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Monday, March 30, 2015

Rich Heritage

It has become a fashion to boast about our rich heritage. This is resorted to more by an army of social media enthusiasts as it gives a definitely a sense of satisfaction. It is indeed a privilege to belong to a rich heritage of culture, philosophy, scientific temper, social mores, spiritual insights etc.

No doubt this sort of pride of ancestry gives hope for the future. But at the same time we must also accept and acknowledge why? What? Who? Lead us away from, not down from, such rich heritage? We also need to look practically what we must do now, gradually and diplomatically, not only, to resurrect our past glory but also revive the areas in which the modern civilization need to march ahead for a bright future. We must also question ourselves how much of? Or what part of our past glory that we are proud of and are willing to identify ourselves with, without disturbing our present life too much?

We have too many great observations, citations singing the glory and greatness of India along with a crowd , a more visible one, which gets more recognition as well which is more keen on projecting 'Slum dog Millionaires' for a particular audience. We are looked down as a nation which can be easily led by emotional maneuvering and manipulations, euphemistically implying no one need to  bother about the mental capacity and identity of the nation. This is because we very often resort to uncritical love as when we deify some film stars, politicians and make too many god men out of orators, scholarly interpreters of our scriptures, heads of our mutts etc or resort to unloving criticism when we blame everything on some outside force, as if out of xenophobia. I have read and reviewed wonderful books by many especially on these topics the books BECOMING INDIAN and BEING INDIAN by PAVAN K. VARMA who unfortunately is now in a very wrong place for all his erudition, exposure, experience etc, probably, driven by a desperation or frustration at the lack of recognition, want of platform to survive at his level of life. No one has blamed the British cultural and linguistic intrusion along with the portrayal of our proud heritage more lucidly than him.

But having said that, how many of us can touch our heart and say that whole edifice created by the Macaulay has been destructive, has not contributed to our small growth story, it has been only negative etc. Certainly not, every event, especially if it had any great impact which cannot be denied or ignored, must have taken place to either make us undergo a specific experience or benefit. So in that way Macaulay's system too had its hidden, rather should I say immense benefit for so many generations? I am not saying his system is better or correct or more appropriate for a nation like India. We cannot either deny or do away with the fact that his system did penetrate and prevailed which probably gave employment to millions of Indians then as clerks now as software professionals; it has enabled the great Indian talent to be shared by the whole world. I would like to look at the positive contribution of Macaulay. I am not evaluating it in comparison with the negative impacts it may have or has had.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


The circus called AAP comes a half circle let us wait and watch manifold fun unfold in future.

A bunch of buffoons and clowns excreted from media mafia, NGO mafia and other anti-national mafia cannot run the circus for long together. Of course this plan B of Congress and NAC keeps on back firing everyone at every turn.

The underlined words in italics are from circus vocabulary so you may refer to this site for correct meaning.[]

One clown becomes a ring master all of a sudden how and why?

There were shills, ringers, pickled punks remained ideological statues.
The lunge rope of hope is still held by the media bosses because they excreted some of these clownish creatures.
People should have known about these excreted clowns after that 49 day John Robinson show what it would be like.

First they distanced from the Boss Hostler because of whose efforts the whole lot was excreted. He too was blinded by the victory and is busy lying down in his kip dreaming of new protests. Some people become addicted to street protests.
Excretion of constipated anti-national ideologies is not easy that is why the Charley Horse or crick [muscle spasm as it happens during constipation] twinges [pain caused during constipation] all those who were carried away by these bunch of buffoons and clowns with no national interest, no qualm to question anyone.
Media mafia is also unleashing its trailers to make their own TRP.

I pity the people of Delhi  as they have moved from tweedledum and  tweedledee mislead my the two culprits the media mafia and anti-national NGOs.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Cricket unites all Indians

Cricket unites all Indians and it is the biggest sports cum entertainment industry.So, let us stick to facts and firm it up for the future of at least these industries.

                                  Well done Team India.

