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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Microsoft will surge ahead

But then the hallmark of any new technology, more so with near monopoly manufacturer, is profiteering.

Microsoft undoubtedly was one such enterprise. It is easy to over simplify in a dismissive biased tone, the Americans over do it or greedy for profits etc. But then we would be missing a very vital component which benefits humanity in many ways through the risk of investments and initiatives in R & D that Americans boldly do.

Alas what boon was MS-DOS? Amazon on the contrary is just a marketing arm.
In my opinion , in terms of real contribution to humanity I would favor Microsoft even if the Bill is more as Gates opened the Windows to many enterprises and activities that were groping about with heavy typewriters, loads of papers, correction fluids, redrafts etc.

Modern day developments and competitions are too fast and furious to make easy comparisons.

Microsoft can always come up with newer, better and developed technologies and reasonable pricing and continue to contribute because they must be aware of  all the factors that they have undergone in their learning curve and all that is required is to adopt many new strategies, not necessarily price/profit orientation alone.

Whereas mere marketing is a more competitive, especially internet marketing, and a cut throat continuous cost cutting activity dependent on more number of external factors than a manufacturing activity.

So, from an overall business perspective, hat off to Microsoft for the heights it has scanned, territories it has penetrated, peoples and institutions it has connected and helped and the contributions it has made to humanity through its technology.  

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