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Monday, June 8, 2015

Kudos to MODI

Kudos to MODI .Yes it is true and he is going about doing some very important things for a country,[ as can be obviously seen by all without being specialist economists or the feigning half baked judge all and know all TV anchors], like India which is:-
1.    Geographically large and susceptible to the vagaries of weather on which not only the economic activity but the very livelihood of the majority of population depends namely, agriculture.

2.    A population which is multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi ethnic, multi- lingual,

3.    Vast majority of this population is habitually used to anarchic behavior,

4.    Essential government services are at the mercy of multiple Babus [starting from a clerk to a Goonda leader to a minister either political, bureaucratic or otherwise influencing everything,

5.    Majority of the population vulnerable to emotional black mailing,

6.    A name sake federal structure which was subjected to pull and push tactics by the central government even on issues of national interest and those in concurrent list for political considerations.

7.    Bunch of academically qualified people who have only worked for short term gains or with next election minding politicians.  

8.    To add to some of these inherent and inevitable difficult circumstances and atrocious destructive forces there are also many externally sponsored trouble creators operating under various masks.

9.    There exists alongside a small portion of emotionally charged attention diverting and uncontrollable extreme right wing elements who they have their own agenda which they do not, unfortunately, realize is not the priority for the nation at present.

10.All these combinations are further manipulated and misused by the majority of the most dangerous malign media mafias with their hidden agenda, dictates of their pay masters etc. These popular goons who enjoy popularity and power without any responsibility can magnify minute things and totally mask massive corruption through their selective amnesia, collective indifference, brain washing techniques, sloganeering and many other dirty old tricks.

In this unwelcome and infectious milieu PM MODI is doing the following excellent things which are a great paradigm shift in a short span and are going to be of immense use giving long term benefits, because he knows a country with a great pride of ancestry can only become a hope for the future:-

First putting institutions in place;

Second ensuring efficient, enthusiastic and the most eligible persons at important positions in these institutions who can at least think in the same wave length and attempt to execute appropriate measures with certain amount of integrity and;

Third ensuring the benefits, services etc directly reach the most deserving population through activities like opening bank accounts, doing away with Gas subsidy, social security scheme, making railway stations as business hubs in small villages, and;

Fourth ensuring inter- state interactions at all levels irrespective of political affinities or ideologies.

It is these activities which are no small achievement by any means in any country and, more so, in a country like India with a perennially anti development attitude peddling hostile media and multitude of host of theoretical suggestions giving experts who try hard to criticize every action and try hard to find fault if not invent mistakes to question every action or policy.

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