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Sunday, June 11, 2017

How to keep in tune with everything?

      How to keep in tune with everything?

"The spirit of Advaita is not to keep away from anything, but to keep in tune with everything." -  Swami Chinmayananda.

I choose this quote purely because this primarily explains and involves refraining seeing anything through the prism of any ‘ism’ and developing a synergy to keep in tune with everything.

I have been reading a lot of your [Subhash Kak’s] works and at the outset I would like to place my appreciation of your vast research and wide knowledge of the subjects that you deal with.

But having said that I feel we need to understand that life is a constant process of churning and for facility of identification and reference we classify many things with different terminologies.

Some of these terminologies become so well settled that they help us recognize, report and reevaluate whenever we encounter some similar things.

So, names and terminologies mostly are easy tools for recognition and classification but they do not confer any exclusive identity to one aspect of life against the other.

Therefore, in any field , if we allow the inherent energy of that field to freely flow without our pre-conception of it, we may encounter the interconnectivity , inter-relatedness and sometimes the inter-dependence as well, of  many of the entities that we tend to slice up for the convenience of our own easier frames of reference and understanding.

So, my mind , instinctively reacts whenever I come across the term ‘versus’ or usage of the term ‘and’ as if a tool to bridge the gaps between two entities.

It is true that while each entity by itself may exhibit some inherent characteristics and express some unique utility but not necessarily different perspective on life.

While polarity principle is inherent, most often, the differences are developed due to perceptional deficiencies.

It becomes all the more impelling to break this paradigm of even debating certain entities as different from one another especially if those entities are very vital aspects that seem to permeate with life as whole and play their inevitable part, of which our awareness may be of varying degrees of knowledge or ignorance.

These are mainly, and usually often debated arenas of science, philosophy and spirituality.

I have tried through observation as well study of materials available aplenty on all these three categories to understand what we mean by those very terms.

Without a clear cut definition of what we mean by each one these terms we mean be swimming in a verbally intoxicating cock tail of terminologies.

Here in the following links I lay forth my attempts to understand them with many sub links in them. So, it involves a long reading.
I welcome wider debates and discussions on these without any irrelevant ideological extrapolations.

There is this inevitable polarity principle in nature and evolution.

Like evolutionary biology, there are evolutionary trends, metamorphosis or constant changes in social systems, philosophies, sciences, linguistics, arts, languages and so on.

Unless we observe and study them i.e. the evolutionary trends /changes in all spheres of life with contextual relevance we may not live in tune with the whole of life and will continue to view life in bits and pieces.
Though it is easy to analyze life in bits and pieces but then that is a wrong perspective imbued with lot of inevitable prejudices.

As a result of this wrong perspective and attitude there is an unending list of these ‘versus’:-Faithful versus unfaithful; Religious versus irreligious; Science versus Religion; Science or religion versus spirituality; Tradition versus taboo; Technology versus Humanity.

I can elaborate the damage these perspectives have done to the development of humanity leading to petrified ideologies, putrefied perspectives, and puerile interpretation of many things and ended up viewing various polarity principles as paradoxes.

So, it is time for us to go beyond all divisive paradoxes and experience the synergy so that we may keep in tune with everything.




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