                     1.Let us Indians move away from our proverbial psychological weakness of  unloving criticism, uncritical love, over kill of irrelevant analyzes and excessive expectations, too many Television discussions by arm chair critics etc

                          2. Cricket has always been the great ‘game of glorious uncertainties’.

                              First we must place all facts on the board before analyzing rather than resorting to arm chair criticism.

3.   Cricket unites all Indian more than anything else on earth including the concern for their own life. So, everyone gets involved with varying degrees of attention, time devoted and importance in some way or other.

4.   It is the biggest  sports cum entertainment industry of the nation with a few lakh individual participating actively , benefiting and making their livelihood and a few  million others indirectly benefiting from/through it.

5.   So, the interest, involvement and the revenue it generates on the whole is enormous for any sane person to ignore it even if he is not interested in the game in India.

6.    Naturally, therefore, it has produced many great stars of the game and icons for the masses.

7.   No player who reaches the stage of representing the country after undergoing stiff competition at all levels including overcoming all politics, family situation-based constraints, enduring many physical and psychological hurdles and sacrificing many other things in life would like to throw away a great opportunity to become a greater hero in important matches.

8.   Like all other industries this is also global and we need to survive in the global market.

9.   This is a tricky industry which cannot be run like a corporate house because the uncertainty factors are too many, surprisingly including the ground size and it is perhaps one of its many surprise elements which make it more interesting.

10.         We all need to live with certain universal facts like fortune is fluctuating; fluke is fickle in any walk of life; form is temporary; failures are inevitable etc

11.         But having said all that we also need to patiently devote lot of time to analyze the probable causes/reasons for failure purely from cricketing technical aspects and try to rectify them to ensure consistency of enhanced and excellent performance of Indian cricket team which is the main source/ product for the two industries of sports and entertainment and livelihood for all those engaged in them along with a hoard of accessory industries connected with these two.

12.         The technical flaws and short comings in my view are very minimal and can be easily overcome by the Indian cricketers who are a bunch of highly talented, eager and quick learners.

13.         I am not an expert but from what I have observed the following can be done as it is with the existing players.

14.         While all our IPL franchisees spend in crores to scout and recruit foreign players to entertain the cricket loving and feed the cricket hungry public with grand gala shows of talents from other nations, we also need to develop pitches which have similar fast and bouncy tracks like the Australian and South African tracks along with our existing tracks which helps spinners and batsmen.

15.         We also need built many more stadiums in extreme North Eastern cold regions as well as Himachal Pradesh to get used to cold and swinging conditions.

16.         Very often it is the extra pace, bounce and swing which lets down our talented batsmen.

17.         We need to scout for good athletic experts to coach talented youth to withstand physical rigors and psychologists to train them to with stand psychological pressure etc.

18.         Our villages have lot of able bodied, hard working athletic youth, who may not speak in English, but who can play good cricket if trained properly. I request BCCI and the IPL franchisees to spend some thought and money on all these.

19.         When Pakistan can produce so many excellent fast bowlers why not India because we mostly confine even cricket to elite schools and metros.

20.         Despite that raw talent and genius prop up on the national scene but unless they are methodically groomed with certain bench marks and well set goals then in the long run all the raw talent will go unutilized or underutilized as it happens to many potential great players in Pakistan, Caribbean Islands etc. The West Indian teams of 70s faded along with retirement of its extraordinarily talented players due to lack methodical grooming, the Pakistan of early 90s vanished the same way, the Australian team of late 90s to 2000 went the same way, though they have bounced back every now and then, the Indian teams of last decade need not go the same way as Indians can and must bounce back like the Aussies.

21.         We need to hatch ability out of potentiality and make it deliver optimum utility through methodical training, encouragement and care.

22.         Wahab Riaz’s spell against Australia was the best exhibition of pace bowling in the whole tournament till now but unfortunately the cricketing world hardly bothers about such talent because his own country for all you may know may drop him next season due to some internal politics.

