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Monday, January 2, 2017

Leadership another great speech

Another inspiring speech

I don’t like or want to be anyone’s follower however great, good or mighty he or she may be either due to my exalted ego or due to the conscious awareness that I am one more particle or person in the grand cosmos of life meant to experience and express myself in a particular way.

However, some human beings create a great impact through their writings, actions, activities, speeches, deeds and so on and that makes me like them.

Many great writers, philosophers, scientists, musicians, inventors, spiritual leaders and sports persons have influenced my liking for them because of their impact.

I have not let any of my personal prejudices or identities or others gossips or rumors or even factual stories about the personal life of those people to affect me because what matters to me is what aspect of theirs that has impacted me personally and contributed to betterment of the field in which they have operated.

If a good sports person or a great musician performs I enjoy his performance and do not bother about his personal life.

In short, I do not like to sit on judgment at least on those persons who have a positive impact on my life nor do I endorse everything they say or do.

But I admire them for what they do or say or inspire in others irrespective of any ulterior motives or hidden agenda that may be there.

Here is someone whom I like because I like his incisive clarity of understanding and clear cut articulation of that understanding which have great impact and are inspiring too.

Listen to one more short and sweet speech of his with usual question and answer session.

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