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Monday, June 15, 2015

BJP's Economic agenda and Jayanth Sinha

All the best Jayant Sinhaji,
I find fault with your analogy that you inherited a derailed passenger train. To start with the previous government was not at all bothered about the passengers and was not even aware whether they were inside.
It had bad tracks and worst track records;
No fishplates but more fishy plans;
It had lots of loose nuts and many cracks and therefore train could never move ahead.
Let us get back to the track and try to look as to what happened to the trains.
They had absolute blocks to wherein only train belonging to a particular family was allowed. They misused all platforms and bay platforms too were created for the coalition partners who operated on the old push pull locomotive principle. The fiddle- yard too was readied but then the ill trained incumbent went out, like Nero playing fiddle while Rome was burning, on a vacation when our media folks who normally engage in setting microscopes, magnifying glasses, telescopes, stethoscopes, x-rays all over all BJP MLA’s MPs etc did not know his whereabouts or probably they were decent enough to maintain the proper gauge of parallel understanding and lulled into morbid silence as was the kit -built design.
Media is decent enough not to cast[e] any aspersion in a train where the berth of leadership is reserved as per birth in a particular family.
But media, especially with its noisy know all and judge all expert anchors, the big mafia who fix the media trials, cannot be shut down because their preferred leader in waiting list with his sycophants listlessly waiting has not been sighted .So, the media busied itself with training and promoting the scratch-built model AAP in Delhi, which is now training its guns against its own promoters [media].
The Traverser [leftover Indian Left] not being able to find any fixed track was posing to protect the farmers whose welfare it has cut of using their own sickle and it has hammered their hopes away for six decades and also led two state’s economies into decay and decadence.

Though some of old proverbial frog- in- the- well- syndrome –afflicted [ excuse me for Sanskrit/German like adjective formation here] folks did not know what was happening to the new world where social networking was revealing truth after truth, much to the annoyance of paid media channels who were busy diverting the nation with discoveries they made with their microscopes about some individual’s comments in some remote part of the country and were demanding the PM to answer or FM to answer or HM to answer . Media needs to realize that it is a live frog.
If and when you have doubts about the meaning of some terms in italics and underlined refer to this site.
As the economic agenda is moving on right tracks let us catch the train and have a nice journey.
BJP Government is going in right direction.
Do not feel obliged or waste your precious time trying to reply to any media because 90% of them are corrupt and part of the mafia keen on destroying any economic developmental activity of our nation.
Of course, BJP's mandate is a late marriage after 60 + years between Government and Governance so let people understand the delivery of the baby called 'Economic Development' will take some time. Just because of late marriage we cannot expect a baby in 2 months. So, you must make some of the well meaning seniors of your own party not to go to the media to vent their impatience in not seeing their expectations.

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