23.         Indian cricket has achieved greatness even to this extent with exceptional talents of  vintage spinners like Prasanna, Bedi, Chandrasekar,Padmakar Shivalkar, V.V. kumar, Bapu Natkarni, S. Venkatraghavan, great batting legends like Sunil Gavaskar, sheer raw talents like G.R. Vishwanath, M.L. Jaishima, Salim Durani, Kapil Dev etc and recently Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Shewag, Rahul Dravvid, V.V.S. Lakshman, Saurav Ganguly etc have thrived despite lack of support from the industry in proportion to their contribution to the industry.

24.         I would like to underline support in proportion to the contribution to the industry, proportionate to the impact they have had on Indian cricketing industry, proportionate to the happy occasion they have offered to millions of fans whereas we pay crores to heroes of every language film in India who appear in stereotyped dance sequences, stories and fight scenes.

25.         Please try to understand a Steve Jobs importance and revenue cannot be the same like the best software brain who heads as CEO of a software company.

26.         Impact is more important.

27.         We tend to forget the long term interests of the industry with every major event and therefore fail to pay attention to the vital micro details/aspects.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Economic Development and empowerment

What actually empowerment of a nation at present is?

And who are the villains and victims?

Why it is imperative to give a chance to economic development, good transparent governance over any political agenda?

Nations, like individuals, have to be empowered. So, the people entrusted with the privilege of ruling/governing the nation and exercising power to enact policies which impact the citizens must be clear about what actually empowerment is at present?

In very simplistic terms it is doing things that would promote economic development leading to taking care of the basic necessities of maximum number of the citizens of the nation along with ensuring to bequeath an environment which won’t harm the lives in future. I am carefully and intentionally avoiding much debated and debatable terminologies like sustainable development, bio-diversity etc.

Though all these may sound as simple as a school boy’s essay, in reality, ruling/governing a nation, any nation, is not an easy task; whatever be the form of government that is in place.

Internally there are both obvious as well as hidden hurdles.

The international politics has so many intrigues that the labyrinth of it is unclear and unknown even to the most well versed, well equipped spy agencies of most powerful nations in the world.  

Manipulations of all kinds political, economic, commercial, trade, attack etc are all so masked and complicated that it is not easy even to know them. In addition the information explosion spreads so many stories some of which could be true and many of them mere hunches peddled by vested interest groups to create portrayal of proverbial victim-villain phenomenon to whip up passions of a group or generate reactions to gauge international opinions or garner international support.

But however much one may wish away the ‘victim-villain’ story line is what is easily understood by the majority of human beings. So, no wonder all politicians and media manipulators use it effectively.

Nations will have to know not only what real empowerment is, they also need to make the public know who the real victims and villains are.

The unfortunate but unavoidable facts are that there are many nation states and groups which pander more to identity politics; defining modern states based on some old ‘isms’ of economical models; ancient religious affinities etc . More sickening is the fact that these are backed by opinion molding media propaganda which pushes whole populations into identity cages without letting them live life in comfort and calmness and let others too enjoy the same privilege.

The villains are no more obvious invaders, colonialists, imperialists imposing their bossy insolence, military powers dropping bombs or wagging wars;

The villains are not present physically at the national borders;

They are not lurking in bushes or sailing into your shores with sirens;

The villains are the surreptitious creepy political and economic manipulators aided by media mafia [euphemistically referred to as propaganda peddlers or mass opinion molders], international political manipulators, identity hawkers, some unfortunate dirty corporate houses and some dubious financial institutions etc who are in the grip of these manipulators. So, even alert nations fall a prey to these manipulators unknowingly and unwillingly.

The victims are the rest of humanity who are not engaged in these activities. The victims actually outnumber the villains. Therefore, it is easier to create a conducive world where governance based on economic developmental agenda is given a priority over the rest.

Many books, documents, nowadays websites and blogs provide some sneak peek into denouement of unimaginable international political manipulations and ramifications. Of course, these are confined to most often just two or three continents not all. We can extrapolate and imagine the magnitude of invisible impacts. Unfortunately, we have neither astronomical facts nor astrological charts to decipher or even hunch the outcomes of these.

