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Friday, June 19, 2015

Thoughts and Thinking

 They think, therefore they are-Why the life of the mind is so important in France

This titled hooked me on to think about a dozen things on ‘thoughts and thinking’.

       Everyone thinks but what one thinks and when one thinks matters more.

        1.    I would like to get the book and read at the earliest.

2.    What is of paramount importance and influence is their [French] clarity of perception and conviction with which they approach most issues with undiluted intellectual analysis which, of course, in some cases may not work out fine.

           3.    Mostly people use the word ‘think’ or ‘thinking’ very vaguely.

4.    There are two great books about thinking or thoughts that I enjoyed reading which cover the entire depth and width of all that goes to influence/impact /create the thought/thinking process. Both these books study thought and thinking from various perspectives and in the process they also cover a huge bandwidth of subjects and aspects of life, evolution, psychology etc.

5.    ‘Thinking’ itself where, when and why it germinates? What it gives out and why it does so? What are its powers? All these have been very scientifically and scholarly described by many but still it is the unpredictability of thinking process that puzzles most   and therefore there is still a lot to unravel about thought and thinking as a whole. In whatever small literature I have come across and what little I know I think that thinking   capacity is not only an advanced faculty in terms of evolutionary biology but it is also a faculty that has eluded comprehensive and clear cut descriptions with axiomatic certitude as such and such.

6.    Whereas normally I have come across works of  literature and philosophy associate thinking /thoughts mostly with ideas, concepts etc which are not thoughts per se, but intellectualized presentation of thoughts.

7.    This is one of the reasons why thinking is also classified as critical thinking, creative thinking, ideal thinking, political thinking, correct thinking etc and depending upon the usefulness or relevance of thoughts there are also studies on thinking out of the box, inside the box etc.

8.    The awful thing with a thought which is lingering in your mind but you don’t get  a word or expression to communicate that correctly and the feeling is like having the last  piece of chips in hand and while taking to your mouth someone plucks it away  from you. Still worse is a thought which you are very much convinced is very vital and has long term impact but no one pays attention.

                 9.    Coming back to the books
                       Thinking And Destiny by Harold W. Percival

          “In Thinking and Destiny, something new, although older than time, is now made known to the world--about Consciousness. The information is largely about the makeup of the human, where man comes from, what becomes of him; it explains what thinking is; it tells how a thought is created, and how thoughts are exteriorized into acts, objects and events, and how they make his destiny. Destiny is thus shown to be self-determined by thinking;   and the process of re-existence and the after-death states are told in detail. A single reading  of any one chapter of Thinking and Destiny brings rich rewards in new understanding of  life`s puzzling mysteries. To read the entire book is to come nearer to knowledge of   one`s destiny and how to shape it than is possible through study of anything previously                written in the English language. Both the casually curious glancer at books and the most avid seeker for knowledge will be intrigued by the index, which lists more than 400  subjects in Thinking and Destiny, and by the fifteen chapter headings in the Table of   Contents, which identify the 156 sections. The Foreword contains the only pages in which  Mr. Percival uses the first personal pronoun. Here he relates some of the amazing experiences through which he was able to grasp the knowledge he transmits, and to  acquire the ability to do so.” From source
Another  is  ‘The stuff of thought’ by  Steven Pinker and his other book “How the  Mind Works’

              10.Scientific study about effects of positive thoughts

    Scientific Proof Thoughts & Intentions Can Alter The Physical World   Around Us alter-physical-world-around-us.html

11.Scientists Finally Show How Your Thoughts Can Cause Specific  Molecular Changes To Your Genes  molecular-changes-genes/

12.Of course no one has explored and explained the whole gamut of  thought and thinking as vividly as J.Krishnamurthy.
Here are some of his select quotes on thoughts and thinking
A] “Thought is so cunning, so clever, that it distorts everything for its own convenience.”

