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Monday, March 21, 2016

Evaluation and analysis -how and why of it about painting

Oh what a critical evaluation and analysis in context without passing any judgments with appropriate frame of reference and all these done with such brevity and beauty that even novices will start at least looking at paintings, if not appreciate or understand it, from a better perspective and perception.

Actually this is how in depth analysis of literary texts, art, music and dance are also done.

Two striking features of criticism 

One to confine to the inherent merits of the medium-music, dance or painting, language, subject- one may differ on taste, sensitive reactions, biased opinions [either negative or positive] aesthetic appreciation of the work.

Two evaluate in contextual perspective and try one's level best to get under the skin of or inside the skull of or into the arteries of the creator or producer of the work of art or music.

Then one can feel the pulse of what is or what was there in the creator’s mind and heart.

Then, the critic may proceed to further scrutinize it from other angles which the critic feels like, techniques, grammar, in comparison to other such artists or products etc.

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