heroes as well to emanate out of this.  

Almost all films [fortunately, I am proud to say I waste very little time and money in watching these nonsense-precisely seen 6 Indian films in the past 19 years] are a pathetic excuse for the medium.

The so-called art films or documentaries are sponsored by some vested interest groups  or ideological outfits whose enthusiasm to get across a particular version of  their argument pushing aside  authenticity, aesthetics, art and everything else connected with the film industry.



The march of technology in all domains is inevitable and all the more when it offers the core substance of intrinsic value in tact in with convenience in many aspects.

However, the nostalgia of walking through a book stacked library will be lingering in the heart of many forever.

When anything causes nostalgia it indicates a very deep rooted relationship that has permeated one’s subconscious level and rests well ensconced there. 

Nostalgic feeling as a revisit in memory or in imagination or in reality with a mix of both regional flavors and relationships [i.e. when we relate with interest and involvement] mostly refreshes the whole being.

The essence of nostalgia is when the recapitulation of feelings strikes the same resonance in our hearts as they did when we had a deep relationship with those feelings.

For bibliophiles the joy of randomly browsing through the various racks of a library and get attracted by the very feel of holding some books for various reasons starting from a catchy title to cover design to favorite author to loved subject to attractive  topics and many more.

I have spent more hours in many libraries during my college days than inside class rooms.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


                                      PROPS and  DROPS

Rendered for 
Prosperity and 
Social welfare of all reaps superb result

Actual work PROPS
Benefits to poor PROPS
Corruption free administration PROPS
Delivery of developmental activities PROPS
Educating to empower   PROPS
Fostering friendship among communities PROPS
Governance based responsible actions PROPS
Honest initiatives PROPS
Intentions to improve the nation PROPS
Joining with people’s aspirations PROPS
Kindling hopes of growth PROPS
Learning the needs of the nation PROPS
Making the nation feel proud PROPS
Nullifying media’s nonchalant negativity PROPS
Opportunities created to enable all to perform PROPS
Prioritizing programs for prosperity PROPS
Quenching the needs of the poor PROPS
Restructuring the rusted and restrictive rules PROPS
Scientific approaches to problems PROPS
Technology based solutions PROPS
Understanding the pride of ancestry to create a hope for future PROPS
Vital issues being addressed PROPS
Welfare of all through economic activity based wealth creation PROPS
X-raying into many ignored aspects of economy and improving them PROPS
Youth power understands all these and with rejuvenated spirit PROPS
Zapping all zealous terminological media profiling and branding peoples’ power PROPS

 A to Z of how media credibility and integrity DROPS and creeps and seeps in DROPS?

DROP by DROP and DROP after DROP.

Atrocious adulation of anarchy of DROPS and arrogantly assigning labels but apologies                                                                                                      interred in inner pages;
Banal branding based on bias in favor of DROPS;
Callous criticisms, carefree caricaturing and contempt to promote DROPS;
Decadent diatribe on developmental issues and driveling on despicable dramas of DROPS;
Exaggerating and encouraging enmity among everyone in every possible way scripted by                                                                                                                                DROPS;
Fuelling ferocity and fear psychosis among common folks but favoritism towards DROPS;
Hyper ventilating hypocritically with hidden agenda of DROPS;
Generating controversies out of every statement and scandals in every situation to suit                                                                                               slogans  of DROPS;
Instigating and indoctrinating inexperienced but impressionable adolescents into                                                                                        ideological  identities of DROPS;  
Jeopardizing joy of social calmness to promote DROPS;
Kindling killer instincts but kowtowing to prescribed opinions of DROPS;
Legitimizing lawlessness when loyalty of media lurks towards DROPS;
Murky motives and murkier deeds meander through DROPS in main stream media;
Nicely networking nefarious nexus with certain ideology peddlers of DROPS;
Over doing ideological hatred towards some to show the simmering discontent of the                                                                                                                                  DROPS;
Politics and politicization dominate every debate and perverted projections propagated as                                                                               popular perception to prop up the DROPS;
Questioning a few endlessly and irrelevantly on everything but silent on questionable                                                                              individuals and issues emanating from DROPS;
Reporting as revolutions relentlessly the constantly leaking DROPS;
Selective amnesia and collective indifference- the grand ideology of DROPS;
Tom-toming about trivial DROPS as top achievements and trivializing real reforms;
Unrelenting in promoting anti-social activities of DROPS; 
Violating all standards of journalistic integrity and vocalizing victim hood a symptom of                                                                                                                            DROPS;
Working to wedge a divide among all at all costs to reap dividends the modus operandi of                                                                                                                                 DROPS;
X-ray into certain issues, foray into some, bray at some but silent on negative impact of                                                                                                       these     DROPS;
Yodel for pay masters from DROPS in the name of respecting their privacy at normal                                                        times  and publicity for them at election times;
Zealous media reporting with zero integrity is getting zoomed every day and ending up                                        with   zero respect from one and all DROP by DROP.

