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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Modi's works which the media wrecks

Dear Devasahayam sir,

Why MODI is going from strength to strength despite nonchalant anti-Modi tirade both open and hidden?

Though I agree with some of your observations I would like to bring to light certain very pertinent issues.

We as a nation resort to uncritical love or unloving criticisms and this coupled with biased media projections born out of selective amnesia and collective indifference have created more harm than good. Modi's work which the  media wrecks through many tactics most of which are intended to divert the public attention from all the good that is being done/has been done. 

First, let me make it clear at the outset that I am not a supporter of any specific political outfit nor am I competent enough to get into the details of each and every department of government nor every aspect of governance [incidentally a terminology that has at last come into the lexicon of Indian politics thanks to Modi] nor can I evaluate the merits and demerits of many measures either taken up or omitted, nor can I comment on the criticism of lack of follow up of delivery of  every measure/policy/promise announced, nor I am here to defend and say that governance is totally divorced from politics etc.

But I would like people like Arun Shourieji, for whom I have a very great regard especially for his erudition, integrity, no- nonsense approach with regard to many issues, to remember that just because a person has a late marriage say at 50+ years we cannot expect to get a baby in one month. There are people like your good self with practical stint at the top bureaucratic level, compared to many others, and therefore you may be aware about the many practical constraints and inevitable procedural delays coupled with links of luddites, the vested interest lobbies which are out to block changes as they stand to lose at least their status quo.

After 60 plus years political power which has sat on the saddle of government has married governance and wants to deliver the baby of economic development and that too a healthy baby without any chronic illness, continental handicap, not vulnerable to attack by diseases of global economic trends or international political manipulations etc. So, while conceiving itself we must ensure that we make all sincere attempts to deliver a healthy baby and that the couple are united, namely government and governance.

Regarding others, mostly people of eminence, who are quiet old and feel that they have not been included in the team of active participants and therefore have been expressing their frustration more out of desperation through different types of veiled or open criticism of many activities and are exerting undue pressure whereas these people were mute spectators for the past so many years.

Newly wedded couple cannot be focusing on pleasing every relative or residents around because they are keener on delivering the baby for the future, namely sound economic development.

Regarding people from NGOs and Media the less we talk about the better it is. First they need to make sure what they want other than playing to the tunes of their pay masters [which ensures their financial comforts], enhancing their own importance in the process [which enhances their popularity]. If they are really interested in promoting any cause which they claim to work for, then, they might as well do all that is necessary to promote those causes rather than sitting in media anchor rooms and craving for connections and support  from the corridors  of  political power.

Most of the media in India is just anti-national as they get paid by anti-national forces.

What ordinary people like me see are these practical issues which we feel that people of eminence too would do well to acknowledge and highlight rather than merely criticize like the media fellows.
Kudos to MODI .Yes it is true and he is going about doing some very important things for a country,[ as can be obviously seen by all without being specialist economists or the feigning half baked judge all and know all TV anchors], like India which is:-
1.    Geographically large and susceptible to the vagaries of weather on which not only the economic activity but the very livelihood of the majority of population depends namely, agriculture.

2.    A population which is multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi ethnic, multi- lingual,

3.    Vast majority of this population is habitually used to anarchic behavior,

4.    Essential government services are at the mercy of multiple Babus [starting from a clerk to a Goonda leader to a minister either political, bureaucratic or otherwise influencing everything,

5.    Majority of the population vulnerable to emotional black mailing,

6.    A name sake federal structure which was subjected to pull and push tactics by the central government even on issues of national interest and those in concurrent list for political considerations.

7.    Bunch of academically qualified people who have only worked for short term gains or with next election minding politicians. 

8.    To add to some of these inherent and inevitable difficult circumstances and atrocious destructive forces there are also many externally sponsored trouble creators operating under various masks.

9.    There exists alongside a small portion of emotionally charged attention diverting and uncontrollable extreme right wing elements who they have their own agenda which they do not, unfortunately, realize is not the priority for the nation at present.

10.All these combinations are further manipulated and misused by the majority of the most dangerous malign media mafias with their hidden agenda, dictates of their pay masters etc. These popular goons who enjoy popularity and power without any responsibility can magnify minute things and totally mask massive corruption through their selective amnesia, collective indifference, brain washing techniques, sloganeering and many other dirty old tricks.

In this unwelcome and infectious milieu PM MODI is doing the following excellent things which are a great paradigm shift in a short span and are going to be of immense use giving long term benefits, because he knows a country with a great pride of ancestry can only become a hope for the future:-

First putting institutions in place;

Second ensuring efficient, enthusiastic and the most eligible persons at important positions in these institutions who can at least think in the same wave length and attempt to execute appropriate measures with certain amount of integrity and;

Third ensuring the benefits, services etc directly reach the most deserving population through activities like opening bank accounts, doing away with Gas subsidy, social security scheme, making railway stations as business hubs in small villages, and;

Fourth ensuring inter- state interactions at all levels irrespective of political affinities or ideologies.

It is these activities which are no small achievement by any means in any country and, more so, in a country like India with a perennially anti development attitude peddling hostile media and multitude of host of theoretical suggestions giving experts who try hard to criticize every action and try hard to find fault if not invent mistakes to question every action or policy.

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