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Monday, January 23, 2017

Logical Fallacies

Let us stop these irrelevant logical fallacies secreted by left liberal fanatic socialistic scripts like ‘what is republic or democratic if only leaders and bureaucrats sit in front rows’

I think it is high time we put an end to wheedling and diverting from actual facts through logical fallacies.

Unfortunately, there has emerged very predominant attitude and tone of left liberal fanatic socialistic script on all subjects unmindful of certain niceties and nuances.

It generates a divide of poor victim of ‘YOU’ versus the privileged ‘THEM’.

Everyone in any event or activity has to and do play a particular role.

All roles are equally important but everyone cannot be allowed to be present and participate in everything and everywhere. This applies to all activities and rituals.

For example in a marriage the priest is a presiding authority  in all matters concerning sacred/religious aspects then at the dining hall the catering provider /chef and cooks but when the bride and groom  move in to the bed room we cannot blame or find fault at the heartlessness of not taking the priest and the caterer/chef  along inside.

Only players can get into the field and all the coaches/physiotherapists will have to sit on the sides and watch.

So, for a Republic Day in the front rows only ministers, top bureaucrats and top defense personnel and police officials will only sit and the person who supplies drinking water for them cannot be seated.

Those who preach or do tall talk of equality must buy for their home maid whatever they buy for their wife.

Try it once and post the results.

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