DROPS refers to something 
Devoid of 
Rationalism but 
Politicization to                                                                                               
Sensationalize, done usually through

Road shows, 
Protests and 

When it is 
Deployed as 
Peacefully and 
Sensibly that too occasionally with rationality and scientifically well informed with evidences then it will be welcomed by all.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Move forward in life but look after your Back

                       Get back to normal life by getting back your
in shape through advanced   diagnostic methods
and   tailor made precision   treatments.

Final test of ability rests in your spinal stability. 

While there are several hundred causes for back pain starting from sudden catch while lifting a heavy object to kidney   stones to liver cancer. We are excluding referred back pain from internal organs. Confining to causes wherein spinal chord is directly involved and the remedy lies in attending to the spinal chord.

In Hindu esoteric   physiology spinal column is known as   ‘Brahmadanda’, ‘rod of  Brahma’. In occult physiology it is   ‘Sacrum’ [Lat. Sacre, ‘Sacred’]

When we visualize SPINE what comes to mind is that it is

Supple but strong Pieces of bones Insulating main Nerves  from End to end.  

A good  SPINE  must be
Supple                        Perfect   and       Importantly         Nimble and    Erect . But  when it
Sags or                        Pains, it              Immediately        Needs           Examination.  If necessary go for
Small                           Painless                    Incision and          Neatly                Extricate from trouble 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Do not follow the crowd

Very good article this one

There have always been people who were more creative, original and adopted lateral thinking primarily because either they were not very comfortable and /or content with status quo or also they could see beneath, beyond and besides existing beliefs and perceptions.

Most creativity and broader thinking requires a tangential approach or at least not following the crowd.

George Bernard Shaw is reported to have said:-

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world.
The unreasonable man adapts the world to himself.
All progress depends upon the unreasonable man”.

Positive News

Please forgive my patronizing tone and my elaborate style.

I am attracted by words.

The word positive caught my attention especially in a world of too much negativity emanating unfortunately excessively from especially media houses and slaves of various ideological outfits religious, political, regional etc.

Suggest extensions of some headers which I feel are interconnected twins.

My New Year greetings this year was Imindmap of positive possibilities

Enlarge the Mindmap in the link for clarity 

Society and ideals:-

Economics and welfare:-

Science and technology:-

Environment and humans:-

Lifestyle and cultures of the world:-

Perspective and attitude:-

Lessons from History of events:-

Ideas for a better and harmonious living from all domains:-

Education, Literacy and Languages and their unique features:-

Why I shun brevity:-

Rageshri raga

Good rendering but explore more Great hits in this Raga

1. Talat Mahmood - Sab Kuch Loota Ke Hosh- this has excellent rhythm and beats and enables us to realize that if we grasp the pulse of raga how easily we can render

2. "Kaun aaya mere manke dware" Dekh kabira roya.(1957) Manna by Madan Mohan. Flamboyant rendering

3. In the music director’s voice
C. Ramchandra Live: Mohabbat Aisi Dhadkan Hai (BBC)

4. In Gayathri’s melodious voice the ghazal popularized by Mehdi Hasan

Journalist of poor credentials

It has become the trend of most write ups in serious subjects by main stream media appointed journos who google without grasping the intrinsic aspects of the subject under discussion.

Superficial without substance.

They easily delude themselves into thinking that merely using meta terminologies, jargon, controversial statements and provocative pronouncements they can cover up their total lack of substance. What is more appalling is they are not even very effectively articulate.

Cocktail of Meta terminologies masquerading as analytical criticism creates critical paralysis.


Facing facts frankly and freely following them than  fabricating to favor some ideology; 

Relating and reciprocating with relevance of context to restore to

Everyone, everything everywhere an enhanced economically better environment;

Eschewing extremism of any ethos and bequeathing a livable environment;

Developing dearness with all to deliver globally  and  to

Offer optimum opportunities to all and mutually

Maximize magnanimously many things to make life meaningful .