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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Who am I? Or who are WE?

Who am I? Or who are WE?

One’s physical frame is not only confined to a mere anatomical piece of biochemical meat but also propelling vast spectrum of free flowing energy;

One’s  mind is not only confined to the mere cumulative knowledge, thoughts, ideas, emotions but also a free flowing spirit capable of grasping and gaining in evolutionary emancipation of greater potentialities;

One’s conscious awareness, some may call it as soul or inner spirit, is not only confined by any religious or ideological identity but also a vibration which may gain as a part of many universal and infinite vibrations of multiple frequencies  in the process of  its evolutionary enlightenment as an advanced species.

However, to suit our limited perception we limit our perspective and limit our progress too.

So, any factor or facet of conception of confinement is intrinsically against human spirit and therefore prevents a broader or proper understanding of the grandeur of humanity.

Therefore, any and every identity cage, however large or ornamented is still a cage.

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