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Monday, January 2, 2017

Secularism as a new religion!

Secularism as a new religion!

Lo and behold we all need to define any word well before we deliver popularly marketed ‘terms’, especially in sensitive domains as they may lead to multiple distortions and irrelevant litigation.

Sanity in the form of rationality must permeate as a part of social life everywhere , prevail as a predominant aspect of life , be part of education and pop up out of every grown up individual in any domain rather than being enforced externally through any institution be it religious, political,  administrative and so on.

Though it may sound Utopian, still a very ideal wish.

All identities and intimate relationships have always been misused and it was the legacy of nobles and royal kingdoms whose multiple modified versions have been played out over the centuries as various versions.

The great historian Edward Herbert Dance writes in his famous book ‘History for a united world’ that the world ‘liberty’ itself meant originally only class privilege. Do not fail to read the link referred below to know the exact original meanings of the word ‘liberty and freedom’ [1]

Promoting perverted connotations of the word ‘secularism’ of left Liberals whose discomfort against the excess of ideology based identity veneration has predominantly and highly putrefied the core original meaning of the word ‘secularism’ itself beyond recognition that it may lead unsuspecting impressionable, but in experienced, youth culturally into a state of vacuous inanity or inane vacuum.

It portends a real danger to collective psychology when rationality and aesthetic appreciations are replaced by rash populism or irrational veneration of traditions as both of these may end up seeing variety and differences as divisions or exclusive islands of privilege both of which are wrong when human race very badly needs harmony, peace, tolerance, understanding and unity to live the poetry of life as an enjoyable experience and not as a prosaic existence.

It is unfortunate that we have societies and nations where religious identity is enforced, where atheism is a punishable crime but also nations where certain individuals and institutions take on themselves to pronounce neo cults by distorting the meaning of many existing terms to suit their expeditions of expediency with priest in media deciding the do’s and don’ts of the society.

Is it just a coincidence that there are more and more debates on ‘secularism’ now?

Overheard a ‘tongue in cheek’ comment that courts must also bring rules that no one should seek transfer or posting as judges if their father or any close relative is also a big judge!!!

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