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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Human Dignity and the emancipation of really free human beings and the march of humane civilization

Expropriation by authorities of any sort and extrapolation of ideology of all sorts are both infringements on individual human dignity.

Authorities, mostly religious and political institutions and self proclaimed proponents of higher or greater ideologies, both of whom are guilty of appropriating certain labels and intervene in many issues empowered with all types of justifications and these delay the emancipation of really free human beings and the march of humane civilization 

In certain issues they are warranted for a smooth functioning of social life in the interest of common good of many over individual rights.

However, if all the authorities endowed with power and ideological addicts enfeebled by obsession view and evaluate every issue based on its intrinsic merits with contextual relevance and a broader humane concern injected with  just enough rationality and tolerance then things would be much better.  

The whole problem if we dig deeper is a sick psychological disorder of trying to unleash and impose uniform, identical, homogeneous conditions in every sphere of life so that it becomes easier to exercise authority or inundate specific ideology.

Whatever has been done in this particular issue is something that even the most illiterate tribes living in remote forests would not have done.

This and many similar issue boil down to certain fundamental defects like excessive identity fixation, wrong evaluation and ignoring the contextual relevance.

When we are aware and accept these three aspects and realize the need to evolve wisdom between, beyond and besides these then we can bring dignity to human life and hack away all types of humiliations.

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