To sum it all in brief, the summits, conferences and meetings of international leaders very nicely mask these realities with diplomatic wheedling, hypocritical bonhomie, pious oaths, catchy slogans, attractive policy pronouncements, tedious treaties, symbolic gestures, photogenic postures etc and finally the secretaries, top diplomats trot out with hangover from cocktail parties to brief the media either with or without handing over the brief case of currencies to carry a favorable story of grand success of summit.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Heritage and Metro rail

Here is the script of what my daughter spoke in the inter school oratorical competition for Madras Week celebration two years back held at PSBB k.K. Nagar and she got the first prize.

The Topic given was

Heritage and Metro rail

Heritage as a terminology has acquired a wide range of connotations. So, at first we need to clearly define what we mean by heritage? 

In general we all have scant respect combined with varying degrees of ignorance and indifference towards many really culturally, socially, environmentally and scientifically significant aspects, value systems and facets of heritage and the symbols that represent such heritage. 

Heritage in brief includes and involves the full range of our inherited traditions, monuments, objects, and culture.  Most importantly, it is the range of contemporary activities, meanings, value systems and behaviors that they impact

However, going by the topic it is obvious that we are talking about a sudden new found concern and care for some old, dilapidated, mostly unused or unusable or misused constructions mostly built in the past few decades at the maximum a century ago. Constructions mostly made of combinations of brick, lime stone, clay etc. Of course, there are some exceptions to this, wherein, such old buildings are used for some meaningful activities and they do stand as symbols of some activity. Let me stress they are symbols and not the intrinsically significant part of such activity. 

Constructions which were older than a century and a half are mostly of solid rocks, stones and hence do not get jolted or spoiled even when they get submerged under water like the structures at Mahapalipuram. 

This sudden concern is purely due to some vested interests, ideological affinities, political expediency and purely personal and material gains. 

We all must have sane approach towards anything based on facts, inevitable situational requirements, the relative changes and adjustments that we have to make towards such requirements and in some cases even a hard decision or a sacrifice if one may use such big words.

The facts are:-
1] Everything has an expiry date, including our life.

2] Infrastructural development is inevitable if we are to promote economy, trade and enable movement of goods and transportation of a constantly growing population.

3] If we remain as luddites [those opposing change] then we will remain an economically backward state/country.

4] What could we do if these buildings, mostly those built of brick, lime stone and clay and existing in dilapidated conditions get damaged or come crushing to the ground due to earth quake, severe cyclonic storm, sudden floods, heavy rainfall etc or get destroyed in some fire.

5] In most cases the activities that are taking place can be easily relocated elsewhere in the interest of growth of economy.
We must all remember one thing that the only thing that does not change is change and everything else is subject to change.
Heritage has very little to do with the past, but is actually more about how we conceptualize the future. Objects of heritage are the things we pay attention to because they’re still meaningful to us, not always because they tell great stories about the past but because we use them to tell stories about ourselves. Practices of heritage are customs and habits which, although intangible, also inform who we are as groups, and help to create our shared social memory.
We use objects of heritage (monuments, buildings, sites, landscapes) and practices of heritage (languages, music, community celebrations) to shape our ideas about who we are as nations, communities, and individuals. What we define as ‘heritage’ is constantly changing in the light of the present as we look to the past to imagine our future.
So in the interest of future and our own progress we must be willing to exchange a few symbols of heritage in the form of some old buildings. 
We read in history books that how passive spectators we were when all our rich cultural heritages were plundered by invaders. We ourselves have made lots of changes to our value systems, and symbols of heritage for various reasons.

If time permits I can go into the relative importance and even inevitability of metro and mono rails……


Friday, March 13, 2015

Politics and Religion. Bias, Beliefs and Bans

In every issue there are unanswered general attitudinal problems.

It is high time that BJP delinks itself from the fanatic fringes of RSS brigade otherwise it will prove as costly and as destructive as for Congress hanging  on to the apron strings Nehru family  or the left lingering in its 16th century slogans.

Brevity is neither my forte nor my favorite form. So here goes my reply.

