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Thursday, July 6, 2017


                                      PROPS and  DROPS

Rendered for 
Prosperity and 
Social welfare of all reaps superb result

Actual work PROPS
Benefits to poor PROPS
Corruption free administration PROPS
Delivery of developmental activities PROPS
Educating to empower   PROPS
Fostering friendship among communities PROPS
Governance based responsible actions PROPS
Honest initiatives PROPS
Intentions to improve the nation PROPS
Joining with people’s aspirations PROPS
Kindling hopes of growth PROPS
Learning the needs of the nation PROPS
Making the nation feel proud PROPS
Nullifying media’s nonchalant negativity PROPS
Opportunities created to enable all to perform PROPS
Prioritizing programs for prosperity PROPS
Quenching the needs of the poor PROPS
Restructuring the rusted and restrictive rules PROPS
Scientific approaches to problems PROPS
Technology based solutions PROPS
Understanding the pride of ancestry to create a hope for future PROPS
Vital issues being addressed PROPS
Welfare of all through economic activity based wealth creation PROPS
X-raying into many ignored aspects of economy and improving them PROPS
Youth power understands all these and with rejuvenated spirit PROPS
Zapping all zealous terminological media profiling and branding peoples’ power PROPS

 A to Z of how media credibility and integrity DROPS and creeps and seeps in DROPS?

DROP by DROP and DROP after DROP.

Atrocious adulation of anarchy of DROPS and arrogantly assigning labels but apologies                                                                                                      interred in inner pages;
Banal branding based on bias in favor of DROPS;
Callous criticisms, carefree caricaturing and contempt to promote DROPS;
Decadent diatribe on developmental issues and driveling on despicable dramas of DROPS;
Exaggerating and encouraging enmity among everyone in every possible way scripted by                                                                                                                                DROPS;
Fuelling ferocity and fear psychosis among common folks but favoritism towards DROPS;
Hyper ventilating hypocritically with hidden agenda of DROPS;
Generating controversies out of every statement and scandals in every situation to suit                                                                                               slogans  of DROPS;
Instigating and indoctrinating inexperienced but impressionable adolescents into                                                                                        ideological  identities of DROPS;  
Jeopardizing joy of social calmness to promote DROPS;
Kindling killer instincts but kowtowing to prescribed opinions of DROPS;
Legitimizing lawlessness when loyalty of media lurks towards DROPS;
Murky motives and murkier deeds meander through DROPS in main stream media;
Nicely networking nefarious nexus with certain ideology peddlers of DROPS;
Over doing ideological hatred towards some to show the simmering discontent of the                                                                                                                                  DROPS;
Politics and politicization dominate every debate and perverted projections propagated as                                                                               popular perception to prop up the DROPS;
Questioning a few endlessly and irrelevantly on everything but silent on questionable                                                                              individuals and issues emanating from DROPS;
Reporting as revolutions relentlessly the constantly leaking DROPS;
Selective amnesia and collective indifference- the grand ideology of DROPS;
Tom-toming about trivial DROPS as top achievements and trivializing real reforms;
Unrelenting in promoting anti-social activities of DROPS; 
Violating all standards of journalistic integrity and vocalizing victim hood a symptom of                                                                                                                            DROPS;
Working to wedge a divide among all at all costs to reap dividends the modus operandi of                                                                                                                                 DROPS;
X-ray into certain issues, foray into some, bray at some but silent on negative impact of                                                                                                       these     DROPS;
Yodel for pay masters from DROPS in the name of respecting their privacy at normal                                                        times  and publicity for them at election times;
Zealous media reporting with zero integrity is getting zoomed every day and ending up                                        with   zero respect from one and all DROP by DROP.

DROPS refers to something 
Devoid of 
Rationalism but 
Politicization to                                                                                               
Sensationalize, done usually through

Road shows, 
Protests and 

When it is 
Deployed as 
Peacefully and 
Sensibly that too occasionally with rationality and scientifically well informed with evidences then it will be welcomed by all.

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