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Saturday, May 27, 2017


Population is the most important primary issue in terms of all impacts-either positive or negative- it can have on all other parameters of socio-economic activities.

So, it is imperative that we all as stake holders in global resources must effect the necessary adjustments to ensure a life with less difficulty for all.

I resort to over generalized observations without saying whether population control is must or demographic profiling is necessary etc because most people tend to convert even concerns with good intensions into controversies.

These generalizations also have the advantage of allowing individuals to come out with multiple interpretations, plans, programs and solutions.

However, those involved in higher echelons of economic policy making must ensure to have the best possible and most accurate demographic data because the hidden but major factors that impact or inflict a blow on economy as well as policies of governance may be mostly issues related with lack of employment generation for academically qualified youth, pension and other expenses related with the old people and adequate nutrition for the ever increasing new born babies.

All these cannot be passed on as the responsibility of government instead every individual , every family , every organization must enact incentives and disincentives to reduce population growth and also for generating provisions within their groups, organizations , societies to create employment generating activities as well as effective and self sustaining senior citizens  care providing systems.

The line that separate population from being a boon to a bane is very thin and the impact is sudden like a Tsunami.

Effective management of population requires both micro and macro level adjustments and programs.

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