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Monday, January 23, 2017

Synergy to become a global citizen and an human being is the need of the hour in an interconnected life and world.

Synergy is the need of the hour in an interconnected life and world.

Most vital, important and inevitable fact of life, any life and all lives is that in all aspects life is inter-related, inter- connected and inter-dependent.

World needs synergy in all spheres of life and therefore it would be better that human species refrain from selective and misplaced isolated evaluation of any culture or ideology.

So, any identity based [either religious, ideological, regional, linguistic, national etc] emotional hyper ventilation impregnated with mass hysterical frenzy clamoring for exclusivistic cocooning combined with xenophobia ,especially in modern times is fundamentally smacks of  naïveté on the part of whichever group that does it.

These symptoms are the manifestations of ill informed or propaganda propelled instigation of gullible victims or the products of victim hood peddlers.

What is needed is proper and unbiased information and rational and scientific education coupled with a sense of cohabitation taking into consideration the rationally acceptable sensitivities of the socio-cultural milieu where one lives, in other words help a peaceful and calm life for the society in which one lives. 
After all we, I mean human beings as a species, are sharing the resources of the planet earth along with other species with certain inevitable national boundaries.

There is nothing known as the perfect and best system and nothing is a panacea for all human problems.

But what humanity and unity need is feeling for all by all.

What the world needs is global citizens –the following link has 52 points for 52 weeks for everyone to consider becoming a global citizen

The selfish and lopsided aspects of globalization were there and need to be addressed and are getting mostly addressed with growing awareness.

But awareness and acceptance of inter relatedness cannot be overlooked.

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