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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Roles and responsibilities rule over rules

                      Roles and responsibilities rule over rules

Rules are mostly framed after due consideration of various factors for the common good and convenience of the maximum number.

Sometimes they may dampen someone’s extraordinary excellence or sometimes they may help the mediocre to manage which that person could not have otherwise.

Therefore, they are neither to be considered as items of obedience by fools nor as the only guidance of the wise.

Rules usually are meant to help us negotiate certain situations physical, emotional or psychological.

Therefore, they are referred to by many words like legal regulations, moral or social obligations, and rational responses and so on.

The basic premise being that they pre- fix certain expected patterns of behavior and reactions in the interest of everyone.

But then, all rules in various situations are also amenable to be overlooked or by-passed or modified or even violated for the sake of contextual exigencies or emergencies wherein the concerned person/s may opt for reasoned choice and decision making with conscious awareness.

In fact in certain circumstances, it becomes imperative to negotiate beyond and besides the rules. One may call these Laws of Ambulance

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