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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Media masks

Sickening business with masks of assigning labels, biased belittling, counter culture cartels, divisive deliberations, hidden agendas, insulated ideologies, manipulating mass opinions, simmering selectivity, ideological overtones, political undercurrents , victim hood peddling….A to Z of your  sectarianism is getting exposed. We have a research team that is working on media bias and their declining popularity across the globe
Abundance of appropriations and assigning of labels;
Belittling based on biases;
Cocooning inside crafty cartels of counter culture;
Deliberating always to divide;
Expressions enforcing entrenched exchanges;
Filtering to find and flog favorite foes;
Getting inside a garb to get glamour of Grand standing;
Harboring hypocritically the hidden agendas;
Innuendos to instigate others and insulate ideological identity;
Judging everyone and everything as a judge all exponents;
Kindling every kind of animosity to keep your profession afloat;
Leveraging on lurking Left over loyalties;
Manipulating mass opinions as part of media mafia;
Neutralizing counter narratives neatly thorough
Overtones of
Politicized perverted patronizing and preachy presentations;
Reviews and revelations all
Simmering with sleazy selectivity;
Tedious thought provocations to toe
Undercurrents of unashamed peddling of
Victim hood as a viable or valuable business
Wrecking wisdom of working on positive options and solutions;
X-raying endlessly to find faults and fractures to enhance the
Yield out of victim hood peddling business by
Zooming and zapping selectively many facets of humanity to suit your own identity.

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