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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Governance with responsibility

As a nation from a government perspective in terms of proper governance oriented economic prosperity and infrastructure based development we tied ourselves in a wheel chair for the past 60 plus years.

So, to expect such a nation to run an Olympic sprint immediately from wheel chair is not easy
irrespective of whatever tall claims talents and past credentials.

However, we can at least make the nation get up from the wheel chair and start practicing to run and then gradually improve and this involves lot of efforts from many and is a process which primarily requires getting out of the wheel chair and stop depending on the wheel chair.

In the Indian economic development scenario they are all being implemented slowly and steadily by a serious leader with a vision and mission.

So, more than all reasons of economic or financial benefits, we would better brace ourselves at least in 2017 to have systems, procedures, scientific process in the form of administrative reforms and financial discipline which will ensure some amount of responsible governance in the long run and help ourselves and the outside world to rely on us based on these rather than on the whims and fancies of political ideologies and political outfits.

It is very sad when a person of great academic background like Manmohan Singh–not education-makes such statements out of political compulsions which question the effectiveness of all these procedures and processes.

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