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Friday, January 13, 2017


Move forward in life but look after your Back.
Get back to normal life by getting back your
Back  in shape through advanced   diagnostic methods  and   tailor made precision   treatments. Final test of ability rests in your stability.

While there are several hundred causes for back pain starting from sudden catch while lifting a heavy object to kidney   stones to liver cancer.
We are excluding referred back pain from internal organs. Confining to causes wherein spinal chord is directly involved and the remedy lies in attending to the spinal chord.
In Hindu esoteric   physiology spinal column is known as   ‘Brahmadanda’, ‘rod of  Brahma’.
In occult physiology it is   ‘Sacrum’ [Lat. Sacre, ‘Sacred’]
When we visualize SPINE what comes to mind is that it is

Supple but strong Pieces of bones Insulating main Nerves  from End to end. 

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