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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Indian film makers

Indian film makers copy well and Tamil film industry copies more and sometimes better.

You can browse the net to know how every bit is copied.

They have not understood even a wee bit about the medium.

Script writing does not exist, only long narratives and dialogues and they are too lengthy for any situation.

I wonder whether they, the filmmakers know it is an audio-visual medium not an exclusive verbal medium, perhaps the only film industry in the whole world which had olichithram- radio audio broadcast of a film. It is like serving visual food at parties -only show pictures of food items or visual presentation of a vocal concert [ only show the lip movements of a singer without audio] what a pathetic situation and the worst part is we have allowed many heroes as well to emanate out of this.  

Almost all films [fortunately, I am proud to say I waste very little time and money in watching these nonsense-precisely seen 6 Indian films in the past 19 years] are a pathetic excuse for the medium.

The so-called art films or documentaries are sponsored by some vested interest groups  or ideological outfits whose enthusiasm to get across a particular version of  their argument pushing aside  authenticity, aesthetics, art and everything else connected with the film industry.

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