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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Other man's shoes

Often our judgmental mentality prevents us from seeing things from the other person's perspective.

Once in World War II real instant happened when one of the soldiers got caught beyond the trenches and was hot at severely. His friend wanted to go and rescue him but the commander said he is dead if you go there you too would get killed but the friend pleaded with the commander went and came back carrying the soldier. The commander said, 'I told you know 'he is dead' and you are also wounded ' it is a senseless venture'.
 to which the soldier replied yes he is dead when I went he was alive and said 'I knew you would come at any cost' Those words of the dying soul of my friend  will always be in my heart 

So, many a times whether a thing is worth doing or not depends on how we look at it.

Spanish runner Ivan Fernandez Anaya still receives praise for a race he lost in Dec 2012. He was running second far behind Kenyan Abel Mutai a bronze medalist in steeple chase at London Olympics. As the race was progressing he saw the Kenyan by mistake presuming he has crossed the final line slowed down 10 meters before actual line .Ivan came almost near him and gestured to the Kenyan  to run faster and but he himself decided to run slow. Kenyan won the race and Ivan said he is the rightful winner 

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