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Sunday, June 5, 2016


I had a vast collection of Ghazals in cassettes once upon a time.
In fact cassettes of Ghazals, music of  different dances of India used to be my favorite collection but they all got damaged  unfortunately.
You may visit this blog for all ghazal related info
For sheer flamboyance and pleasant and powerful gimmicks in voice listen to this if you have not already listened. He drops in at some big shots houses  for south Indian filter coffee and sings excellently.
My all time favorite piece by Anup Jalotaji especially this particular song in that particular program in the 80s
 This is very unfortunate I used to listen but failed to record and now it is missing even from internetarchives. This site had some rare ghazals of K.L. Saigal . The site details are given below . I have also gathered some other details find out from someone in music circle to retrieve this great legends recordings which were all available we can try to restore them

contact person must be  mostly : 

Surender MV - 23 de julho de 2008 - denunciar abuso
BREAKING NEWS : ‘Missing’ Saigal Songs ‘Found'
Two of the 15 songs rendered by K.L. Saigal which were considered to be ‘missing’, have been ‘found’. These are movietrack songs from Bengali film ‘Jeeban Maran’ (1939), produced by New Theatres, Calcutta, which were never released on 78 rpm records were composed by Pankaj Mullick :

1Aaji Asamaye Jomunar Kule Keno
(Duet by Saigal & Suprova Ghosh; Lyrics : Ajay Bhattacharya)

Sakhi Ke Se Romoni Kaho …Kaanchan Barani Ke Bate Se Dhani
(Short duration song by Saigal ; Lyrics : Chandidas)

The best part of the story is that these songs have come alive with the release of the movie itself (also considered to be lost / destroyed) !!! The film ‘Jeeban Maran’ starring KL Saigal, Banu Bandyopadhyaya and Lila Desai in lead roles, is now available in the form of a set of two VCDs (very good quality video and good audio reproduction) released as a ‘Classic Collection’ by Angel Video, Kolkata. (Link :

HOW MANY SONGS DID SAIGAL 'SING' ? : Saigal is credited with having recorded a total of 185 songs most of them as Gramophone Studio recordings issued as 78 rpm discs and the rest as recorded movietrack songs. Though not all ‘fans’ of Saigal had the privilege of listening to them, audio recordings were available for only 170 of them. For the very first time, all the 170 songs (as well as additional movietrack version song) can now be previewed at The remaining 15 songs (4 Hindi & 11 Bengali) are on the soundtracks of those movies of which film prints which were considered to be lost.

MV Surender

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