― Jiddu Krishnamurti, Freedom from the Known

b] Why has humanity given such extraordinary importance to thought? Is it because it is the only thing we have, even though it is activated through senses? Is it because thought has been able to dominate nature, dominate its surroundings, has brought about some physical security? Is it because it is the greatest instrument through which man operates, lives and benefits? Is it because thought has made the gods, the saviours, the super- consciousness, forgetting the anxiety, the fear, the sorrow, the envy, the guilt? Is it because it holds people together as a nation, as a group, as a sect? Is it because it offers hope to a dark life? Is it because it gives an opening to escape from the daily boring ways of our life? Is it because not knowing what the future is, it offers the security of the past, its arrogance, its insistence on experience? Is it because in knowledge there is stability, the avoidance of fear in the certainty of the known? Is it because thought in itself has assumed an invulnerable position, taken a stand against the unknown? Is it because love is unaccountable, not measurable, while thought is measured and resists the changeless movement of love?
          We have never questioned the very nature of thought. We have accepted thought as inevitable, as our eyes and legs. We have never probed to the very depth of thought: and because we have never questioned it, it has assumed preeminence. It is the tyrant of our life and tyrants are rarely challenged.
-- Krishnamurti, Letters To The Schools, Volume 1, 15th March, 1979

c] I suggested that to slow down the mind in order to examine the thought-feeling process, you should write down every thought-feeling. If one wishes to understand, for example, a machine of high revolution one has to slow it down, not stop it for then it becomes merely a dead matter; but make it turn gently, slowly, to study its structure, its movement. Likewise if we wish to understand our mind, we must slow down our thinking - not put a stop to it - slow it down in order to study it, to follow it to its fullest extent. And to do this I suggested that you write down every thought-feeling.
The Collected Works of J. Krishnamurti, Vol III; Ojai 1944,
8th Public Talk, Oak Grove Talks. CD-rom code OJ44T8

d] J. Krishnamurti 29th July 1981: So thought, time, space, psychologically is the source of conflict and sorrow. After examining it, is it possible for thought - please listen to this - for thought to realize its own place, which is in the world of technique and it has no place psychologically?

e] J. Krishnamurti 28th Nov 1981: Only when thought naturally, without conflict, without struggle comes to an end, which is time, then there is a possibility of that which is eternal. So you say, `Tell me how to end thought; tell me the system, the practice, I'll do it for the rest of my life.' So you are back again to the same old thing.

          On a lighter vein


Yoga is not a mere physical exercise.

Yoga need not be associated with any religion.

It need not be promoted as a mass hysterical event but there is nothing wrong in having a collective celebration of joy when there is a special occasion which is assigned importance by international recognition of something good and nice.

Neither love is a FEB 14th spectacle nor is Yoga a 21st June festival. They are perennially part of life and living depending upon what you do with them, how you use them and what they mean to you.

Let us all imbibe the wisdom of Terence, who said, “ I am a man; nothing pertaining to humanity is alien to me”.

As Paul Brunton writes, “our task is to learn wisdom from all experience,…..and to express in the arena of everyday life just what we have learnt. In this way everything that happens gives us a better foothold for future living”.

YOGA is neither coming into existence only on 21st June 2015 nor is it likely to lose its impact, influence from then on,but these types of assigned recognition by an international body contributes to create better awareness or at least inquisitiveness to know what it is all about ?

A peep into the flavor of the month

What is the flavor of the season now i.e. June 2015? What is the most talked about factually useful aspect of life? What is frivolously flipped off as a mass hysteria by some? And what it could possibly mean to the seniors [by seniors we mean people who have a special gift called chronologically acquired experience/wisdom gained practically through either function/friction in various aspects of life]?

Well, you guessed it right, we are talking about YOGA.

It is very vast subject with multifaceted aspects to it and already dealt in detail by experienced and enlightened souls, over the centuries, who might have derived/experienced great benefits out of it. Otherwise they would not have taken the pains to preserve, perpetuate and promote such a science/philosophy/art/exercise.

It is indeed a great achievement that despite all the criticism and anti-yoga materials churned out by some media house and almost hysterical sense of pride paraded by some, India has made its impact by getting many nations in UN declare 21st June as International Day of Yoga [much before our secular media tried to assign ulterior motives, hidden agendas, lurking suspicions etc] because most of the world leaders have been driven by wisdom which transcends all narrow boundaries of insecurity, suspicions, paid media propaganda of internal politics etc. They all showed a wisdom which came from the words of Terence, who said, “ I am a man; nothing pertaining to humanity is alien to me”.

YOGA is neither coming into existence only on 21st June 2015 nor is it likely to lose its impact, influence from then on, but these types of assigned recognition by an international body contributes to create better awareness or at least inquisitiveness to know what it is all about ?

With the existing vast literature on the subject, experts and avid practitioners etc around, making any attempt to explore the intricate details of the subject will be both risky and redundant.

However, this great comprehensive science, philosophy, art, enhanced tool of intellectual perception called Yoga cannot be made to swing like a pendulum between the two extremes of great lucid legacy of our ancestors [not patented and mostly less understood,] and the utterly livid objections of protesters.

