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Friday, May 26, 2017

Tolerance requires ripping apart the ‘mask of aura’.

Tolerance requires ripping apart the ‘mask of aura’.

Inflated egos with ideological inhibitions hiding beneath the ‘mask of aura’ of terminologies like liberal, intellectual, rational etc end up damaging
the aura of those terms.

1. Anything that is not subjected to empirical evidence or backed by scientifically documented proof  or rationally  explained , cannot be expected to get universal approval much less any acceptance from people who like to logically analyze before accepting anything.

2. However, if blind belief is bad inherently, then, baseless comparisons with unconnected subjects, irrelevant tools of evaluation and applying meaningless extrapolations are as bad as blind belief.

3. A person may get into a trance or deep meditative realm merely by listening to a piece of music, a good piece of writing or a nice art or by seeing a stunning beautiful person or by watching a great display of skill in some sport or technique in some field.

4. For each one of the above category there are many for whom that particular realm may bring the maximum satisfaction or relief or recreation or peace of mind or happiness which may seem absolutely meaningless to others not tuned in that frequency to capture those specific vibrations.

5. For that reason alone neither music nor the persons who get carried away by music can be deemed as insane or useless or meaningless persons.

6. We can never deny or defy the importance of anything that exists or is being appreciated by some persons somewhere for the simple reason that they were part of an evolutionary process whose relevance in terms of importance may have reduced or disappeared.

7. However, we have always at our disposal the option to choose what we want or what we like.

8. Personally I have a very ambivalent attitude when it comes to any belief in anything and even within a belief I will chaff and choose only certain aspects or parts which I want or like and that too without any consistency because I observe the fact that everything undergoes some metamorphosis and is also involved in constant process of evolution.

9. As some aspects of science have openness and scope to give way for newer and better discoveries and inventions, any belief system too must be open to multiple interpretations and criticisms and this rule applies to anti-belief brigade too.

10. If some persons with inflated egos and deflated complexes and due to their own lack of interest or in depth knowledge in certain things or ideological inhibition or lack luster perspective but at the same to seek attention try to compensate that by appropriating and anointing themselves verbally with certain terminologies that have an aura around them [terminologies] like liberals, intellectuals, thinkers, rationalists, moralists, trend setters and so on. Then, they are guilty of damaging the very aura around those terms.

11. If everything has to be hammered by only certain specific methods to be anointed as acceptable then it is as narrow as the belief systems.

12. The problem per se is not with any belief, any science, any idea or ideology, any ism, any concept but it is the intense identity based stiff and fixed fanatical extremism which is ignorant of nature's manifestation through variety, not yet rendered smooth by some compromises, tolerance, social obligations, niceties normally required to cohabit with all other species and so on.

13. To claim that not believing in any belief is the greatest belief is also okay and fine but to insist that only such mortals are superior to the rest is arrogating a clan and gloating in an exclusive Club.

14. If too much of hammering is allowed to be carried out by such exclusive Club members then the world will be left with only a very few professions and activities and humanity will be wandering in an arena of vacuous inanity or inane vacuum.

15. Life in general and the planet and universes are almost immortal and our mortal frames and brains cannot grasp everything to equip us to pass grand universal pronouncements and judgments on anything.

16. I do not believe in many things but I cannot deride those who believe for whatever reason.

17.  We all have multiple options or choices we can avoid, disagree, debate, find fault, interpret the way we want, criticize but we cannot arrogate to suppress or oppress the other persons’ harmless and non-violent prerogatives to pursue or believe in whatever they want and this is real tolerance.

18. We all must learn not to extrapolate our ideological fixations on everything.

19. We must evaluate everything based on its inherent attributes and its own contextual relevance.

20. We must also learn to appreciate the harmless sensitivities of others and acquire humility to acknowledge that every human being have the right and freedom to pursue whatever they want without interfering, invading and harming others in any way.

21. All normal life is confined by space and time- both literal as well as the real mind space and time – and we cannot deny to any other person  that right unless that person causes harm to others.

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