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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Text books of English are of poor quality why?

Text books of English are of poor quality why?

The problem is the flight tickets of NCERT staff, because air port stalls stock only these authors.

Reading many books on a subject confuses, clarifies, coruscates and leads to some clarity.

Books like KA help  to make us understand how to make a research before making interpretation of mythology.

Recently I have been in touch with another excellent author over mail, in fact we have been exchanging mails on a weekly basis, she does similarly excellent works on culture, her name is Wiesna mond kozlowska, my goodness her research work on Masks and their significance is extraordinary, her home page is :

She has send many of her articles and speeches.                 

Books must be read topic wise, for example , now I am in a spree of reading books on linguistics, logic, thought process and in brief the connectivity and mutual influence or impact of these  three. I plan to read 50 books and I am at the 33rd , the triology of Steven Pinker  and before that I was reading 102 books on Science ,its impact, its discoveries, its philosophy, its instruments, its politics, its fraudulent claims by impersonators, its limitations and area where it is still unsure and how many of the existing well established and accepted scientific theories are intrinsically faulty etc and most importantly how it managed to overcome the religious bias in the west against it initially and helped the whole of human race benefit through its many methods, the references to great scientific discoveries in ancient Sanskrit texts etc.                                  

This type of reading lots of books on a topic confuses, clarifies, coruscates and leads to some clarity.

Whether it is books or bondas enough quantity automatically helps you to at least know the quality.

I personally feel that Devdutt Patnaik sometimes, like the extremist in the right wing, resorts to doctrinaire justifications of everything that is in Hindu scriptures irrespective of its contextual significance and intrinsic value, in fact that can be sometimes counter- productive as was Wendy's obsession to make mythology to undergo initially too much of critical analysis, then subjecting it to Freudian analysis. She needs to read Steve Maraboli, “Get out of your own way… stop the paralysis by analysis… decide what you want, create a simple plan, and get moving!”

Books too must be viewed from the author's contextual perspective and evaluated based on its intrinsic merit.

If we subject books under that spanner then Mills and Boon would be better than some  modern authors , actually they are  doing a great disservice to writing as most our bollywood and Tollywood movies are doing to the art of film making.

One such latest ambiguity personified stuff is 'Half- girl friend' the title itself is ambiguous which one is half whether girl or friend or the pursuit of the girl by the implied male or what is half something, at least, had he consulted me I would advised him to read Valery Adam's book on word formation involving adjectives.

In books too we must look for serious content that enhances our mental faculties and help at least our perception, if not enlightenment.

It is so unfortunate that our texts books are filled with crap written by some modern writers. Why not have passages of Sri Aurobindo, Swami vivekanada , Srinivasa sastry,  Sir CP or Rajaji or S. Radhakrishnan or Munshi or Ambedkar  even language wise all these people were far superior.

The problem is the flight tickets of NCERT staff, because air port stalls stock only these authors.

In our days, though we studied in Tamil medium schools we had English text books studded with essays and passages by Aldous Huxley, G.K. Chesterton, Leigh Hunt, Stephen Leacock, Russell, C.E.M. Joad, R.W. Emerson etc

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