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Friday, June 30, 2017

Never believe even the ex-leftists

Why we must never believe even the ex-leftists.

Some in the leftover LEFT in media trying to pose out of sheer realization of their irrelevance pretend to change gears.

It is simple that these bunch of mass murderers of social harmony, masters of lies, appropriators of self proclaimed standards, assigners of false labels, perverted and perennial liars, manipulators of public opinion to favor the select pay masters, puerile perception peddlers, putrefying propaganda specialist living in isolated islands of petrified ideology which they proudly proclaim as left liberalism and have appropriated the term progressives for themselves.

This gradually extinct species have been leftover by the present generation of better informed youth and elders, literates and illiterates alike because the facts pop up in multitude of social media outlets in real time which exposes the selective amnesia and collective indifference of these folks.

They fear further isolation and punishments for all their misdeeds and misrepresentations, criminal activities etc. So, in such scenario there will always be some escapists among them as their only principle has been expediency and expertise is opportunism to make money and gain popularity not by hook or crook but by crookedly hooking on to the social fiber.

So some of them do not want to face the consequences of their misdeeds and some turn approvers to opt for lesser punishment and some also seek sympathy through hypocrisy.

The lists of the uneasy psychological conditions that emerge out of members of the gang of criminal misinformation peddlers are too many. So, we must not get duped by any of their postures and never support or think they can become sincere overnight.

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