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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Why media’s selective vulgarism demeaning a nice emotion of ‘nationalism’?

Why media’s selective vulgarism demeaning a nice emotion of ‘nationalism’?

[This whole write up is my reaction to the article at the end of this post which appeared in TOI

1.  No one with a sane mind or any nation or any institution would advocate, admire and resort to war unless a specific situation warrants it.

2. Where is the same media when it secretes lot of fanatical anti- national script writers?

3. Being fanatical in anything is to be curtailed but that cannot be done selectively.

4. More so when it is a justifiable manifestation of emotional affinity to one’s parents, children, spouse, favorite person in any field, one’s nation, one’s love for a particular music, language or art etc.

5. At this rate these selective script writers will start describing a parent admiring the child’s actions as voyeurism.

 6. These media perverts would term a five year old boy returning home from school running and hugging his mother as Oedipus complex and girl of similar age doing that to her father as Electra complex because main stream media seem to pollute so much there is no perception at all, only perversions.

7. Why there is sudden spurt in main stream media’s frustrations and fetish for anti-national venom?

8. The terms one uses not only impacts the topic but reveals the ideological background of the writer and may end up tarnishing the image of the media house.

9. We the readers of reputed newspapers like TOI expect any virulent and valid ideological criticism or educative promotional material but not porn-notional venom, and that too against a very natural proud emotional manifestation called nationalism.

10. We the readers would like to know the definition of gratification and satisfaction in the context of porn and war with all the nuances well laid out for us to understand better.

11. Anyone who enjoys using similes and metaphors would be well advised to read Shakespeare or Kalidasa.

12. Being critical, controversial, provocative, disruptive trend setting and even gloating in a self appropriated illusionary world of intellectual insolence and all other similar self appropriations are all the prerogatives of people who get the platform of a media house.

13. But to misuse  that prerogative through puerile portrayal revealing a putrefied mindset mostly emanating from some petrified ideological impulse which has got pulverized in the field of civilized evolution [which benefits human beings at large of which pride of ancestry is a very positive inspiring emotion, though unfortunately lesser mortals get intimidated by that.]

14. Lack of sophistication in communications and lack of diplomacy in delivering a hidden agenda reveals the frustrations and desperation to restore some petrified ideology inside the sanctuaries of caged identity venerations.

15. To rephrase the wonderful quotation that adorns the top of that page ‘The ultimate weakness of vulgar and vituperative vocabulary is that it descends into the drain and lets all the hidden ideology, that one tries hard to market in the mall of main stream media manufactured opinions, also disappears from the atlas of matured peoples’ radar of observations and perceptions’.

16. Why the media masturbation with verbal diarrhoea tries its level best to spill its secretion on a very nice feeling called ‘nationalism’?

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