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Monday, March 2, 2015


Everything in any process of growth is just a step, important and inevitable, but not a stop. It is so with mother’s milk [our biological aspect of life]; it is so with learning of alphabets, words and numbers [our intellectual aspect of life]; it is so with hugging, kissing and cajoling as babies [our emotional aspect of life]; it is so with our learning and understanding of different concepts [ our philosophical aspect of life]; it is so with all forms of worship, devotion and all its concomitant rituals and religious practices [ our spiritual life] and so on. This is the inherent wisdom. A normal human being has to go through a process to grow in everything or into something but ultimately grow out of it.

These steps are various types of status quo addictions, comfort zones, identity cages which take possession of our psyche and operates through it almost as a matter of habit or sometimes even as an automatic reflex movement. They then manifest in all spheres of our relationships.our culture, our religious practices, our food habits, our life styles etc and we get used to the comfort of relaxing in these steps without moving up.                                                           

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