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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Arunthathi Roy

There are many like the ilk of A.Roy who are considered as multifaceted personalities because they get a platform to blabber on many subjects with their half baked knowledge, full blown ignorance. These self-styled protectors of human values express opinions freely with selective amnesia and collective indifference under the protective shield of journalistic freedom of expression

Well written unfortunately people ingrained and indoctrinated in the left over lndian leftist ideology which has now been moved to its well deserved place, the attic of a museum of fossil genetic samples, resort to these attention seeking exercises which are unfortunately hyped up by the Indian media houses for whom India bashing, Hindu bashing etc are favorite past times. More importantly to enter into many Indian media houses, which are leading almost to the same place like the left over Indian left, you must first show your flamboyant dislike for anything Indian and must be castrated of any pride in its culture /heritage/values . I wrote this about the Indian media, which has become a great mall for selling only negativity. It fails to notice leave alone praise any positive contribution

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