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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Real values of life must value life in its totality devoid of any extraneous identity is that possible?

It is really very sad and as you rightly said 'this brings out several dimensions and layers out for public debate’.

I feel more than that it also questions all the so called morals, values, ethics of the society, culture, religion, upbringing, education and all those things which are extolled without paying attention to intrinsic humane values which are the same to all religions, cultures, societies etc.

Real values of life must value life in its totality devoid of any extraneous identity is that possible?

Therefore, it cannot be or preferably must not be confined by religious affiliations or regional cultural practices.

We must preferably look at the intrinsic value and /or inherent attributes of everything and everyone and also find out the meaning and purpose of whatever we do in life.

Each life i.e. my life, your life and the lives of all great saints are really speaking very insignificant transient events of a few years-mostly less than 100 in flesh and blood with conscious awareness- compared to LIFE as a whole which has happened some four million years before and may continue for another few millions years hence in various forms, shapes in multiple species expressing its own attributes some of which we have understood, some we are not even aware of.

The distance between heart to head and heart to sexual organs is the same but when the movement is uni- directional then things do not work that properly.

In fact the whole of Bhagawad Gita, one of the reasons why it became more popular among the 28 Gitas, is that all its 700 stanzas are sand- witched between two words the starting word 'Dharma' and the last word ‘Mama’.

It must be actually read as ‘Mama Dharma’= my dharma- does not mean either Krishna’s or Arjuna’s Dharma, rather  when everyone reads it becomes ‘his Dhrama’ and all these 700 verses [ subjected to all sorts of excellent, enlightening as well as, often used as tool to justifying traditional practices, explanations by many] primarily are about attitudes to be adopted, actions to be executed and reactions to show at different situations taking into consideration the overall welfare of all [humanism].

This manual is more about balancing the intellect and emotions and most importantly through both emotions and intellect, or to be precise in short it talks about the dynamics of synthesis of human nature and nature of Truth [ define as you may- it is the inevitable and intellectual perception and sometimes all logic eluding factor].

Life is all about movements, actions and reactions which broadly could be defined as i.e. Karma but then the Laws [Dharma ] of motions [Karma] of life are very important and therefore prioritized.

Personal grief, sorrows and miseries are difficult to handle even for some of the most advanced intellectual giants or highly sane and even balanced souls.
It is easier to sit and sermonize or pontificate dispassionately as an outsider.

It is difficult to prescribe rules for any type of crisis in any aspect of life.

However, if the mind, especially , that of a grown up individual, is equipped with certain qualities then encountering the crisis becomes a shade more simple and sane.

However, the balanced mind, calm soul, caring heart, clever mind will wait and work on multiple options before resorting to impulsive actions which may more often result in regret.

Life is the sum total of many choices and decisions we make/take at every moment and the concomitant actions and reactions based on them.

But, does life or our cultures or social systems or religions or education systems offer us ready made templates to make/to take relevant or correct choices and decisions with multiple options at every moment?

Or   even if they offer and are ready, are we willing or capable of understanding and making use of those templates?

Do you think those parents can ever live in peace as human beings, not at all?

So, now the next most practical action, if the parents of the abandoned baby, are known is to subject them to proper psychiatric counseling to prevent them from becoming criminals or mental wrecks.

One of the most emotionally moving books on really encountering this type of situation or crisis with maximum possible attempt to grasp and grapple with the reality of a highly emotionally charged dilemma with the highly incisive intellect is written by a very great and serious intellect Arun Shourieji and I happen to write a review read here.

Question of balance of mind

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