Most politicians and religious leaders of all hues and parties are soaked in superficiality, showmanship, sycophancy and pander to pseudo and parochial populist schemes. They are churned out of some such socio-cultural bias or ideological and organizational compulsions. Such people always resort to executing wrong priorities under pressure and execute them without the necessary diplomacy, delicacy and hypocrisy of a seasoned missionary.

So nothing comes forth from them only froth.

The populace which hoisted them into power and position laps up the bubbles of this froth. It is vicious circle where certain imagined identity is ideologically acquired and most people are vulnerable victims to this unconscious vicious circle. Once they are into it they suffer from identity crisis. This is how both politics and religions exercise  command and control over many. 

One creates beliefs while the other policies and  both are euphemisms to block individuals from rational thinking.

They fail to differentiate between the chaff and grain; they mistake the symbols for substance; some scratch the surface of the symbols and claim it as great and new interpretation like Devadutt   Patnaik does and it is interesting to read because he unravels the bridge between the symbols and substance with lot of erudition and solid academic reference work but too much of labored interpretations.

Anyone who grasps even an iota of the great nectar of substance/intrinsic value would stop dabbling in any debates or discussion and if at all they do it would only be enlightening like the philosophical probing of Ramana Maharishi, JK, Swami Vivekananda, Bertrand Russell, Sri Aurobindu etc.

Coming to the specific issue of ban on beef here based on these above observations it is not at all surprising that some politicians act very foolishly at times and it sets people into debates for and against.

It is a common malady of human species as a whole to misinterpret scriptures and misuse them out of context or beyond their contextual validity [we all must remember that religious scriptures too have an expiry date] abuse, misuse ideological inhibitions and insinuations. But it becomes a social problem when such misinterpretations are enforced on others.

I am a vegetarian I have never tasted even omelet and mostly avoid even cakes. I have a spontaneous genetic rejection towards anything that is not vegetarian. However, I am not a pure vegetarian, no one on earth is. We all swallow our saliva which is not vegetarian. Whenever we open our mouth or breath we inhale many microbes…

If going by the commonly misunderstood notions of vegetarianism, if the whole world turns vegetarians then the fish will breed so much that  sea water will submerge most of the coastal land.
What are going to do to those who are habituated to eat beef? What are you going to do to those who made their livelihood by selling beef? Where will you house those bulls which were hitherto consumed by so many? Do you have shelters for them?

What is violence? Who is to decide it? Killing and war has been very well justified in our scriptures in specific contexts. Most developments of the world have taken place out of violence and its manifestations.

Some gems on violence and non-violence from Jiddu Krsihnamurti

“We human beings are what we have been for millions of years — colossally greedy, envious, aggressive, jealous, anxious and despairing, with occasional flashes of joy and affection. We are a strange mixture of hate, fear and gentleness; we are both violence and peace.”
Krishnamurti, Jiddu. Freedom From the Known. 1969.

“Violence is not merely killing another. It is violence when we use a sharp word, when we make a gesture to brush away a person, when we obey because there is fear. So violence isn’t merely organized butchery in the name of God, in the name of society or country. Violence is much more subtle, much deeper, and we are inquiring into the very depths of violence. When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you know why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.”
– Krishnamurti, Freedom from the Known, pp 51-52

Many more here :

On war and killing

Over emphasis, for wrong reasons, on our past glory and quoting our scriptures to either justify anything and everything or patting ourselves

The problem of having to deal with an enemy within

The need to move ahead

Monday, March 9, 2015

AAP and gullible people

People who believed in AAP in the first place where naive and who do not know the inner dynamics of political scheming and manipulations,hidden agendas, lurking suspicions, ulterior motives .

Fortunately, for these innocent gullible folks who thought AAP was something new, great etc, nature has popped up the simmering discontent within the rank and file of AAP to the surface so that the whole world gets an opportunity to know the real face of opportunistic, anti-national, anti-development AAP beneath the media promoted bubble mask.

AAP -The great mask of the LEFT

AAP is a deadly mix of Congress, Left and anti-national NGOs with a new mask.