The criticisms also have a wide range from attacking it for its perceived/ actual religious affinities to reducing it to another type of physical exercise meant to mind about only the physical body of a human being.

All religions preach two important things:- one reverence for at least some/if not all of its tenets, beliefs and practices, and two tolerances for those of others.

Most religions have many aspects which have outlived their relevance and also have some values which are inextricably linked with life as a whole.

Whatever helps the well being human life and the life of other species and nature can be followed by all for the good of all.

We can and must be willing to smoothen by shaving off certain religious connotations/affinities if that are likely to hamper greater number of human beings from benefiting from practicing it. Unfortunately human attention is easily diverted by symbolisms, slogans, perceived/ propagated associations rather than observing the intrinsic value/benefits etc. More useful and meaningful the activity more protesters pop up.

Ultimate good and benefit to the maximum number is one of the major aims of every religion. The paths, methods, language may or can vary but that should not cause any worry.

History of human intellectual exploration in the pursuit of truth and in its attempt to map the atlas of life has constantly tried, tries many methods. Yoga is one such, in fact human history talks, defines, classifies several types of yoga and there are probably many waiting to be labeled with some terminology by human intellect.

As indicated earlier the literature available on yoga is too vast. There are some which stand out more appealing to those who would like to have an intellectual and rational perspective to approach and understand the subject, like Swami Vivekananda’s works on Yoga and Sri Aurobindo’s wonderful work ‘The Synthesis of Yoga’ or a much earlier work of his ‘Essays Divine and Human’ wherein he lucidly explains The Psychology of Yoga, Object of yoga, The entire purpose of yoga, The Evolutionary Aim in Yoga, The Fullness of Yoga—In Condition, Yoga: Change of Consciousness and Transformation of Nature, The Way of Yoga, Partial Systems of Yoga ,Integral Yoga etc.

YOGA for easy remembrance can be expressed as acronym thus,

Where YOGI stands for
Ought to
Paul Brunton in his excellent work ‘THE HIDDEN TEACHING BEYOND YOGA’ writes in his epilogue thus, “our task is to learn wisdom from all experience,…..and to express in the arena of everyday life just what we have learnt. In this way everything that happens gives us a better foothold for future living”.

Everything happens for a reason which may be obvious or otherwise, but nonetheless happens to fulfill a contextual necessity and expresses in multiple ways. There are no vegetarian Eskimos nor are Eskimos born with furs, but they have to love and live with, by and because of those furry animals.

Life is a complex jigsaw puzzle but not a complicated one. There are pieces made available at different times and at appropriate places to fit in its place.

So, for human race time has come to at least to know about various types of Yoga and its utilities either with or without its religious affinities.

To help celebrate the International Day of Yoga, as declared by the United Nations for June 21, 2015, here is a great little (about 25 minutes) film to watch.
"Yoga: Harmony with Nature" is a compelling and beautiful new film by National Film Award winner Raja Choudhury and the External Publicity & Public Diplomacy Division of the Ministry of External Affairs of India celebrating Yoga, one of India’s most important gifts to the World. The film explores Yoga's origins, history, benefits, science, spread and embrace around the World. The film was produced to celebrate the UN's International Day of Yoga on June 21st 2015 and was inspired by the guiding words of India's Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi from his speech at the UN on 27th September 2014 to explore how human beings can learn to live in harmony with themselves, each other and nature through the practice of Yoga.

View it through this link:

Monday, June 15, 2015

BJP's Economic agenda and Jayanth Sinha

All the best Jayant Sinhaji,
I find fault with your analogy that you inherited a derailed passenger train. To start with the previous government was not at all bothered about the passengers and was not even aware whether they were inside.
It had bad tracks and worst track records;
No fishplates but more fishy plans;
It had lots of loose nuts and many cracks and therefore train could never move ahead.
Let us get back to the track and try to look as to what happened to the trains.
They had absolute blocks to wherein only train belonging to a particular family was allowed. They misused all platforms and bay platforms too were created for the coalition partners who operated on the old push pull locomotive principle. The fiddle- yard too was readied but then the ill trained incumbent went out, like Nero playing fiddle while Rome was burning, on a vacation when our media folks who normally engage in setting microscopes, magnifying glasses, telescopes, stethoscopes, x-rays all over all BJP MLA’s MPs etc did not know his whereabouts or probably they were decent enough to maintain the proper gauge of parallel understanding and lulled into morbid silence as was the kit -built design.
Media is decent enough not to cast[e] any aspersion in a train where the berth of leadership is reserved as per birth in a particular family.
But media, especially with its noisy know all and judge all expert anchors, the big mafia who fix the media trials, cannot be shut down because their preferred leader in waiting list with his sycophants listlessly waiting has not been sighted .So, the media busied itself with training and promoting the scratch-built model AAP in Delhi, which is now training its guns against its own promoters [media].
The Traverser [leftover Indian Left] not being able to find any fixed track was posing to protect the farmers whose welfare it has cut of using their own sickle and it has hammered their hopes away for six decades and also led two state’s economies into decay and decadence.

