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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Media menace

NDA Government must be courageous, impartial and expose everyone. Why government is encouraging and is afraid of media mafia.

1. I would not blame the media. I blame the Government for not probing the scam of spending Tax payers’ money and taking a select group of Private Media houses during UPA along with PM MMS on foreign trips. File the case of misuse of tax payers’ money, favoring a few media houses and book them.

2. Why should any minister agree for a media interview?

3. As long as BJP is not going to have enough channels and news papers it is not going to progress.

4. Every regional party in TN has more than 3 to 4 channels.

5. Every minister and ministry must tweet, post in FB in personal name as well as ministry name activities on a daily basis so that these bluff and diversion are exposed.

6. Start in every local language a small newspaper along with many blogs, FB groups etc the very name of them must be Media Lies' and expose them.

7. What ineffective government that BJP is that it is not able to pin the media mafia nexus of tmedia's pay masters.

8. Media is India's greatest anti -national institutions especially just 5 or 6 and the best part is all of them are corrupt.

9. Why has NDTV been left just with a fine of 2 crores? The penalty is for non disclosure of tax amount of over 500 cr evaded by NDTV
SEBI today imposed a penalty of Rs 2 crore on New Delhi Television Ltd (NDTV) for delayed disclosures to the stock exchanges about a Rs 450-crore tax demand in early 2014.

10. Why there is no publicity about it?

11. Even Sensationalism is also selective for popular media. These are not news of national importance in one case a question of pride and in another a shame. Hidden in small column of regional news, women empowerment exposed. Popular media print and audio visual cannot make these as national news because that may offend their pay masters but let us spread this and make it go viral

 [only in Bangalore edition]

12. 4 or 5 media houses are conducting more trails and delivering more judgments on all issues than all the courts in India put together including on judicial activism when judiciary is not favoring them; preach on parliamentary over reach when parliament wants a panel to appoint judges; blame bureaucratic hurdles when funds of their pay masters get delayed; criticize government corporate nexus; condemn police excess but media mafia , misuse and its lobbies always take umbrage under press freedom.


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