When power, pelf, publicity, popularity and position come cascading in to an individual or a group without necessary mental maturity and principles or values, without backed by organizational experience and strength, without established systems of command, control, delegation, trust etc;

without any strong sense of goal or vision for mission for which, by fluke, such individual or group was showered with such benefits, then, it is only natural that for the good of the people of India that such an arrangement crumbles. 

I purposely call it arrangement; For, AAP is neither a party nor an organization. Let us be clear there are no leaders there either.

Slowly everything will transpire [‘become known’- the original meaning of the word] as to what transpired between the parts of this mask [one half Cong and the other half Left] all of which desperately seek to be identified with equal importance and prominence. Only place where equality is wished for among this group of Atrociously Amateurish Protesters.

Let us see beneath the mask the putrefied remains which make it a media pet. No guesses it is the leftover left of India which pulls in the gullible adolescents who are mostly unemployed, unemployable, employed but incapable and inefficient.

The leftist ideologues are ideologically and professionally narcissistic. 

They have spent generations on ‘victim –villain’ social models in terms of socio-economic aspects of life. They also suffer from a chronic disease that they are incapable and unwilling to learn about other models of socio-economic systems of life.

So, anyone who thinks of /acts towards long term economic development that can reduce the crowd of victims in that script makes them resort to knee jerk reactions. 

India’s greatest curse is, unfortunately, much promoted by Congress party [which made its socialist postures for electoral gains; these leftover leftist ideologues occupy most of the media houses.
Some media houses like The Hindu are fully owned by these fossil genetic samples of leftover left of India.

There are only two other areas where these fossil genetic samples are kept intact. The trade unions of leftist parties [ which incidentally ensured closure of units like Nokia, Foxcon etc near Chennai] and 4 member from two family who occupy the parliament [in the form of Karat and family {2} , Sitaram Yetchury and Bharadhan who has a constant competition with Karan Tappar –who manages to grind only his teeth while speaking- while Bharathan crushes to pieces every single word in English].

Most of these leftist worthies are inducted MPs, they can never get elected.

Despite them having less number of members than PMK, DMK, AGP etc, media houses always shove the mikes in the mouths of these worthies.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Singing our Past glory- a popular refrain

Pride of ancestry is the hope for the future. India has it in great measure and justifiably so, despite all the false history propagated to the contrary by our invaders and our own home grown betrayers in various fields/walks of life.

Having said that to be always preening and patting ourselves with almost a nostalgic ethnocentric pride, especially laboriously staking claim for our contributions, our ancientness etc, announces a sense of complex which portrays us as pathetic attention seekers. It also sounds as if we are considered weak and therefore need to keep repeating our great feats and past glory at every juncture, every forum and opportunity.

Truth always finds its own way to manifest, however historians may attempt selectively to highlight or hide it. While the whole world knows Columbus as a great discoverer, without any doubt, the world also gradually came to know that every discovery of his [though he was not responsible for it] ended up enslaving and killing many human beings who were otherwise leading a happy life. Even if European history books written with excessive emphasis of world wars, industrial revolution, French revolution etc the contributions of ancient Greek civilization, Roman Empire etc can never be overlooked.

Our greatest weakness was lack of documentation, failing to  propagate at the right time [not after many centuries have passed by], fail to do and/or promote contextually relevant and most import thing [prioritizing first things first] at specific junctures etc.

Of course, the last factor mentioned above i.e. prioritizing contextually relevant thing was taken care of, mostly, as if by some divine intervention, at crucial times through  roles played by some great souls  :-

Like Adi Shankara who actually united the country psychologically and culturally by unearthing many important concepts of Sanathana Dharma; 

Like Swami Vivekananda who brought to the notice of the Western world the great teachings of Sanathana Dharma by opting to address them in their language and in the idiom that would appeal to them, both these acts were timely; 

