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Friday, January 13, 2017

Gender bias in India

When can we Indians stop these nasty attitudes towards women?

The laws of the land cannot do beyond certain limit unless we opt to change the inherent flaws of our mindset.

The malady is deep rooted in the very culture of all of us.

We Indians of all hues prescribe thousands of dos and dress codes for girls in the name of discipline which by itself  is a very perverted way of treating girls as objects or products for some future predetermined way of life that they are expected to follow.

We make many things as taboos for girls at home and at school and are very pleased to label them as discipline.

We are unwilling as individuals coming out of such putrefied and petrified cultural position to allow girls to lead a normal life as dignified human beings.

We all must change our attitude at home, in schools, in offices and in society as a whole.

We are a society of monumental hypocrisy who will go to any lengths to justify that our gender respect is great saying that we have so many goddesses and our scriptures and societies have Lakshmi-narayanans, Vidya-shankars, Gowri-shankars [just bisexual names period that's it] but however are silent when our famous mutts will not allow women who are widows unless they shave their head, temples will not allow them with pants and t-shirts why?

When I used the word period instead of full stop that reminds me of the menstrual   periods where multitude of taboos are woven based on justifications of traditions to already irritating  biological inconveniences that the person undergoes.

Our whole mindset at individual level and at home must start to change then it must spill over to schools.

We cannot expect overnight revolutions or multitude of debates after every nasty incidence to change the society immediately, though they too are essential.

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