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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Language controversies

          Like everything else language too is more susceptible to these factors contextual utility,   socio-cultural acceptability and to cater to the necessities that arise in a new environ [like words that have cropped up after the advent of cyber world].

          All languages and everything in every language-like everything connected with life itself- emerge, evolve and sometimes become extinct in predominant usage too, though unfortunate.

          It need not pander to any politicization or excessive and intense emotional attachment of   some individuals.

          More so, in modern times as it revolves mostly around utility and ease of communication  rather than as a means of great literary niceties or a treasury of documentation of socio-cultural  activities.   

        1.    Unending language debates

      2.      Language- its limitless limitation

3.  Language and human beings

4.     Evolution of language

5.  Sounds and words

6.     Language must be alive and kicking

7.     Benefits of English

8.     The 26 letters that rule the world

      9.     Macaulay made a great gift to India why? 

10.  Impact and importance of English

      11. Language and its DNA

     12.  The Treasures of English adjectives


13.  Enjoy word associations/groups/clusters

      14. Words - how they evolve, grow or get mutilated

15. Language, meaning and context

     16. Context and contextual priorities matter more than anything else

17. Languages and language teachers

18. Thoughts and language

     19. Language fanaticism, Linguistic fanaticism

     20. Language hegemony

     21.   Sanskrit- Why it is a great language?

22Why only few words for smell in most languages?


     24. Terminological aberrations and importance of context

25. Telugu -its greatness

  26. Language a very interesting article

       27. Spelling reforms in French

       28. Literature’s Impact

       29. Language and language teaching methods

       30. Words evolve how and why?

        31. Length of a sentence

        32. Elaboration is indeed important-why?

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