Though some of old proverbial frog- in- the- well- syndrome –afflicted [ excuse me for Sanskrit/German like adjective formation here] folks did not know what was happening to the new world where social networking was revealing truth after truth, much to the annoyance of paid media channels who were busy diverting the nation with discoveries they made with their microscopes about some individual’s comments in some remote part of the country and were demanding the PM to answer or FM to answer or HM to answer . Media needs to realize that it is a live frog.
If and when you have doubts about the meaning of some terms in italics and underlined refer to this site.
As the economic agenda is moving on right tracks let us catch the train and have a nice journey.
BJP Government is going in right direction.
Do not feel obliged or waste your precious time trying to reply to any media because 90% of them are corrupt and part of the mafia keen on destroying any economic developmental activity of our nation.
Of course, BJP's mandate is a late marriage after 60 + years between Government and Governance so let people understand the delivery of the baby called 'Economic Development' will take some time. Just because of late marriage we cannot expect a baby in 2 months. So, you must make some of the well meaning seniors of your own party not to go to the media to vent their impatience in not seeing their expectations.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Cyber security


I, a total non technical person, initiated and suggested this way back in the early 2000 along with a cyber security specialist, my neighbor, who being a specialized cyber security architect ad auditor and was a trainer on cyber security to top police officials and he also laid the entire cyber security system for Mauritius Government central bank etc along with some other top soft ware professionals.

It was much before mobile and internet banking of this scale started in India.

I even made detailed presentation on this along with these specialists to some professional companies which were doing back office work to leading International Banks but since no one showed any real interest or came forward to invest. We gave up the project, subsequently, recently we have colleges which have churned out post graduates in cyber security with in depth knowledge and are being employed and used by foreign banks.

At least now I think someone must and can think seriously about this.

The beauty is I have forwarded this to some directors of IT departments of big government corporations. All are sitting on it.

I even named it as 6Ms CSS

Monitor, Measure, Map, Make specific architecture, Make the installation and Maintain.



“The most vital systems of our society are all dependent on technology and computers. As a nation, we are only as strong as the security on the weakest link on these interconnected and interoperable systems... If cybersecurity is not a priority, then our economy and our infrastructures are at risk. Government, the private sector, and academia should all work together to develop a culture of security in cyberspace.”
n  Protecting Cyberspace, House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security


Tech savvy high-tech criminals, using the latest and most sophisticated technologies.


All sectors where systems are used which means our entire life support systems i.e. all activities involved in growth and development of our economy especially the whole gamut of infrastructure these systems support and operate.


All Windows Platform
 & UNIX Platform

Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Application Server Vulnerabilities


Throughout the entire incident timeline; pre-incident (prior to something bad actually happening), during an incident (when all heck is breaking loose) and post-incident (when everyone is sitting around wondering what the hell happened?)


When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it. But when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind.
— Lord Kelvin (British Physicist)


Honestly if we cannot measure something we cannot  hope to improve it. the yard stick  must be there to evaluate any improvement or development. So security must be measured because with security metrics we can measure adherence to compliance initiatives, provide information on involvement of security in various operational efforts, and get insights that can be used for allocation of resources.

How to measure?

“The only man who behaves sensibly is my tailor; he takes my measurements anew every time he sees me, while all the rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them”
George Bernard Shaw 

It is imperative that the measurement is industry specific, threat specific,vulnerability specific ,technology specific .
there cannot be any universal or static measurement that can be expeced to be valid at all time and for all verticles.


"The scientific method is at base analytic scrutiny, exact measuring, careful recording, and judgment on the basis of observed fact. Science in education is not a body of information, but a method, and its object is to find out and to learn how."
Leonard P. Ayres (1918) History and present status of educational measurements. In G. M. Whipple (Ed.), 17th NSSE Yearbook. Bloomington IL: Public School Pub. Co. p. 14

So after having done the monitoring [i.e. analytic scrutiny] and measuring [i.e. exact measuring] we move on to mapping [i.e. careful recording, and judgment on the basis of observed fact]

Map what?

