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Friday, January 13, 2017

Reality in Realty.

                               Let us face Reality in Realty.
I am neither a real estate professional nor a financial expert nor a specialist economist but when one particular business grows with enormous disproportionate profit without adding much value then we need to look into it.
Realty sector woes.
I have been warning and suggesting every player in realty sector who asked me for some suggestion the following:-
1.It is high time that Realty sector realized the realities and becomes realistic in its pricing so that more people can afford it.
2. Also come up with lot of changes ,all of which are necessary, feasible and also fantastic but almost all or most realtors are Luddites and suffer from status quo addiction.

3. Worse still almost all of them were playing on someone else's property, some else's expertise, someone else's investment [there were many types in this individual home buyers who made advance payments and waited for ages to see their property and joint venture victims who were suffering]
4. Some or most were operating on unaccounted resources.
5. I think at least some of these trends will slowly fade away and sanity will descend .

6. Many so called big players who were unwilling to even listen to alternatives will now face reality in Realty.

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