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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Language lovers , Steven Pinker

Language lovers, aspiring writers and voracious readers do not miss this.
Steven Pinker on Good Writing, with Ian McEwan

No better person than him. Every book of his and talk of his is a very useful and educative manual for not only writers, language lovers, linguists but for all those who want to have an in depth perspective and get inspiring ideas into many subjects on which he writes.

All his talks, debates, group discussions, interviews, books are long but livid and lucid and therefore I love and lap them up.

‘Backing claims with evidence’ is the present day liberal way of writing.
Punctuation must not stop the flow of thoughts.

On etymological fallacies also, if ‘dece’ has to be etymologically only 10 then must we change ‘December as tenth month’ and many more.

Once a Harvard professor suggested me to read ‘How the mind works’, by Steven Pinker which I did read and enjoyed every bit of it.

Then, I asked him ‘can you suggest some book on ‘How to make it work’. He said jokingly ‘had I known I would not be teaching at Harvard nor talking to you.’

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