The areas of vulnerability. Fence the borders of vulnerability from the attackers and protect the territory of our operations with appropriate and adequate security to ensure safe and smooth functioning.

Make specific architecture

Science in education is not a body of information, but a method, and its object is to find out and to learn how."
Leonard P. Ayres (1918)

All science is concerned with the relationship of cause and effect. Each scientific discovery increases man's ability to predict the consequences of his actions and thus his ability to control future events. Lawrence J. Peters

What type of architecture?

It is again industry specific, threat specific, vulnerability specific , technology specific especially with the growing number of focussed attackers as well as frustrated insiders.

It must be compatible to the existing systems and software in operation as you cannot have doors permanently closed just to avoid unwanted guests.

Make the installation

Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation. Robert F. Kennedy

Once the security aspects, threats, failures, vulnerabilities are monitored, measured, mapped and suitable architecture made, then, the appropriate remedial measures must be installed in place to write the history of safe, modern and secured cyber generation driven by information technology and living on internet.


Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced.  James Baldwin

Even well researched and authentic installations have to be scrupulously and constantly maintained as attackers and their equipments constantly try to disturb the installations. So only as and when new attacks are faced the modifications and maintenance of installations take place. It requires constant vigil because the time to develop countermeasures is longer than time to attack.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Education, Parents, Literacy, Society etc

Education, especially formal education what are we supposed to do about it?

The problem is not very simple for us to over simplify and over generalize and offer comments or opinions because it involves lot of aspects of life which we cannot afford to gamble with or not actively plan.

Only thing that is bad is the extent and degree of emphasis on certain aspects to the exclusion of the rest.

In the recent past I have come across articles, mostly, manifesting extreme positions, one denouncing all that go with all types, forms and levels of formal education along with all its concomitant parental and peer group pulls, pressures, perks etc
And another deploring the lack of enthusiasm and emphasis towards such important pursuit like formal education and the ensuing deprivation which can lead to depression and more delinquents as indicated in this article

So, youth who are actively gobbling up materials on the net are psychologically made to swing like a pendulum between these two extremes.

While most of us like to portray ourselves with a crowd criticizing standing on very high pedestal public opinions with catchy slogans we also clandestinely nurture a hypocritical following of the very things we criticize and condemn. In short we have a very healthy [acceptable] public view and filthy private action.

I infer most of the problems in perception are entangled around our lack of clarity about what we want to get out of whatever is called as education or whatever we pursue in the name of education.

There are few things that elders and experts fail to follow and understand like for example clarity of understanding and quick grasping of the essence of any issue/subject/project/problem come about through involvement, impact and influence of various factors, formal education, acquired knowledge, sharp intellect, keen observation, interest, involvement and chronologically gained experience being some of the major factors.
The beauty is different people get a combination of these capacities at different times, I mean stages of life. For some people it happens when they are just toddlers; for some in their teens; for some in mid 30s; for some when they are around the fifties etc.

Another major malady that confuses clarity of perception is the hoard of standard existing theories which are thrust on any avid seeker of knowledge or learner. For example let us take the very subject of ' learning methods/processes etc' you see texts about study of cognition, child psychology, communication etc to start with.
Whereas, if anyone thinks of learning process it must start and involve talking about factors like curiosity, observation, imitation, listening, doubting, questioning, meddling, imagination, dreaming, creating, attention, initiating thinking processes, exploring through all the senses etc.

These links also may be of use or relevance to the subject in the article which has involved the role of parents as well.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Modi's works which the media wrecks

Dear Devasahayam sir,

Why MODI is going from strength to strength despite nonchalant anti-Modi tirade both open and hidden?

Though I agree with some of your observations I would like to bring to light certain very pertinent issues.

We as a nation resort to uncritical love or unloving criticisms and this coupled with biased media projections born out of selective amnesia and collective indifference have created more harm than good. Modi's work which the  media wrecks through many tactics most of which are intended to divert the public attention from all the good that is being done/has been done. 

First, let me make it clear at the outset that I am not a supporter of any specific political outfit nor am I competent enough to get into the details of each and every department of government nor every aspect of governance [incidentally a terminology that has at last come into the lexicon of Indian politics thanks to Modi] nor can I evaluate the merits and demerits of many measures either taken up or omitted, nor can I comment on the criticism of lack of follow up of delivery of  every measure/policy/promise announced, nor I am here to defend and say that governance is totally divorced from politics etc.

