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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Graceful retirement as part of leadership

M.S.Dhoni’s retirement conveys a few important and basic lessons, often ignored, on certain aspects of leadership.

All the more in the Indian context, where real great contributors in many fields will be all of a sudden unceremoniously shown the door while certain people in some fields will be venerated even if they are not capable of making any contribution either physical  or mental.

Kudos to MSD, Once again M.S.Dhoni has proved his greatness.

I wish all political leaders and some promoter cum chairman of certain corporate bodies too learn from Dhoni the art of graceful retirement giving way for next generation of good talent and allow them to  exhibit them.

It shows he likes the game, respects the team and properly prioritizes overall welfare of the Indian Team more than his personal importance.

Addictive, obsessive, possessive, intense involvement, concentration, focus and a thousand other synonyms that convey one's relationship and love for something, someone or some subject are all fine but then after going through such steps, stepping away and watch the subject of love makes the person who does so also to become a subject of love rather than an irritation.

This manifests the fact that such people never treated anything else or anyone else also as an external object of love but as part of their love and relationship.

This is another important lesson in institutional and team leadership.

Besides retirement in general is not based on chronological age but many other factors one’s continued interest combined with the ability to perform in any field to the demanding expectations, changing paradigms, the presence of better, smarter and highly competitive performers and so on.

Going out when everyone misses you is better than to wait till everyone wishes that you better go out.