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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Art of Writing

I made a Wordle of contents within my previous write ups in blog relating to writing.

It is an advanced filtering system; still it threw up the following links and they pertain to the following:- 

Art of writing, 

Word, language and culture, 

The journey of words, 

The temptation of a blank page, 

How people skillfully cover up lack of knowledge in any subject  through a cocktail of terminologies, 

Then the demanding requirement of every language and the commands of puritans and publishers, some justified and others not so justifiable like 

Length of a sentence, 

Punctuation rules, 

Use of prepositions, 


Dilemma of editors, 

Intentionally manipulative  usage of terms to appropriate certain credits and assign certain labels and so on.

Here are some links all of which may take a long time with many sub links within

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