But I would like people like Arun Shourieji, for whom I have a very great regard especially for his erudition, integrity, no- nonsense approach with regard to many issues, to remember that just because a person has a late marriage say at 50+ years we cannot expect to get a baby in one month. There are people like your good self with practical stint at the top bureaucratic level, compared to many others, and therefore you may be aware about the many practical constraints and inevitable procedural delays coupled with links of luddites, the vested interest lobbies which are out to block changes as they stand to lose at least their status quo.

After 60 plus years political power which has sat on the saddle of government has married governance and wants to deliver the baby of economic development and that too a healthy baby without any chronic illness, continental handicap, not vulnerable to attack by diseases of global economic trends or international political manipulations etc. So, while conceiving itself we must ensure that we make all sincere attempts to deliver a healthy baby and that the couple are united, namely government and governance.

Regarding others, mostly people of eminence, who are quiet old and feel that they have not been included in the team of active participants and therefore have been expressing their frustration more out of desperation through different types of veiled or open criticism of many activities and are exerting undue pressure whereas these people were mute spectators for the past so many years.

Newly wedded couple cannot be focusing on pleasing every relative or residents around because they are keener on delivering the baby for the future, namely sound economic development.

Regarding people from NGOs and Media the less we talk about the better it is. First they need to make sure what they want other than playing to the tunes of their pay masters [which ensures their financial comforts], enhancing their own importance in the process [which enhances their popularity]. If they are really interested in promoting any cause which they claim to work for, then, they might as well do all that is necessary to promote those causes rather than sitting in media anchor rooms and craving for connections and support  from the corridors  of  political power.

Most of the media in India is just anti-national as they get paid by anti-national forces.

What ordinary people like me see are these practical issues which we feel that people of eminence too would do well to acknowledge and highlight rather than merely criticize like the media fellows.
Kudos to MODI .Yes it is true and he is going about doing some very important things for a country,[ as can be obviously seen by all without being specialist economists or the feigning half baked judge all and know all TV anchors], like India which is:-
1.    Geographically large and susceptible to the vagaries of weather on which not only the economic activity but the very livelihood of the majority of population depends namely, agriculture.

2.    A population which is multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi ethnic, multi- lingual,

3.    Vast majority of this population is habitually used to anarchic behavior,

4.    Essential government services are at the mercy of multiple Babus [starting from a clerk to a Goonda leader to a minister either political, bureaucratic or otherwise influencing everything,

5.    Majority of the population vulnerable to emotional black mailing,

6.    A name sake federal structure which was subjected to pull and push tactics by the central government even on issues of national interest and those in concurrent list for political considerations.

7.    Bunch of academically qualified people who have only worked for short term gains or with next election minding politicians. 

8.    To add to some of these inherent and inevitable difficult circumstances and atrocious destructive forces there are also many externally sponsored trouble creators operating under various masks.

9.    There exists alongside a small portion of emotionally charged attention diverting and uncontrollable extreme right wing elements who they have their own agenda which they do not, unfortunately, realize is not the priority for the nation at present.

10.All these combinations are further manipulated and misused by the majority of the most dangerous malign media mafias with their hidden agenda, dictates of their pay masters etc. These popular goons who enjoy popularity and power without any responsibility can magnify minute things and totally mask massive corruption through their selective amnesia, collective indifference, brain washing techniques, sloganeering and many other dirty old tricks.

In this unwelcome and infectious milieu PM MODI is doing the following excellent things which are a great paradigm shift in a short span and are going to be of immense use giving long term benefits, because he knows a country with a great pride of ancestry can only become a hope for the future:-

First putting institutions in place;

Second ensuring efficient, enthusiastic and the most eligible persons at important positions in these institutions who can at least think in the same wave length and attempt to execute appropriate measures with certain amount of integrity and;

Third ensuring the benefits, services etc directly reach the most deserving population through activities like opening bank accounts, doing away with Gas subsidy, social security scheme, making railway stations as business hubs in small villages, and;

Fourth ensuring inter- state interactions at all levels irrespective of political affinities or ideologies.

It is these activities which are no small achievement by any means in any country and, more so, in a country like India with a perennially anti development attitude peddling hostile media and multitude of host of theoretical suggestions giving experts who try hard to criticize every action and try hard to find fault if not invent mistakes to question every action or policy.