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Friday, June 30, 2017

LEFT and its intolerant violence are inseparable.

Leftover LEFT in media and academia needs psychiatric treatment. 

LEFT and its intolerant violence are inseparable.

Leftover LEFT is an outdated ideology which is anti-social, anti-humanistic and anti-developmental in nature and by nurture.

Left has for too long supported anti-social, anti-national, anti-developmental and in all cases anti-humanistic [everywhere] violent groups.

If we skim through the annals of history this becomes obvious they did and do with various outfits religious, social, ideological and so on which are fundamentally against order and orderly and peaceful living.

When their own script ran anywhere in history it manifested only violence and which was euphemistically called it as social revolution.

Thank goodness that they never called it humanistic revolution.

Their selective projections and slogan based fraternity and collective fanatical ideological affinity has caused more deaths both directly or indirectly through aiding and abetting groups which try to violently suppress and oppress other views.

Left is a silent, violent religion by itself. Its scriptures are its putrefied perceptions, sermons are puerile projections spiced with catchy slogans and they worship their petrified [idolized] ideology with a well run propaganda mechanism.

However, humanity’s greatest blessing is that they have not anatomically presented as a religion because they can change any principle as expediency is their only principle and opportunistic gains for their own leaders or the leaders that they sponsor is the only value.

However, they are present everywhere like poisonous insects stinging whenever their space is disturbed.

The bandwidth for dissent, discussion and different opinions is actually much better in most religions than in brain washing propaganda instilled narrow alleys of the leftover LEFT.

It is unfortunate that ideology based identity addicted youth of the LEFT lingering in the corridors of media and academia with all their wealth of information [mostly one sided] who therefore, suffer from poverty understanding go into depression and frustration and since the only knowledge and skill set they know of is either any anti-developmental activity or violence, either resort to them on their own and when incapable support other groups who do such things.

We can even tackle the latest problem humanity faces that of terrorism by weeding out these left loonies from media and academic circles.

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