Similarly the 68th Sankaracharya of Kanchi Mutt popularly known as Mahaperiyava Sri Chandrasekarendra saraswathy ensured the introduction of some parts of article 26 of The Indian Constitution which enable every Indian to worship and practice his/her respective religion or sect, “Again, when the Indian Constitution was being framed, Paramacharya called a well-known Vedic scholar and asked him to meet Sardar Vallabhai Patel to pass on a message from Him on the need for a vital provision in the Constitution to the effect that the religious belief. This message was duly transmitted through a meeting arranged by "The Hindu" with the visiting officials of the Indian Government with the Vedic scholar deputed by Paramacharya. As a result Article 26 of the Constitution was enshrined and this extended constitutional protection, not just to the major religions-Hinduism or Islam-but to every sub-sect of these religion”-[ ]; 

After independence Sardar Vallabhai Patel ensured uniting the multiple smaller kingdoms; 

In the early 90s one man wanted to retire from politics and moved away but he was inducted as Prime Minister Shri P.V.Narasimha Rao, who for the first time, post Independence made parliamentarians know that, besides politics, economic progress and activities towards that were also part of Government; 

Similarly recently when corruption, atrocities and anti –national activities reached a saturation point, destiny of India has found in MODI a leader who has a vision, intention, credentials, mandate etc to lead the nation to greater heights.

So, in the present context what India needs to do, is not to resort to singing the refrain of its past glories but rather prioritize and concentrate, with wisdom, to progress in domains that matter more at present like economic development which will take care of better survival conditions for many, eradication of poverty to a very great extent, generate employment, improve education and research in science, technology, communication, infrastructure etc.

Once our status in this area i.e. economic development improves, then, the world will listen to us and look up to us, till then all our belated parading of our past glory, sometimes ad nauseam, will sound as if we are trying hard to market ourselves as a great glorious nation with a enviable past and it may also inadvertently divert the attention of youth from concentrating on economic developmental activities.

Too much of addiction to past glory will give a sense of false complacency and trap us in the quagmire of ethnocentric adulation leading to despicable existence as has happened in the case of the glorious Greece.

Scientists have named latest particle discovery as HIGGS BOSON recognizing the great scientist BOSE of India about whom many Indians do not know anything at all.
What was more interesting was this psychological affliction of claiming credit and creating connection after a thing is established, to which , with all due respects, even Sri Sri Ravishankar of the Art of Living was susceptible, when he gave a lecture immediately after announcement of results of Higgs-Boson particle results in Germany , read here the transcript of that speech

Not that I am averse to know and share the many great gems that exist in ancient Indian scriptures. In fact, I have been requesting people to take up detailed study of DEVI BHAGAVATHAM paying attention to probable esoteric references to unearth many hitherto unknown mysteries.

Let us listen to lectures by people like Shatavadhani Dr. R. Ganesh who can pack in a single topic the entire gamut of India’s multi-faceted glory or 

people like Swami Atmapriyananda, [Vice Chancellor of Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University since 2005] who explain in very scientific terms synergizing our past glory with the necessity and methods to apply it to present day requirements.

India's past glory does not require any promoters as it will automatically manifest itself at the appropriate time and place.

Here are some links that throw light on some aspects of our past glory for all of us to know

Monday, March 2, 2015


Everything in any process of growth is just a step, important and inevitable, but not a stop. It is so with mother’s milk [our biological aspect of life]; it is so with learning of alphabets, words and numbers [our intellectual aspect of life]; it is so with hugging, kissing and cajoling as babies [our emotional aspect of life]; it is so with our learning and understanding of different concepts [ our philosophical aspect of life]; it is so with all forms of worship, devotion and all its concomitant rituals and religious practices [ our spiritual life] and so on. This is the inherent wisdom. A normal human being has to go through a process to grow in everything or into something but ultimately grow out of it.

These steps are various types of status quo addictions, comfort zones, identity cages which take possession of our psyche and operates through it almost as a matter of habit or sometimes even as an automatic reflex movement. They then manifest in all spheres of our relationships.our culture, our religious practices, our food habits, our life styles etc and we get used to the comfort of relaxing in these steps without moving up.