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Friday, June 9, 2017

Role of economics in social engineering as one of the vital aspect

Role of economics in social engineering as one of the vital aspect delivering the ultimate wisdom of social engineering

The author is correct when he says no one is indispensable but at the same time every good, productive idea must be tested.

No comment must be a personal attack or counter attack on anyone trying to push any particular ideological bias in every topic. Then social media may also degrade itself like main stream media.

Economics, especially modern economics is so intricate and interwoven with too many aspects and therefore it would be impractical to let it be decided by any individual or single organization though there may be an ultimate decision making authority.

In normal course all of us know what we want and how to get it and then have our own reasons as to why we wanted what we wanted.

But when this process is reversed with why we want and then proceed how to get it and get what we want then there will emerge what we like calling in modern jargon as ‘disruptive ideas/techniques’.

But can political leaders risk taking that path? Aren’t they expected to primarily publicize what they intend doing first and spell out how it is going to benefit population at large?

The Why?

Maximum possible prosperity and happiness of the maximum number may be a bottom line for any economic agenda from a socio-political perspective.

The How?

Multiple organizations must methodically measure and monitor the myriad aspects of modern economy.

The collective input of all these organizations must be studied with a view to evolve a synergy that can contribute to overall economic development and growth.

The What?

All the above activities must ensure that all collateral social welfare aspects like job creation or employment generation, affordable cost of living and also bring political dividends to the party that enables to deliver such results.

How it is worked out and delivered it must be left to the experts because modern economics is far too complicated, beyond the scope of many existing theories, as it is based on too many dimensions and each dimension has its own inherent inner dynamics [either positive or negative] and dynamics of reaction to the external impacts emanating from the constantly churning grand global economic trends and turbulence.

So, the economic developments and dimensions too keep changing their patterns like that of a kaleidoscope in a monkey hand or sometimes like a monkey sitting inside a kaleidoscope.

However, economics, especially as a social welfare and developmental activity, is a very vital component of social engineering and therefore, extremely important and relevant for politicians who are bothered about governance and prosperity of the people and the nation at heart beyond mere next election result minding political postures.

Let us not fall a prey to the general and unfortunate connotations that people assign to and the beneficiaries willingly appropriate and perpetuate as  when people talk of:-

Religion- they refer mostly merely to observance of rituals or following certain religiously assigned duties and morals or if slightly extended, at the most referring to knowledge of some religious scriptures.
Is religion really confined to that?

Science- they refer mostly merely to knowledge which is practically useful and to empirically proven utilities and technologies.
Is science really confined to that?

Intelligence or intellect [most often wrongly used interchangeably] - they refer mostly merely to those who can remember and articulate well many ideas and thoughts in a justifying manner. Is intelligence really confined to that?

Rationality-they refer mostly merely to some ideologies that are presented with logically appealing arguments or ideas but not necessarily empirical or accommodating the sensitivities of socio-cultural values and aesthetics.
Is rationalism really confined to that?

Politics- they refer mostly to some mad hero worship of some leader or ideology or a group enabling a social engineering that is in tune with the status quo that they like.
Is politics really confined to that?

Government- they refer to a group of people to whom they can delegate the task of fulfilling all their own requirements as well as favors as a quid pro quo for the next quinquennial renewal.
Is government really confined to that?

Economics-they refer mostly to availing and availability of many comforts at an affordable cost or free of any cost, if possible, without any efforts along with liquid currency at their disposal to encounter any eventuality.
Is economics really confined to that?

Role of economics in social engineering as one of the vital aspect delivering the ultimate wisdom of social engineering

Dressing up the menu with spices

1. HORNGREN’S OBSERVATION: Among economists, the real world is often    a special case.

2. BUCHWALD’S LAW: As the economy gets better, everything else gets worse.

3. KAMIN’S SIXTH LAW : When attempting to predict and forecast macro-economic moves of economic legislation by a politician, never be misled by what he says; instead-watch what he does.

People lose their way when they lose their why.- Michael Hyatt

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